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  1. You must a man and don’t take this too personally but a known abuser of women marrying a 19 year old at 30 is not okay, it’s very weird. Also Oli Skyes is linked with Grimes, a known witch in the music industry and married to Elon Musk. BMTH is actively involved in black magick and using their fans as cattle so to speak. His wife Alissic has a few images on her IG of rituals she and her friends have done. That little circle of them are Brazilian witches which were trafficked to the UK by Oli Skyes. I honestly think he is a major player in the dark occult in the UK. He is also involved with a UK photographer called Haris Nukem who is also involved with a hotel called The Mandrake, which host sex parties with children in attendance, the images are online if you look in the right places for events. He has also produced a book with them which showcases satanic rituals and human sacrifice. This is some serious stuff to be worried about as women have been trafficked and harmed because of this circle.
  2. Why has no one looked into Oli Skyes of Bring Me The Horzion? He married a 19 year old girl when he was 30 (as well as having a long history of abusing young/ teenage women) and says he doesn’t believe in Satan but for some reason is using a star as the band’s logo that is essentially same as Alister Crawley’s for o.t.o. Just look at the website. He’s involved with some other artists who are definitely involved in some sort of Satanic Sex ring in London yet it seems everyone is turning a blind to this. https://www.bmthofficial.com
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