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  1. If you have Cancer, you may be entitled to claim. On 10 August 2018, Dewayne Johnson, who had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, was awarded $289 million in damages after a jury in San Francisco found that Monsanto had failed to adequately warn consumers of cancer risks posed by its notorious glyphosate-based herbicide, Roundup. Mr Johnson’s attorneys advocated that he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma after spraying Roundup weed killer for two and a half years. The judge ruled that Monsanto had known about the cancerous effects of Roundup and so had behaved fraudulently and unethically. And so the precedent was set. Following this lawsuit, there were over 42,000 plaintiffs who stated that their cancer was caused by Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller. And now, justice seems to be finally coming to light! The Recent $2 Billion Verdict Against Monsanto Recently, A jury handed an unparalleled $2.055 billion verdict in favour of a couple in California who say their cancer was caused by long-term exposure to Monsanto’s popular weed killer Roundup, according to the plaintiffs’ attorneys. Law firms have now actively begun to hear from people who think that they or someone that they love has got non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma or Leukaemia due to exposure to Roundup. You can checkout Pintas & Mullins Law firm who are taking up lawsuits against Monsanto. Glyphosate is coming under fire from hundreds of legal challenges across the U.S., with individuals alleging that the herbicide is carcinogenic and linked to cases of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. No wonder Glyphosate is likely on the trajectory to become the next ‘Tobacco’ or ‘Asbestos’ of the world. Glyphosate is Everywhere This synthetic compound is present virtually everywhere. In fact, Glyphosate’s toxic presence is also proven in vaccines. It is possible that glyphosate is in the gelatine derived from the bones of the animals used in many vaccines. Or, the factory-farmed animals that are used in the vaccines are being fed with Glyphosate laced GMO feed. Another shocking observation was made when the compound was found in all the major kids’ breakfast cereals. Other Health Hazards due to Glyphosate In lab studies, it was found that the symptoms of so-called “gluten intolerance” and celiac disease are shockingly similar to the symptoms in lab animals exposed to glyphosate. Scientists who monitored the digestive system of fish exposed to glyphosate noticed that it decreased digestive enzymes and bacteria, disrupted mucosal folds, destroyed microvilli structure in the intestinal wall, and increased secretion of mucin – characteristic features that are highly reminiscent of celiac disease. Full article and source GOT CANCER? CLAIM NOW (MONSATO ROUNDUP LAWSUITS) - Healing Oracle
  2. Healing Oracle has always stood with the idea of freedom, health and prosperity for all. Owing to our public responsibility of ensuring the collective good through responsible dissemination of information, we have come across another shocking account from a scientist relating to the COVID19 pandemic. COVID is Really Influenza A & B A clinical lab scientist from California, specializing in Virology and Immunology has recently come to light when some Twitterazzis retweeted his video. full article and source here INFLUENZA A & B MASKING AS COVID19? (healingoracle.ch)
  3. A terrifying, but rather unsurprising development in clinical observation has surfaced in the United States following the COVID19 vaccination rush. As when we pointed out recently with the inherent dangers of such a rushed and untested drug, its no surprise that we will see many side effects in the coming months and years. With COVID vaccinations being used to invade your body and the potential threat of mass infertility, we see that it is already effecting the memory organs. As a team of doctors from Utah have discovered an anomaly in the recent mammogram screenings taken at the Breast Care Centre in Salt Lake City. They noticed that women injected with experimental COVID vaccines suffered from abnormal inflammation of the lymph nodes in their breasts and surrounding areas. According to the doctors from Intermountain Healthcare, women who took covid-19 vaccine shots are displaying symptoms of breast cancer. What do the experts say about this disturbing observation? Dr. Brett Parkinson states that whenever the team spots such anomalous mammograms, they call the patients back because swollen lymph nodes either mean metastatic breast cancer that has reached the lymph nodes, or leukaemia. Vaccines causing swollen breast lymph was a known fact The other disturbing factor to this is that it has been known in the early trial stages that these vaccines were not only known for causing an inflammatory response in the arms of recipients (as seen with most vaccines), but the shots were also triggering systemic inflammation throughout women’s breast tissue as well. Source and full article https://healingoracle.ch/2021/03/05/covid19-vaccinated-women-show-breast-cancer-symptoms/
  4. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently included vaccine skeptics (people who are hesitant to vaccinate themselves, or their children because they are concerned about the potential health risks) on their annual list of “global health threats,” along with serious dangers like superbugs, climate change, the Ebola virus, HIV and air pollution. The WHO claims that “vaccine hesitancy” increases the risk of a resurgence in diseases they claim are fully preventable through vaccination. The WHO is by no means alone in its position. Many governments, medical professionals and members of the mainstream media have attacked anti-vaxxers – as they are known – claiming that they are selfish people who put the health of the greater majority at risk. These pro-vaccine groups and individuals like to infer that to question vaccines is both unscientific and dangerous. In recent years, however, a growing number of highly respected scientists and doctors have started questioning mainstream vaccine propaganda as the results of their own, unbiased studies raise alarming questions about the long-term safety of vaccines. These issues particularly relate to the volume of vaccinations administered to small children and the adjuvants and ingredients used in the manufacture of these vaccines. The latest such study was recently published in the journal Pharmacological Research, warning that many, many people are at increased risk of developing autoimmune diseases after receiving vaccinations. Please see here for many more articles on the dangers we all face from vaccines Weaponizing our own immune systems Celeste McGovern, an award-winning journalist writing for Green Med Info, noted that the study’s lead author, Yehuda Shoenfeld, is a highly respected scientist in the field of human immunity. Shoenfeld is the author of multiple papers and textbooks, some of which are viewed as the very cornerstones of autoimmunological clinical practice. Unsurprisingly, Shoenfeld has become known as the “Godfather of Autoimmunology.” Autoimmunology is the study of how the body’s own defense system sometimes turns against itself, resulting in the development of diseases like MS, Arthritis, Guillain-Barre syndrome and others. One of the causes of this immune system malfunction is vaccination. As the authors note in the study abstract: Vaccinations have been used as an essential tool in the fight against infectious diseases, and succeeded in improving public health. However, adverse effects, including autoimmune conditions may occur following vaccinations (autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants–ASIA syndrome). It has been postulated that autoimmunity could be triggered or enhanced by the vaccine immunogen contents, as well as by adjuvants, which are used to increase the immune reaction to the immunogen. The research team defined those who are at increased risk of such autoimmune conditions developing after vaccination as follows: [W]e defined four groups of individuals who might be susceptible to develop vaccination-induced ASIA: patients with prior post-vaccination autoimmune phenomena, patients with a medical history of autoimmunity, patients with a history of allergic reactions, and individuals who are prone to develop autoimmunity (having a family history of autoimmune diseases; asymptomatic carriers of autoantibodies; carrying certain genetic profiles, etc.). The study’s authors went at pains to stress that these potential groups of individuals represent only a small percentage of the population and that vaccines are generally safe. However, as noted by McGovern, this is simply not true because of the sheer volume of people who fall into one or more of these categories, including: Anyone who has a pre-existing autoimmune condition; People who have had previous reactions to vaccines (which doctors almost always overlook); Patients with a history of allergic reactions, particularly to eggs (something which nurses and others who administer vaccines hardly ever check with vaccine recipients); and People prone to developing autoimmunity. This is where it gets really interesting, because this would include smokers (about 18 percent of all Americans), people with high oestrogen levels (anyone on the contraceptive pill or hormone replacement therapy), and people with low vitamin D levels (studies indicate that three quarters of all American teens and adults are vitamin D deficient). In other words, based on this study’s findings, the vast majority of us are at increased risk of developing an autoimmune disease after being vaccinated. But nobody will warn you about that, and if you dare to question the vaccine status quo you’ll be branded a quack or a “global health threat.” Source of information and full story: EXPERT STUDY SHOWS VACCINATIONS ACTUALLY TURN YOUR OWN BODY'S IMMUNE SYSTEM AGAINST YOU - Healing Oracle
  5. How can the authorities make such a blatant move in England – discriminating against the most vulnerable section of our population? The Guardian recently put to light a disparaging act by England’s healthcare authorities. People with learning disabilities have been given ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ or DNR orders without their or their family’s consent. The issue came to light when Mencap, a charity, told the press about healthcare providers acting on DNR and telling people with learning disabilities (like Down’s Syndrome, Dyslexia, etc.) that they won’t be resuscitated if they got infected with COVID19. Mencap CEO, Edel Harris stated – “Throughout the pandemic, many people with a learning disability have faced shocking discrimination and obstacles to accessing healthcare, with inappropriate Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR) notices put on their files and cuts made to their social care support.” What is DNR? DNR or a Do Not Resuscitate is a written order that instructs healthcare providers to not perform CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) on a patient in case he/she stops breathing or their heart stops functioning. DNRs are only meant for people who are too fragile to benefit from a CPR. However, Mencap said that the same seems to have been issued for people simply because they had a learning disability. In a world of equality and freedom, this incident is occurring for the second time. Unsurprisingly, the unethical and irresponsible orders have been received with widespread condemnation and anger. ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ Orders and Deaths As soon as the unethical orders came into the public domain, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) set out an investigation to look into the matter. full article here https://healingoracle.ch/2021/02/19/dnr-learning-disabilities/
  6. With vaccines looking like the inevitable outcome of the coronavirus hype. It looks likely that what will follow is mandatory vaccines, digital ID chip implants and many other assaults on our freedom to choose more or less anything. From a legal perspective it is a necessity to exercise your rights to decide. All you require is clarity and appreciation of the various risks involved. An understanding of the ingredients and their effects. In fact, mandatory vaccinations are a direct violation of The Nuremberg code. The Nuremberg Code (1947) The Nuremberg Code is a set of research ethics and principles for human experimentation created as a result of the Nuremberg trials at the end of the Second World War, when the notorious doctor’s experiments where supposed to have come to an end. It established a set of guiding principles for the Right of the patient to be informed of their medical treatment options and to give their consent before any medical treatment could be performed. It feels now more than ever that the mass experimentation on humanity is under way once more with enforced vaccines looking an inevitable thing for anyone that’s wants to do anything. But know your rights and be better prepared. The Nuremberg Code is one of the most influential documents in the history of clinical research. Code 1. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved, as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision. Code 6 also states: The risks should never exceed the benefits According to Article 6 of the Unesco 2005 statement on Bioethics and Human Rights. Article 6, section 1: Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical interventions is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. The consent should, where appropriate, be expressed and may be withdrawn by the person concerned and at any time and for any reason WITHOUT DISADVANTAGE or prejudice. (caps mine) Article 6, section 3: In no case should a collective community agreement or the consent of a community leader or other authority substitute for an individuals informed consent. So clearly sending someone for a mandated vaccine with zero information breaks this code of conduct. We have put together a contract for everyone to take with them to the vaccine appointments. Something that will give you the right to politely refuse their services and refuse consent, but you need them to sign a clause before any of this begins. Download and print one out for each family member and take it with you to the appointment. See the download links at the end of the article. This clause covers several key points that both the medical practice and the vaccine administrator must agree and sign up to before undertaking such a risky procedure. The clause covers some key points: They must show a full understanding of the ingredients in the vaccine They must honor their Hippocratic oath to first of all; do no harm They must understand any risks and reactions from the vaccine The need to prove their qualifications and show they understand the chemistry They must also understand the MRC-5 within the vaccine The personal and professional responsibility must be passed to the vaccine giver, who is operating under licence. We as citizens have rights under common law that apply in such situations. You are perfectly entitled to create your own contract that must be signed before any medication is administered. It is your right to be made aware of the list of ingredients and to be given a full explanation of the risks involved from each, as well as the possible side effects of the total ingredients combined. The administrator must also display an in depth understanding of what the combination of ingredients can mean within the human body. They must have a qualification in chemistry, or advanced chemistry for this. There is nothing wrong with having your own private clause, as the medical practice and the doctors of the clinic should not only be aware of the Hippocratic oath, but also have signed up to it when attending medical school. The Hippocratic Oath Governs all of the medical industry and is something all doctors must sign when they attend medical school. This fact is so often forgotten, but this a rule that dates back to the days of Hippocratis himself. The Oath also states: “And I will use treatments for the benefit of the ill in accordance with my ability and my judgment, but from what is to their harm and injustice I will keep them.” There is an exchange of money here You are using their services and the medical practice are being paid for each vaccine, so there is also an exchange of money as a result and so you have created a contract that must be included within this exchange. Don’t forget, you also have the right to seek alternative views and also attend a different doctor for a second opinion if this one is unsatisfactory. For when the inevitable time comes and Bill Gates and his buddies have the vaccines lined up and vaccines become mandatory, this is a way of protecting your rights. You have a right to be informed and to refuse based on the information they offer. You have a right to pass this responsibility on to them personally. The nurse/ or medical professional must also understand the vaccine has MRC-5 in it (they all do, these are aborted fetal cells, or other forms of DNA) and if it does, you have the right to decline. MRC-5 Also known as Medical Research Council cell strain 5, is a diploid human cell culture line composed of fibroblasts, originally developed from research deriving lung tissue of a 14 week old aborted Caucasian male fetus. The current manufacturing process uses cell factories to grow MRC-5 without the need for any fetal cells. Also, you have the right to check if there is a possibility of an Iatrogenic Reaction (adverse reaction from multiple compounds or drugs interacting with each other) from the vaccine. When the nurse says “yes, it does” that can also be a reason to decline, due to the inherent risks of an Iatrogenic reaction. This way, we can politely and simply decline their offered, or even mandated services. The combinations of chemicals and mix of toxins and DNA are potentially harmful as a combination as well as individually and so you and your child have a legal right to be told what this chemical reaction could be. They must take personal and professional responsibility for their actions. For what may arise from this injection. The coronavirus has skipped many testing stages and is being tested on live humans already as we know. So the side effects to the vaccines will not be known for a long time. You are essentially being used as a test guinea pig, you have the right to know this. And so any complications as a result of this dangerous mix of chemicals and DNA, aluminium and other toxins must ultimately lie in their hands. For the simple fact remains with guaranteed safety and zero harm then taking a vaccine would not be an issue. It is the inherent harm that is the pivotal point. This is a legal document as soon as anyone signs it, it becomes legally binding. If they are unable to sign it then the contract is terminated and you are free to leave. Please see below for the forms to download and take along, one for an adult and one for a child. download the forms from the original article https://healingoracle.ch/2020/04/17/how-to-decline-a-vaccine/
  7. Implanting human subjects with trackable chips, nanotech and biosensors – this has long been a theme for science fiction and apocalypse-fan movies. But isn’t truth stranger than the fiction itself? There have been reports and accounts from a band of people across the globe who are convinced that the COVID19 vaccine is a well-veiled conspiracy to ‘implant sensors & trackers’ in the bodies of people. While the Covid pandemic seems to be a global conspiracy, and probably an excuse to establish a new military order, the accounts of injecting people with nanobots is not entirely far from the truth. In fact, there are pieces of evidence that the military has been funding ‘implantable’ biosensors and nanotech projects for reasons not entirely justified. Injectable Body Sensors are Already Here In 2018, a company called Profusa developed the so called hydrogel-based biosensor; a breakthrough that was suspiciously funded by the DARPA. Before then, the human body’s natural response to create a ‘scar tissue’ in accordance with its inherent defence mechanism stopped any such sensor from functioning. Now, this gel-based technology is being endorsed for a variety of commercial applications disguised as the well-being of the people. Profusa’s bioengineered sensors are capable of transmitting medical-grade data to external devices. What does that mean for the people? That your freedom is only an illusion when they can track every breath you take! Cellular Manipulation at the Quantum Level It is not just the nanobot scale that is threatening to all mankind, but also the manipulations going on at the quantum scale. A research team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have successfully created a microneedle platform using fluorescent microparticles called quantum dots (QD). These QDs can not only deliver vaccines but also invisibly encode vaccination history directly on the skin. These Quantum Dots are made of nanocrystals that emit near-infrared (NIR) light which can be detected by a specially equipped smartphone. Tests using the platform showed that QDs delivered to samples of human skin were still detectable after photobleaching that simulated five years of exposure to sunlight, and they remained detectable for up to nine months when tested in rats. Isn’t it an eerie thought that something secret & readable can be coded onto your skin, your precious organs, and you might not even know it? For those who wish to exert control and power over the natural world order and its citizens – people are merely data points. COVID19 has unravelled many conspiracies that are turning out to be true. If you are awake, the next choice is yours. Don’t be reduced to just a data point. In favour of a more harmonious and nature-oriented world, share this article ahead. full article https://healingoracle.ch/2021/03/04/are-tiny-bots-invading-your-body-through-vaccines/
  8. sure you can download the forms from here https://healingoracle.ch/2020/04/17/how-to-decline-a-vaccine/
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