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  1. We need to revise the history of science and reveal it as the privilege of wealthy white supremacists. If a whole series of monuments of white supremacists have already been thrown from the pedestals, order must also be established once among the scientific white supremacists. Long live the cultural revolution.
  2. Whoever does not see that in the background of the anti-white pursuit is the interest of the ruling elite, which rules on the principle of divide and rule, is blind.
  3. I’m white and I’m proud of that. If I were black, I would be proud of that too. If I were any skin color, I would be just as proud.
  4. The survival of European civilization and indigenous Europeans is not self-evident European countries pursue a migration policy that no one understands, few approve of and has never been democratically verified. But it is becoming increasingly clear that this policy is an experiment with an uncertain outcome, perhaps even a path to disaster. There have been many civilizations in history that, at the height of their power, probably seemed invincible and "eternal" to contemporaries. Such, for example, was the Roman Empire, but at some point it lost its vitality and collapsed on itself. The barbarians invaded it and brought Roman civilization to the ground, so to speak. This is evidenced by the numerous remains of mighty Roman buildings wherever the Roman Empire stretched. After the fall of Rome and Byzantium, centuries had to pass for Europe to rise from the rubble. Modern Europe is in a similar process of implosion as the Roman Empire was. It is not capable or ready to defend its borders, its nations, its population, culture, traditions, civilization. The European mainstream media is running a one-sided campaign in favor of illegal migrants that no dictatorial regime would be ashamed of. Opposing voices are silenced. Censorship is being carried out, which did not exist in the Western world after World War II. Any public opposition to excessive illegal migration is quickly labeled as politically incorrect, for hate speech, xenophobia, racism, fascism ... to be. This achieves the discrediting and silencing of the opposition, which is the intention of politicians, journalists and other globalist activists who use these labels. European values and European and international law, according to an unquestioning interpretation by Brussels officials and European politicians, require Europeans to open the EU's external borders "in solidarity" to illegal migrants from everywhere, and indigenous Europeans have no right to object. Someone above them has the power to decide that. Who? This state of mind, the state of stigmatization and subjugation of dissenters by restricting freedom of speech, is absurd at first sight and cannot be maintained other than by a certain dose of repression, albeit soft, which in itself speaks to the disability of European democracy. A society that resorts to restricting freedom of speech is neither free nor solid. The real events on the European political stage are directed by a hidden director who does not care about the "audience". The latter can only watch the show.
  5. John Truman Wolfe, an American banker and financial expert, has written a book entitled ‘Crisis by Design’. In his book, he argues that the economic crisis 2008-2009 was a deliberately created financial disaster. Its purpose, however, is to give birth to a new institution through the weakening of the dollar and international financial chaos: the Global Monetary Authority. Such an institution was sought by the then President of the New York Fed, Timothy Geithner. Due to the extraordinary influence of the financial sector on the economy and politics, global monetary power led by the international financial elite government as the ultimate goal of the global financial cartel. Wolfe argues that global monetary power was formally formed in London in 2009 without the public even knowing it. He claims literally this: “... the global monetary authority that was established now controls the central banks of all countries of the world. Central banks control the money supply. (...) What has happened is that international bankers have set up a mechanism to control the financial structure of the whole world. ”
  6. This is funny. I respond to attacks on whites. Those who attack whites and burden them with a kind of historical guilt with which modern generations have nothing to do, they create divisions. When I don’t know something, I look at the available resources. If you know more than it is writen in professional articles, then write in professional magazines, instead of wasting time arguing in a lay forum dedicated to people of good will. Would you speak in your name, rather than David Icke's? If you don't understand my thoughts, I can't help you. I have nothing against the equality of women, but I am against the abuse of feminism by the ruling oligarchy. Normal women do not engage in militant anti-masculine feminism. Normal women value men and don’t think they’re just doing them injustice. Normal women know that without men, they would still be living in the stone age.
  7. World currency Iranian online newspaper Mehrnews.com (English version) published an article in 2005 entitled 'From the euro to the globo'. Author Hamid Golpira believes that globalization is leading to a global economy with one currency, which may be called a globo. The formation of the euro is supposed to be only a stage in the process leading to the creation of a world currency. In the continuation of this process, the dollar and the euro are to be merged into a single western currency, which will have strong features of the world currency. The author also predicts that the European Central Bank (ECB) will be privatized following the example of the US Federal Reserve, which is supposed to follow from the Maastricht Treaty, in the part where the independence of the ECB is established. Independence is supposed to mean privatization. The author also believes that the problem is not the world currency, but its privatization. The latter means depriving the peoples of control and power in favour of the owners of the issuing bank, which is supposed to be the most insidious conspiracy for complete global control in history. At the same time, the author emphasizes that people who try to create complete control over the world economy call this a ridiculous conspiracy theory. The author points out that most of the world is not aware of this problem. The system that the world banking oligarchy is supposed to be trying to establish is supposed to be a kind of ‘friendly fascism’ (friendly or soft fascism). The author also points out that the world is changing fast and that people should react immediately if they want to prevent this scenario. The article talks about all that the Western media is hiding and wrapping up in an Orwellian doublespeak that only the consecrated understand. The aspirations of the global financial elite for global domination are practically hidden in the West in the media. Fortunately, there are more and more alternative internet media that also show people the facts that the global elite is hiding. Why could Americans and Europeans agree to a single private currency, the globo, and thus to voluntary slavery to private bankers? Because the collapse of the dollar or the euro, or even the simultaneous collapse of both, would create a financial and economic crisis such as the world has never seen before. The GDP of the most developed western countries would not fall by percentages, but probably by tens of percent. Any solution offered would then be good. Then impoverished people and nations could easily be persuaded into anything. If they were offered a globo as a solution to revive dead economic activity, the impoverished peoples would undoubtedly accept it. That the globo will be a currency issued by a private issuing bank in the hands of a handful of world financial aristocrats who would finally subjugate the entire Western world through the globo, in times of crisis no one would problematize, especially not if the crisis would be presented to the people as a result of the incompetence of public financial institutions. The drowning person doesn't think about who offers to help him. This, however, is the card on which the global financial elite is betting. Therefore, it will sooner or later trigger a global crisis, unless it achieves its goals sooner, without excessive scenarios. The next steps after the creation of the Euro-American common currency would be the gradual accession of other nations or currency areas to the area of the globo. John T. Wolfe, American economist, believes that talking about conspiracy theory in relation to what is happening in international finance is completely inappropriate, as it is enough to observe what is happening. The obvious facts, which cannot be denied, speak for themselves about what international bankers are doing and wanting.
  8. Ecofascism There are many indications that the global elite is promoting the development of extreme environmental doctrines in areas where it is in their interests. It includes the professionals from universities and international and national institutions, and civil society movements in its efforts. Without further ado, it can be said that ecological narative has long since derailed and left the field of the rational. Ecological truths are becoming a kind of modern, indisputable ideological dogma. Such is, for example, the truth about global warming due to greenhouse gases. The global elite has set itself the goal of charging people even for the air they breathe, which is the rational core of the dogmatic treatment of climate change. To this end, it has developed an appropriate strategy to achieve this goal, which it is now pursuing unwaveringly. Ecological blind people from all over the world believe in the ecological demagoguery of the global elite, unaware that it serves the global elite in achieving its goals of taking money from people in any possible way. In the future, we can expect that the global elite will consciously allow pollution or also knowingly contaminate drinking water supplies, so that humanity will have to buy expensive purified water in order to survive, which will of course be provided by the elite. Today, teachers explain to children in primary school that when they grow up, they will work almost exclusively for drinking water. The global elite knows how to handle these things. They work systematically, gradually and in the long run. People need to be convinced of something from a young age onwards, because then they calmly accept it as something self-evident. The countries of this world adopt ecological strategies that are formed within the UN in accordance with the interests of the global elite, which has the power and resources to impose its secret agendas on the UN institutions and consequently on all countries of the world. While ‘environmentalists’ are very loud where the prevailing ecological doctrine is such as to allow it, they are usually much less loud where this is not in line with the prevailing doctrine. For example, few people stumble upon unnecessary water pollution due to the excessive use of chemical agents in agriculture, because this is in interest of the global elite. Few people also oppose genetically modified organisms. There is also little or nothing to hear about chemtrails from official ecologists as well as civil society. This suggests that ecological issues have become the subject of mass manipulation, and it is difficult to know who drinks and who pays. One part of the ecological army is made up of professional 'generals' from the ranks of politicians and experts, who are paid to spread ecological doctrines tailored to the global elite, and the largest part are ordinary 'soldiers', blind people who believe to global ecological gurus such as glorious Greta.
  9. I am afraid, we are already there. Now. What is going on with covid, is a realisation of Huxley's "dream" (nightmare). Orwell thought we shall have telcran only in our house. Now we have telcrans (cellular phones) all the time with us everywhere. 1984 is already here, just that we didn't noticed.
  10. I never thought that everybody could understand my point. You simply don't reply to what I have written. So: la vie est belle, les femmes sont cheres et les enfants sont facile a faire. Enjoy.
  11. https://worldtruthvideos.org/watch/jewish-white-genocide_TXfB2GWKuYWOWpP.html
  12. Retotalization of society as a result of social engineering projects With regard to socialism, feminism and anti-racism, there is an abuse of values such as social solidarity, gender equality and racial equality, which are transformed into their opposite. Those who invoke them strive only for power, preferably absolute power, and social-emancipatory values in a perverted form become a tool for conquering it. The future will show what the end result of the abolition of "white supremacy" will be. It is feared, however, that there will be a regression of civilization to the pre-Enlightenment level, in short, a fascism or retotalization of society with all the possible negative consequences that we know from not so distant history.
  13. Elimination of white supremacy Another social engineering project being implemented in the West, especially in America, is the elimination of t.i. white supremacy. This is a violation of the principle of equality of abstract citizens on the basis of skin colour. It is essentially racism wrapped in the cellophane of anti-racism. In the name of racial equality, the abolition of the alleged white supremacy actually discriminates against one race, that is, white, in favor of other races, especially blacks. This, of course, causes interracial friction. Since people’s preference based on their skin colour is not overly convincing, the strategy of social engineers implementing a white supremacy elimination project is also aimed at defaming whites. Hence the term white guilt. "White guilt is the individual or collective guilt of some whites for the damage caused by racist treatment of ethnic minorities such as African Americans and indigenous peoples by other whites, specifically in the context of the Atlantic slave trade, European colonialism, holocaust, and the legacy of those periods." According to the theory of white guilt, whites were responsible for the slave trade, but in fact blacks themselves took part in it, hunting their victims in the African jungles, which they then sold to Arabs, and they to whites and Jews who also took part in this shameful chapter of human history. Whites are also accused of genocide against Indians, colonialism, wars and the Holocaust. All of these are said to be reasons for not only eliminating white supremacism, but eliminating whites altogether, even though modern generations of whites cannot be held accountable for the actions of their ancestors. We are essentially dealing with a criminal mindset that sees whites as enemies and treats them that way. In fact, the elimination of whites is accelerating in both Europe and America, especially through excessive migration, which, given the low birth rate of the indigenous population, inevitably leads to ethnocide, culturicide and the gradual genocide of the white population.
  14. Feminist ideology and the elimination of male supremacy in society The original ideal of feminism was to establish formal legal equality between men and women. Once this was achieved, however, the next goal of feminist movements became the abolition of male supremacy in society. This goal is to equalize the social roles of both sexes, which in practice means the preference of female subjects over men in different social spheres and processes. This is most evident in the realm of politics. There, women’s privileges are even forced by law. It is obvious that this is a constitutionally disputable violation of the principle of equality of abstract citizens, as equality does not involve any form of discrimination. Men and women are equal as abstract citizens, and women's quotas mean a distinction between abstract citizens on the basis of gender, with one gender being preferred over the other, which eliminates the equality of abstract citizens. Half of the representation of women in politics as an ideal situation to eliminate male supremacy in politics is in stark contrast to the equality of abstract citizens, according to which the relationship between men and women in politics can be any, depending on the voters and activities of political actors, not on their gender. The sexes are different in their social functions, so the forced equalization of the social roles of both sexes, which has nothing to do with equality, is destructive for society. One of the consequences of equalizing the social roles of men and women is lowering the birth rate among whites below a level that ensures whites' survival, especially in light of intensive migration to Europe and America from other continents, because migrants have much higher birth rate.. The globalist elite, which is creating conditions with its policies where normal population renewal is no longer possible, argues that migrants need to be imported for this reason. The same elite also claims that technology will be so advanced in the near future that robots and artificial intelligence will replace the human workforce to such an extent that a layer of permanently unemployed people will emerge who will become some kind of redundant people. The importation of migrants is therefore completely unnecessary and is clearly not about compensating for the loss of births. Especially when we consider that migrants are mostly without any qualifications and as such are difficult to employ or even unemployable.
  15. Tackling social inequalities Social solidarity is to some extent necessary and also ethically justified. However, if socialism begins to assert itself as the leading social ideology, there will inevitably be serious violations of human rights and their brutal elimination, as shown by empirical historical attempts to introduce socialist and communist systems. The end result was low economic efficiency, the poverty of the majority of the population, and the enslaved attitude of the population towards the ruling elite, which was literally the master of the lives and deaths of its subjects. In essence, it was a social regression to the pre-Enlightenment state. Modern social engineers rely on socialist ideals and thus on the left. In both Europe and America, there has been a radical shift from conservatism to progressivism. The rational core of this twist, led from the background by the plutocracy, is the re-totalisation of society through ignoring the constitution and abolishing the rule of law. Plutocracy, in achieving its goals, essentially does not care at all whether it relies on the left or the right. At the moment, the ideology of the progressive left serves her interests more, until recently she relied more on the conservative right. In the next development cycle, it may be again vice versa.
  16. Social engineering Wikipedia defines social engineering as a discipline within the “social sciences that refers to efforts to influence certain attitudes and social behaviors on a large scale, whether by governments, media, academia, or private groups, to create desired characteristics of the target population. Social engineering can also be philosophically understood as a deterministic phenomenon where the goals and objectives of the architects of a new social construct are realized. Social engineers use a scientific method to analyze and understand social systems to devise appropriate methods to achieve desired results in humans. " Social engineering is about redesigning society, transforming it in accordance with certain ideological premises based on the interests of the ruling elite. Historically, the most well-known manifestations of social engineering were communism and Nazism. Both were totalitarian systems. A radical transformation of a society that operates according to some of its internal laws is not possible without coercion. Both systems went down in history as extremely brutal systems, using brute force to enforce the will of the ruling elite while eliminating millions of people. Social engineering is therefore a historically-empirically very negative phenomenon. Although totalitarian systems based on social engineering largely failed ingloriously, the ideas of social engineering remained. Modern forms of social engineering, for example, are the abolition of male supremacy in society and white supremacy, which is particularly characteristic of America, but the growing proportion of migrants in Europe also strengthens the tendency to abolish the supremacy of indigenous Europeans. This, of course, is not possible through spontaneous processes, but only through conscious political action based on authoritarian coercion, which effectively abolishes the rule of law. Although social engineers refer to high ideals such as solidarity and human rights in carrying out their ideological projects, the fact is that it is a forced intervention in spontaneous social processes that inevitably favour certain social groups based on gender or skin colour. In itself it means an encroachment on human rights that is not in line with the ideal of equality of abstract citizens, regardless of all their other characteristics, including regardless of gender or skin colour. However, interference with people's rights can also lead to their gradual abolition.
  17. http://hist-chron.com/judentum-aktenlage/zionismus/op/Kalergi/ENGL-Kalergi-plan.html
  18. "Ethnic identity gives us meaning. "The impulse to seek meaning and belonging through identification with an ethnic group — which is to say, a collective defined by a myth of common ancestry — can be observed across a wide range of societies. That this form of social identity crops up in so many divergent places suggests that it answers some of our species’ basic psychological needs. Human subjectivity can be profoundly isolating; ethnic identity loosens the boundary between the self and society. Human beings’ singular awareness of our own mortality makes us subject to existential despair; ethnic identity lends the individual’s little life a timeless significance by situating it in a transgenerational story that will outlive her. " https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/08/the-1619-project-isnt-unpatriotic-its-just-anti-whiteness.html The above quote is from an essay by American journalist Eric Levitz. The statement touches on some archetypes, values, beliefs and feelings deeply rooted in the human psyche, which are probably inherent in human communities since ancient times. A person with a different identity from the dominant one in the environment where he lives is isolated from others because he has nothing to do with them. An isolated man lives only for himself, which takes away the meaning of his life. The community of people without a common identity is empty. There is nothing inside community to connect them. We all know this feeling, at least in part, from meetings with acquaintances, perhaps classmates or expatriates, even relatives we haven’t met for a long time. The school community in which we once spent many years together is long gone. When we now meet a former classmate from our youth, we don’t even know who we met. We have nothing to say to each other because we no longer belong to the same identity microgroup. Many Westerners move to southern Europe or southern America when they retire, but do not move to Africa, for example, where it is also warm all year round and the cost of living is relatively low. Because in Africa one would be more or less socially excluded, isolated in a foreign world. But such a life has no meaning. The same goes for a Parisian, a Londoner or a Brussels resident who happened to see that there were no more locals in his block, his street, the quarter, no one he knew because they left where they were once at home, because of immigrants from other continents, which gradually socially isolated the locals, psychologically depressed them and consequently pushed them out of their intimate living environment. They became strangers in their own environment and left. But one day, perhaps in the not-so-distant future, they will have nowhere to run because they will become unwanted "foreigners" everywhere - in their own homeland, which will no longer be theirs. Belonging to a group with a certain identity, including a nation, culture and race, makes human existence meaningful. Denying this fact is violence against the individual and the group to which he or she belongs. With overwhelming emphasis on the human rights of illegal migrants in Europe, it is more than obvious that Brussels and London do not care about the rights of indigenous Europeans and their plight, the "existential despair" they experience when faced with the disintegration of the micro and macro groups to which they belong. And more than that: any complaints and oppositions of indigenous Europeans regarding phenomena that fall within the framework of planned ethnocide are labeled as racism and fascism and suppressed in the root. Globalists are systematically building a society of atomized, unconnected individuals, as built by former totalitarian regimes, because a society with loose internal cohesiveness is easily manageable. This is the eternal goal of autocrats and their regimes. Atomization and consequent isolation also on ethnic, cultural and racial grounds abolishes organic connections within society and deprives people of social power. It impoverishes them as individuals and deprives them of the meaning of existence.
  19. Is ethnicity and race a social construct? Globalist propaganda argues that ethnic and racial affiliation is a social construct without a real foundation. If this is indeed the case, there should be no interracial problem in America, as the largest African-American racial minority is raised in the same American culture as whites. And yet all indications are that interracial problems are. Why? America is like a laboratory for studying what is happening when the white majority is rapidly transforming into a minority. More babies of minorities are already being born in the US than white children (a phenomenon that is also the case in some parts of Europe), which means that America will become a predominantly non-white continent in a generation or two. Even now, when whites still have a majority, big problems arise - not for minorities, but for increasingly discriminated and stigmatized whites, who have already been opposed by the entire American establishment, whose leading plutocratic elite operates on the principle of divide and rule. How it will be in the future, we can only guess, but there is no indication that it will get better. What is happening in Europe and America is gradually leading to the extinction of Euro-American white civilization and European whites, a goal pursued by globalists who want to create a new, hybrid humanity, a mixture of all races, first in the West and later around the world. If this were to happen slowly, gradually and spontaneously, then no one would feel this as violence against themselves and their ethnic and racial identity. But globalists use Machiavellian methods to achieve their goals, from propaganda and abuse of all kinds of institutions, state and civil, all the way to wars.
  20. Anti-racism is, in practice, anti-white racism America is at the forefront of a declaratively “anti-racist” and, in fact, anti-white revolution. The anti-white racists solved the dilemma in an Orwellian way, with the view that anti-white racism is not racism. The critique of anti-white racism, however, is racism. American whites have already become a stigmatized, “objectively racist” species responsible for slavery, colonialism, wars holocaust - a species that needs to be eliminated, which some individuals already state clearly and loudly without fear or bad conscience and no one persecutes them for it. The American online newspaper LifeZette reported: "If you’re a white person employed by the City of Seattle you now must sit through hours of racially themed training telling you how horrible you are, how you are a racist, and how disgusting and repugnant you, your family, and your history are to all other people." The late professor Noel Ignatiev, a tenured professor at Massachusetts College loudly proclaimed to his class, his final teaching day before retirement: “If you are a white male, you don’t deserve to live. You are a cancer, you’re a disease, white males have never contributed anything positive to the world! They only murder, exploit and oppress non-whites! At least a white woman can have sex with a black man and make a brown baby but what can a white male do? He’s good for nothing. Slavery, genocides against aboriginal peoples and massive land confiscation, the inquisition, the holocaust, white males are all to blame! You maintain your white male privilege only by oppressing, discriminating against and enslaving others!” In the interview, prof. Ignatiev further substantiated his anti-white statements: "The goal of destroying the white race is simply so desirable, it boggles the mind trying to understand how anyone could possibly object to it. Those who object to my advice, knowingly or perhaps unknowingly, are themselves white supremacists. They wish to go on oppressing and exploiting other races and maintaining their own privileged positions of power. That is the conscious and sometimes subconscious motivation of all of my critics. That is why they object to destroying the cancer of humanity known as the white race. That ugly disease, which dares to call itself a people and a culture. (...) Obviously, all whites need to be destroyed, but why not start with white males? They are behind most of history’s greatest atrocities. Besides, some of the brothers like to bang white women. Eventually white women can breed out, but my feeling is that if you are a white male, you should kill yourself now. If you are a thoughtful person, with a social consciousness who considers himself white, you will consider suicide. It’s the right thing to do. (...) I think we are witnessing the breaking of the back of the white male power structure. We will still have residual white males that must be dealt with, but I am confident that we’ve won. Eventually, I would like to put white males in concentration camps and work them to death just like they’ve done to everyone else. When they are all dead we can throw a party and dance around their corpses!" https://diversitychronicle.wordpress.com/2013/11/18/progressive-professor-urges-white-male-students-to-commit-suicide-during-class/
  21. Besides politicians, the media are the main promoters of the globalist ideology of denationalization. The mainstream media bombards people with globalist propaganda on a daily basis. Politics, left and right, support this anti-national globalist agenda, and confirm more or less everything in order to denationalize European nations and abolish sovereignty of the nation-states. Under the influence of the mainstream media, the public gets the impression that it does not matter whether we survive as European nations and even as Europeans. This is one of the reasons for the apparent indifference of people to the problem of excessive migration from other continents to Europe. But people aren’t really indifferent. They are depressed and powerless because the nation states have turned their backs on them. Globalist activists mislead people with lies and intimidate them with shameful labels that attribute to honest people something they are not, that they are racists and fascists if they feel pain at the thought of being doomed as a nation and as a race. They turn their victims into a criminals. Submission of the "criminals" thus becomes a necessity and an "honorable" mission. It is enough to listen to the propaganda carried out by the media, non-governmental organizations and others in spreading the only correct thinking in relation to the policy of migration and denationalization. Television and radio reports are increasingly similar to brainwashing from some other times that we believed were forever behind us. Journalists are less and less journalists and more and more globalist activists. The goal is to silence opposing voices.
  22. Globalists encourages illegal migration because it takes away sovereignty from European nation states. It is best for them to have as many people in Europe as possible who do not belong to European nations. This weakens nation states and is in line with globalists' intentions to create a unitary superstate - the United States of Europe (USE). That is why Brussels wants to impose migrant quotas on all members. In this way, it creates fast-growing proactive minorities within member states who vehemently support Brussels' denationalization policy. This is a game that Brussels is playing with Europeans without their consent, even without their knowledge.
  23. Low birth rates are just an excuse for the globalist bureaucracy for ethnocidal migrant policy, as labor needs are declining due to the rapid development of science and technology. A new “class” of the permanently unemployed is emerging, so there is no need for unskilled labor from other continents that is difficult to employ or even unemployable. In addition, the EU is doing little or nothing to promote the birth rate of indigenous peoples. If the EU + UK has a population of around 500 million, this number does not necessarily have to increase as in the Third World. It can also be reduced. What matters is the quality of life, not how many people are there. However, due to excessive migration, the quality of life in Europe is declining. In the past, Europe had a much smaller population than it does today, and yet it has given the world top achievements in science, technology, art, philosophy, and so on.
  24. https://birthofanewearthblog.com/the-jewish-agenda-to-destroy-the-white-race/
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