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  1. That's probably because you (like me) are unvaccinated.
  2. Says everything about what we already know
  3. I guess that's why it's so easy for the likes of furgeson and fauci to pull wool over so many GPs' eyes re the 'vaccine'
  4. Sounds like a pre-conceived plan
  5. Who was it who first wisely suggested that 'the best form of defence is (targeted) attack' ? Read into that what you will
  6. Never trust a politician. They're scum; all of them
  7. Dixon of Dock Green ? Evenin' all
  8. Theoretically, that would wipe out my hometown in 5 days. Nice
  9. Oh dear ! This is further proof that one should not take the vaccine. It clearly fucks with the brain
  10. Thanks. I'd suggest there are going to be more of this sort of event
  11. So, that's 2 field sports people recently having such an attack whilst playing. Mmmmmmm. Must be COVID !
  12. Looks like Oz is well into the 'destabilization' stage
  13. These sorts are from another planet ...... literally. Nibiru ?
  14. Oh well, that's another xmas f*cked up !
  15. I often face the same issue with people. It seems that so many nowadays simply don't listen but rather 'wait to talk'
  16. No masks. More evidence that this year and a half has been total b0ll0cks. Find the Wally
  17. Clearly, the only reason they are able to keep doing what they are doing and will continue to do is the military's and police's tacit approval and support. Take that away and these scum would have been dead and buried a year ago
  18. He simply can't help himself. Creep !
  19. Sadly, many people won't see through this media lie
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