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  1. He simply can't help himself. Creep !
  2. Sadly, many people won't see through this media lie
  3. To put it concisely ....... "It's all f***ed up !"
  4. What do they expect you to learn from the course ? About what ? Just curious
  5. I didn't think we were the ones that made the moronic decisions and rules to deprive us all of our freedoms. Correct me if I am mistaken
  6. "German authorities have appealed for thousands of people to get another dose of their Covid vaccine, after a police investigation found that a Red Cross nurse may have injected them with saline solution instead. Around 8,600 may have been affected by the nurse's actions at a vaccination centre in Friesland, northern Germany. Officials said dud jabs were administered in spring this year and would have had no adverse health impact on anyone affected. “I am totally shocked by this episode,” said Sven Ambrosy, a local councillor, in a post on Facebook. "The most important thing for us is to inform these people, answer their questions and offer further vaccination." It is not clear if the suspect has been arrested or charged over the incident. Local broadcaster NDR said the case had been handed to a special police unit that investigates politically-motivated crimes." -------------------- How odd. I thought the saline jabs were just for the celebrities, politicians, the rich and other members of the 'elite'
  7. "And as soon as I can get it, I am definitely getting it." Rather silly because he will have already recovered from it and would have the antibodies / T cells ready to prevent a reoccurence. Stll all to his own, I guess. Oh wait, it's to prevent him transmitting it to others . That's besides him being a stooge
  8. I wonder how many takes they had to do. They should have done more
  9. Sure; lets all get the vaccine. Even though there is suppsed to be a 99.997 chance of getting over the so-called virus naturally. And that is even if you catch it at all. And we are suppsed to be the most intelligent animal on the planet ?? Sure. How far 'man' has fallen
  10. Not smart enough to have any dress sense; esp the one in black
  11. So, in such a case, no need for the PCR test then
  12. We are royally f*cked now !
  13. Am I the only one here who is starting to regret having children ? To imagine what their adult life will be like if it all turns pear'shaped (which right now seems likely) is pretty depressing. Still, must try to think of positives if I can think of any
  14. So, it's "5 shots to flatten the curve" then ?
  15. And for those who still lack the courage to say 'No', there's a video game called "Say No More" which might be helpful
  16. I'd suggest giving any real jab (or faked) a wide berth. Keep it simple. "Refusenik". Nuff said, IMO
  17. Confused. No surprise since thay are still 'experimenting' on us
  18. In other words .. "F*ck knows"
  19. What crass and Infantile leaders we have ! Patronising to boot !
  20. Perhaps he had been to the barbers since
  21. Jay Pickett: US actor dies on set of western film https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-58053717 Nothing to see here ?
  22. Perfect reponse . Just one word needed.
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