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  1. Are aliens biological living beings or are they cyborgs? As far as we know today, the distances in space are too great for human beings or similar biological aliens to travel through it and reach their destinations in a reasonable time. In addition, the universe is a very inhospitable environment for living beings as we know them on earth, including man. We need water, air, food, the right temperature, we are sensitive to toxins ... In space, the environment does not provide conditions for biological creatures such as those on earth. Perhaps this is also true of other planets on which there is life and perhaps also intelligent beings. Something completely different are robots or cyborgs. These could travel millennia through space and survive relatively easily with routine repairs. Cyborgs also do not need air, water, ideal temperature, organic food, etc. They are much more suitable for life on the Moon, Mars and elsewhere in space, for example. What if aliens are artificially created cyborgs and not biological beings similar to us? If we ever come in contact with aliens, we should first ask them how they solved the problem of artificial intelligence. Has it ruled over its creators and destroyed them as intellectually superior or has it become a tool of its creators, although intellectually probably inferior.
  2. Transhuman superman The cognitive abilities of the transhuman superman could be billions of times greater than the abilities of homo sapiens, and from the point of view of today's man he would be a completely incomprehensible being - a kind of incarnated 'god'. His thinking will be literally superhuman and incomprehensibly fast. What speeds we are talking about here is illustrated, for example, by the fact that technology at the current level of knowledge enables speeds at which a person's subjective year would represent only about 30 seconds of artificial intelligence time. In the future, data processing speeds and thus thinking will be even higher. In addition to the fact that the thinking of a transhuman being will be inconceivably fast, it will also be completely different. For example, man thinks three-dimensionally, perhaps four-dimensionally, if we add time to the three spatial dimensions, and artificial intelligence will be able to think ten- or twenty-dimensionally, which means that it will simply not be possible to follow it with the mind of today's man. An expert from the Institute for Singularity and Artificial Intelligence put it this way: “Combine faster intelligence, smarter intelligence and recursive self-evolving intelligence, and the result will be such a giant event that no parable can express it. There is nothing to compare it with." The question arises as to what such a development will mean in practice. Explosive technological development, through the transformation of the individual into a transhuman form, will mean a total revolution that will change humanity completely. Nothing will remain as it was before, including man himself. Scientific and technological development based on artificial intelligence will enable not only the development of the human external environment, but also the development of his psychophysical abilities. Genetic engineering, bionics, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, biochemistry, psychotronics and similar sciences will enable man to make the leap from the actor of cultural evolution to the conscious actor of his own biological or psychophysical evolution. Man will be able to change his own biological and psychological nature, and at a pace that will be inconceivably faster than the natural flow of evolution. Nanotechnology allows scientists to manipulate individual atoms and molecules, which means they can create structures at the level of atoms and molecules. In . A detailed discussion of the singularity and some of its implications can be found in The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology, Ray Kurzweil, Penguin Group, 2005. Computers will be designed according to the principles by which the human brain is designed. Some scientists even believe that in the future they will discover a basic or original program, a kind of natural operating system by which the human brain works. Scientists even allow the possibility that artificial intelligence will have its own consciousness, which will be no different from human. (https://topdocumentaryfilms.com/future-intelligence/) Similar views are shared by many other philosophical-spiritual schools, especially the Indian ones, which draw on the ancient Indian sciences. There are even attempts to substantiate these theses, which are supposed to be based on scientific knowledge. (https://topdocumentaryfilms.com/the-primacy-of-consciousness/) Consciousness may be some ubiquitous biofield in the universe, expressed through all material forms at the level that these forms are capable of accepting and expressing. A highly structured artificial intelligence system may be able to translate the universal biofield at a higher level than today's man or his brain. In addition to transhuman articles, completely artificial creatures, super-intelligent humanoid robots with their own consciousness, cybernetic organisms or cyborgs could also appear. What relations will be established between transhuman beings, artillects and cyborgs, and humans, we can only guess. Will transhuman beings be in a competitive relationship with humans and thus dangerous to ordinary humans? The answer seems to be yes rather than no, as humans and transhuman beings will compete for the same limited goods on a limited planet. Who would draw a shorter end in this kind of conflict we should not have any illusions. In addition, transhuman beings would need far more resources for their probably ambitious lifestyle than the average human being today, which would make the scarcity of natural resources even more pronounced and the struggle for them even more furious.
  3. There is one problem, none knows to solve. That is awareness. The only sure thing about it is that is exists. But nobody knows what it is and how does it come to existence. If nature had done such a good work, that living beings are aware of the world around them, why humans should not do the same with artificial being? It surely isn't mission impossible. We are the proof that it is possible.
  4. ARE WE GOING TO A FASCISTOID TECHNOCALYPSE OR TO A DEMOCRATIC TECHNOPARADISE? "By 2030, the non-biological part of our intelligence will predominate." "We see confirmation of this in the inmplantation of computer devices into the human body." Ray Kurzweil, American inventor and futurologist Will science ‘liberate’ or destroy us? In the foreseeable future, humanity faces social challenges and changes it has never experienced because of the violent scientific and technological development no one can stop anymore. Scientific and technological development is a phenomenon that seems at first glance a socially benign thing. It is supposed to enable humanity to live an increasingly comfortable and safe life. But is that really the case? The rapid technological development of the last hundred years has created a society of relative abundance and comfort that past generations could only dream of. But this development is likely to become the greatest danger to humanity in the relatively near future, perhaps more menacing than any external force of nature. Singularity Scientific and technological development and the amount of knowledge created by humanity is increasing exponentially. At the present time, there are more scientists and researchers living in the world than have lived in all past periods combined. Since the advent of the first civilisations, the knowledge of mankind has doubled every few thousand years, then every few hundred years, then every few tens of years, and so on. We are now supposedly in a period where the amount of knowledge is doubling every ten years and we are going at an accelerated period when knowledge is supposed to double every few years, then months, then weeks ... Is that even possible? Scientific and technological development is approaching a point called singularity. The point of singularity of a phenomenon is at the same time the point of our incapability to understand it. The moment in which the universe came into being with a Big Bang is such a point of singularity. Scientists cannot explain physical laws which prevailed at that moment, when infinitely large values of physical phenomena were supposed to rule. The singularity of technological development represents a time when scientific production will become a kind of all-encompassing and omnipotent activity that no one will be able to monitor or control anymore. Not even experts in their field - today's experts, tomorrow may be something else. Science will literally go wild or explode. This, of course, will have unforeseen consequences for a human society that will face a dynamic like never before in the history of mankind. Development in branches of human activity will get an acceleration that no one will be able to describe anymore. According to experts, it is expected to approach the point of singularity sometime in the years 2030 to 2050. The cause of this explosive development will be artificial intelligence. The latter will also be the only way to track explosive scientific and technological developments. Accelerated development will only be able to be tracked and upgraded by individuals who will have access to improved, that is, artificial intelligence that will transcend human intelligence. Singularity is also defined as the moment when human intelligence will merge with artificial intelligence, and the result or consequence of this merger will be a transhuman (super) human artilect (artificial intellect) cyborg (cybernetic organism), which will represent a new evolutionary stage in the development of the human species.
  5. Retotalization of society as a result of social engineering projects Anti-racism is abuse of racial equality that has turned into its opposite. Globalists who invoke anti-white anti-racism strive only for power, preferably absolute power. Perverted “racial equality,” that is, anti-white racism is a tool to conquer it. The future will show what the end result of the fight against "white supremacy" will be. It is feared, however, that there will be a regression of civilisation to the pre-Enlightenment level, in short, to retotalisation of society with all the possible negative consequences that we know from not-so-distant history.
  6. Critical racial theory (CRT) Kimberlé Crenshaw, founder of critical racial theory (CRT) and professor of law at UCLA and Columbia, defines the term as follows: "Critical race theory is a practice. It's an approach to grappling with a history of White supremacy that rejects the belief that what's in the past is in the past, and that the laws and systems that grow from that past are detached from it." In short, CRT is what contains the notion of white guilt that transfers responsibility for the works of past generations of whites to modern generations of Americans (and potentially to all European whites) who inherit these works in good and bad, that is, whites in good, blacks in bad. Therefore, the heritage of past times needs to be revised in a “fair way”. It is obvious that the CRT is about very extensive and complex social and political transformation, the purpose of which is nothing more and nothing less than authoritarian coercion to restructure or redistribute economic and political power in American society in favour of the hitherto allegedly oppressed black minority. This operation is inherently discriminatory against whites. As a result, it is causing interracial tensions in America, and it is expected that the more it materialises, the greater the tensions will be. A similar process awaits Europe, as the share of Afroasians is steadily increasing through intensive migration. Former President Donald Trump has thwarted the policy of implementing the CRT, hence many accusations against him that he is a racist, but in Biden’s America this policy has a free path. Its end result may not be racial equality, but the subjugation of whites with the help of the American ruling establishment, which is resolutely against “white supremacy”.
  7. White guilt Because preferential - discriminatory - treatment of people based on their skin colour is not overly convincing, the strategy of social engineers implementing a project to eliminate white supremacy is also aimed at defaming whites. In America and gradually also in Europe, a new phenomenon is emerging, which is characterized by the concept of "white guilt". Wikipedia defines it as follows: "White guilt is the individual or collective guilt felt by some white people for harm resulting from racist treatment of ethnic minorities such as African Americans and indigenous peoples by other white people, most specifically in the context of the Atlantic slave trade, European colonialism and the legacy of these eras." The definition is misleading because it argues that white guilt is felt by whites on their own, but in reality modern generations of whites cannot be held accountable for the actions of their ancestors. The blame is attributed to whites by those who make a profit for themselves from white guilt. Of course, many whites, especially young people, fall prey to this anti-white propaganda, which is spread primarily by the media, the school system, and feminist movements, which are also tools of social engineering. According to the theory of white guilt, whites were responsible for the slave trade, but in fact blacks themselves took part in it, hunting their victims in the African jungles, which they then sold to Arabs, and they to whites and Jews who also took part in this shameful chapter of human history. Whites are also accused of genocide against Indians, colonialism, wars and the Holocaust. The latter can in no way be blamed on the Americans, as America has generously accepted the masses of Jews who fled Europe, which was besides Russia the most important ally in the anti-Nazi coalition that defeated Hitler's Germany. In any case, modern generations cannot be held accountable for the actions of their predecessors. But this is exactly what is happening in America and is coming to Europe too. The white guilt is said to be the reason, why not only white supremacism must be eliminated, but whites must be eliminated altogether. We are essentially dealing with a criminal mindset that sees whites as enemies and treats them that way. In fact, the elimination of whites is accelerating in both Europe and America, especially through excessive migration, which, given the low birth rate of the indigenous population, inevitably leads to ethnocide, culturicide and the gradual genocide of the white population. There is allegedly still a disguised “systemic racism” in America that has led to African Americans being subtly discriminated. Racial equality is, of course, the only way of civilised coexistence in a multiethnic society. But in America, the pendulum seems to have swung to the other extreme when white supremacism transforms into black supremacism, and behind it the Jewish supremacism. The alleged white supremacism is just an excuse to pursue an anti-white policy. These will soon come to Europe too.
  8. Elimination of "white supremacy" Eliminating White Supremacy is a socio-engineering project being implemented in the West, especially in America, but it is clear that Europe will soon follow America. This is a violation of the principle of equality of abstract citizens on the basis of skin colour. It is essentially racism wrapped in the cellophane of anti-racism. In the name of racial equality, the abolition of the alleged white supremacy actually discriminates one race against the other, that is, white, in favour of other races, especially blacks. This, of course, causes interracial tensions.
  9. Social engineering Although totalitarian systems - communism and nazifascism -based on social engineering have largely ingloriously failed, the ideas of social engineering have survived. The modern form of social engineering is the elimination of "white supremacy", which is particularly characteristic of America, but with the increase in the share of migrants in Europe, the tendency to abolish the "supremacy" of indigenous Europeans is growing. This means consciously influencing spontaneous processes and interactions within society through targeted political action based on authoritarian coercion that effectively abolishes the rule of law. Although social engineers refer to high ideals such as social solidarity and human rights in carrying out their ideological projects, the fact is that it is a forced intervention in social interactions that inevitably favours certain social groups based on skin colour, which in itself it means an encroachment on the rights of people that is not in line with the ideal of equality of abstract citizens, regardless of all their other characteristics, even regardless of skin colour. Interference with people's rights can also lead to their partial or complete abolition.
  10. ANTI-WHITENESS IS A NEW FASCISM LEADING TO THE HOLOCAUST OVER WHITES Anti-racism is being abused for the globalist destruction of the West There are many signs that a new social engineering project, such as was Communism and Nazism, is emerging in Europe and America. Communism abused the idea of social solidarity, which is to some extent functional and ethically justified, to conquer the absolute power with which it ruled in totalitarian manner by brute force. The result was low economic efficiency, the poverty of the majority of the population, and the slavish attitude of the citizens towards the ruling elite, which was literally in control of the lives and deaths of its subjects. Communist regimes have killed tens of millions of innocent people. The same was true of Nazism. Modern social engineers abuse anti-racism, which is actually anti-white racism, to create a new undemocratic regime. A new totalitarianism is emerging - globalist fascism, which has many features of Nazifascism.
  11. THE GLOBAL MONETARY SYSTEM IS THE CANCER OF HUMANITY. The global financial aristocracy has turned the financial and economic system to its domain, as it has practically no noteworthy, equal opponent. It has subjugated all the politics of the Western world. Its representatives within the financial system communicate in various ways that, in fact, no one has the right to interfere in its affairs, not even the elected governments of individual countries, and that the financial aristocracy is called upon to regulate the global financial system according to their vision and in accordance with their interests and needs. All others, including politicians, not to mention ordinary people, are only outsiders who have virtually no right to interfere in the internal affairs of private financial corporations, while they can interfere in the lives of all other people. It means that the financial aristocracy, made up of a handful of the world’s big bankers, sees itself as a caste superior to all other humanity. David Rockefeller, the late patriarch of the Rockefeller family, himself gave a confirmation for this. In his Memoirs, he wrote: “For more than a century, ideological extremists from both sexes (...) have been attacking the Rockefeller family for the extraordinary influence they claim to have on American political and economic institutions. Some also believe we are part of a secret conspiracy group working against U.S. interests, labeling me and my family as ‘internationalists’ who conspire together with others (internationalists) from around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure. - One world, if you will. If this is an indictment, I am guilty and I am proud of it. ” http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=18188 D. Rockefeller acknowledged this even more explicitly in a speech in June 1991 at a meeting of the Bilderberg Group, when he said that the financial elite would not be able to implement their global plans without the proper role of the main national media. He explicitly mentioned the New York Times, the Washington Post and Time Magazine, which for more than forty years ‘kept their promise’ and kept silent about the efforts of the financial elite to form a New World Order and a World Government. According to the same source, Rockefeller also stated that we are approaching a global transformation. All that is needed for it is a major crisis, after which the nations of the world will adopt the New World Order. World bankers clearly consider themselves entitled to rule the world. The West is completely under the control of international bankers, who can trigger a crisis at any time with unpredictable economic and political consequences. At the right time, they will do so in order to realise the long-held dream of a world currency owned by a self-elected elite, and a dream of the World State, which will enable them to become masters of humanity. Just as the American financial system with privately owned central bank is the cancer of American society, the global monetary system is the cancer of humanity.
  12. A new totalitarianism is emerging - fascist globalism Globalists in all possible ways, through propaganda and also through wars, encourage and facilitate intercontinental migration and racial mixing in Europe and America. In doing so, they are increasingly similar to their Nazi-fascist predecessors, who tried to force the creation of a racially pure new man. The only difference is that this time it is about creating a racially mixed new man. The pendulum of history just swings from one extreme to another, but the force that drives it is the same. A new totalitarianism is emerging - fascist globalism, which has many features of Nazism. He has his “Jew,” that is, the European white man, who plays exactly the same role of a sworn enemy, the embodiment of evil, as the Jew played in Nazi ideology. Just as anti-Semitism was an important part of Nazi-fascist ideology, today anti-Europeanism or anti-whiteness is one of the central program points of fascist-globalist ideology. The American Democratic Party openly threatens to destroy the rival Republican Party and thus threatens to abolish democracy as well. These threats began to emerge during Trump’s tenure and escalated to the current state reminiscent of the cold civil war. The Democratic Party dominates violent civilian militias, the BLM and the Antifa, reminiscent of NazI brownshirts or fascist blackshirts. Behind the visible structures of the “new order” lie the security intelligence services as a shaddow government , and above them is a financial-industrial oligarchy or plutocracy that actually runs the political game. Naomi Wolf, an American writer and astute critic of the American situation, in an article entitled Fascist America in 10 Easy Steps, published in the British Guardian as early as April 2007, lists 10 steps every potential dictator must take to abolish constitutional freedoms: "1.. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy; 2. Create a gulag; 3. Develop a thug caste (violent social group); 4. Set up an internal surveillance system; 5. Harass citizens' groups (to intimidate citizens); 6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release; 7. Target key individuals (it must disable key personalities / opponents); 8. Control the press; 9. Dissent equals treason; 10. Suspend the rule of law." Modern America, to a greater or lesser extent, seems to suffice for all ten points. Not yet Europe, but the trend is not encouraging. History is obviously really repeating itself. As it turns out, we have already forgotten the teachings of recent history. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2007/apr/24/usa.comment
  13. The solution is also stop talking about white supremacy, and start to talk about Jews' supremacy.
  14. the solution is to end this globalist madness of mass migration to Europe and America. Simple as that.
  15. Tell me, why is everybody coming to Europe? Why is nobody going to Israel? Why are not Europeans going to Africa?
  16. Problem is Western people haven't built anything for 100 years. That's exactly the problem. Oh, really? Who made the scientific-technological civilisation? Predominantly whites in Europe and America.
  17. If there are "real Jews" and other Zionist non-Jews, who are way more supremacist than white supremacist, why don't you expose and stop them?
  18. another example of Jewish supremacy expressed by a Jew: https://www.bitchute.com/video/1jzHKYAsCGLc/
  19. The problem is, that Jews themselves are speaking about their supremacy and about their goal to eliminate white race, and facts confirm that. https://worldtruthvideos.org/watch/jews-admit-organizing-white-genocide_bI5xaBYDmupzmGV.html
  20. So much talking about white supremacy, which is nothing compared to Jewish supremacy. They run the West and more than that. Let's talk about the real supremacists.
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