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  1. I'm not extreme at All lol. Just sick of all this and spending every night researching. Was after an answer and just a chat tbh. I knew i wouldnt get the answer. But ya know. Anyway I know I'm on the right side. Back to the drawing board I spose.
  2. Lol bj. No I'm not. Never. Problems usually arise over the vaccine and me advising I'm not or nor should my family. And then the kids that gets me started. I'm an extremist lol
  3. Ashamed I fell for it tbh. Was the start of now. Never again..
  4. At the beginning watching all the Chinese dropping down was worried and omg. Soon after realised it was all bollocks. Now after spending most night researching well I know whats going on.
  5. Signed back on. WordPress. Sounds like Simon tv maybe one of these benefit types. Write a story on that. Sure you are sitting in your council place, claiming your benefits and you have not much to lose. You write a blog on your 20 year awakening (victim) and ill read it. In the mean time I'll stick to life and try and work out how to get over this fuckery...
  6. Thank-you :) I'm not giving up just after real world views, advice and not silly comments. I'm not wearing a mask as I think that create this false illusion.i do try and tell everyone too. But I seem to be getting more shit lately. That and my job etc is worrying
  7. God your patronising, I'll bow down to you waking up earlier. Not really helping or answering me though. Silly sausage
  8. Yes mate. Im real. Argued with family. Fallen out with friends. Believe I'm 100 percent right and know what's happening. But feel like I'm on my own on this. Every fucker is taking the vax. Every fucker thinks I'm wrong. I'm exhausted mate. Feel like I'm talking to a brick wall. And I spend all my time researching this as I think I'm on the right side. Only so much I can take tho
  9. If I told you about my life. I'm a fighter.. for sure, but I've also worked fucking hard for what I have. The little comments are nice but I also know some on this forum it won't matter too with benefits etc. Seems to be tougher for the hard workers and semi successful. Already 2 comments that are great on a forum but in real life. Basically bollocks.
  10. What do we do guys, any views? I'll be honest if vaxx pp come in that's the end game for me. Job, house etc gone. I've been called an extremist etc for my views on the vax and covid. So get the vax and go with the tyrannical regime or hold... Wtf are we to do!? I'm not sure. I wish, tbh I just believed that there is a killer virus and the vaccine is safe. This is causing me issues already and I don't think they are in top gear yet. I feel so lonely. I really don't fancy the idea of living in a sleeping bag on the streets. I know I'm on the right side of history but that doesn't pay the bills. Fuck this is tough.
  11. Just had an interesting one. Ordered a meal delivery. Order every week. New Chap advises that he isn't willing to drop at door and I need to meet him outside on the road. why I ask. No ppe. bollocks and covid bullshit I say. Response. A family member recently died of it so I'm not coming to your door. Gives me the high ground. My answer was you can fuck off then. God I was angry, not his fault. Just another example. I was supposed to be going to the London thing tomorrow but I've got to work, way things are going need every penny. I actually feel like a shill for not going, I hope it's fucking packed! I'll have one eye on unity news.
  12. So I'm struggling to see deaths by pre existing condition and age . Am I missing something? Help please?
  13. I can't work out whether believing in a killer virus is more stressful or knowing the truth. Have a feeling that the "killer virus" is child's play to what we are heading for though. It doesn't help when we are in the minority. I won't mention I'm drained or tired though. What I will say is. KEEP GOING AND DONT GIVE UP TO THIS FUCKERY!!!!
  14. I'm sure I'm not the only one but I'm finding this very draining. Been an analyst for 20 odd years. I'm a problem solver. So I think that's why I'm one of the few. I really don't understand why I'm one of the few that know whats going down. How's the frig do people not realise what's real? I'm close to giving up if I'm honest. The retardery is on a another level. Maybe we have a calling!? Maybe we should just give up. I dunno.
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