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  1. Wow that’s really terrible, I’m so sorry that ,that had happened. Thank you for responding.
  2. I wouldn’t have even gotten tested for it in the first place if it wasn’t for surgeries I am going thru that require me to be tested every time I go, but this time around it came back that I have it and I am required to quarantine for 10 days and living in NYC which is embarrassing enough to even say ! Lol ,sometimes we don5 have choices when there are other health issues involved ! It’s a powerless feeling , but I appreciate your input and thank u for responding! I’m just trying to educate myself as much as possible
  3. I will never get the vaccine but I am confused about this virus , this is actually killing people I am constantly hearing about people’s family members dying so how can it be a scamdemic? I was the first to say that it was till I actually got sick . Now I am experiencing it first hand can someone please clarify this for me it’s so confusing
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