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  1. Indeed. And it won't be the last
  2. I guess the idea would need to start here: https://www.privateislandsonline.com/search?availability=sale
  3. So, let me get this straight. I can get a covid pass if I have had both jabs but I can still get and transmit the virus to those around me. Can anyone explain how that works ? Thanks. Sorry for appearing to be a dumbass cretin
  4. Don't 'cajole' and 'coax' mean much the same as 'coerce' in this context ?
  5. This has to be the effects of the vaccines on people; surely.
  6. And what about Ivermectin, buttercup Macron ? Is that not a 'weapon' ?
  7. Must be the largest gathering of 'conspiracy theorists' ever
  8. BBC news on anti-lockdown protest in London: Traffic Report: "A3212 London - A3212 Whitehall in Westminster closed in both directions from Trafalgar Square to the Parliament Square junction, because of a demonstration."
  9. Could be EMF. Perhaps they sit around a compter a lot or around mobile phone; in particular, overnight ? And then, there are swabs with EO on the tips. Heaven knows what that does to the body. Worth investigating perhaps, IMO
  10. What's the "deal with" bit about, I wonder.
  11. In short, then, GAVI and Gates cannot be touched. Prosecution, under any circumstances, impossible. It's no wonder, then,that they are so open about their plans and what they are doing.
  12. With no intention to offend .... why don't you f*** off and die; bitch !
  13. I'd suggest the Elite sold off beforehand. It's now a chance for them to get even richer. All planned.
  14. That'll be Climate Change, IMHO
  15. IMHO, I don't think they care that we know they are lying. What, in real practical terms, can the rest of us do to call them out and/or turn things around (what with them in control of MSM et al) without breaking the laws that they impose upon us.
  16. This guy sould be in a lunatic asylum; seriously.
  17. A strong indication that the royal family and other celebrity toffs haven't had it either. Even the police don't get it
  18. Something like this: ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUt0dZXPFoU
  19. More like a Monty Python Sketch ? No ?
  20. They are all in 'it' together
  21. Maybe BJ laid about having it previously
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