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  1. Isn't the idea to bring the population down to 14 or so million ? If so, that is a ginormous reduction
  2. That's all very well. However, I do not think those who have lost family (inc children), relatives, friends to the whole scam and its scammers would be impressed
  3. Give 'em 20 doses of the vaccines (they loved) in one go
  4. Same goes for the 12-15 year olds. They are also a burden on the state finances. KILL OFF ALL THE EARLY TEENS ??
  5. Yeah, right. Sure. I am truly gobsmacked that these sorts of people actually think we still believe them
  6. i.e. declining the vax is an incompetent decision
  7. They have 'changed their minds' several times before so .......... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-58439024
  8. Chomsky has always been overrated, IMO
  9. Does it come with a pool, shopping mall and a Mc Ds ?
  10. ...... and be happy ??? More like f*cking miserable. Mind you, we'd have much in common with our 'cellmates'
  11. Personally, I think posting this was unnecessary
  12. Romanian leader could be in the crosshairs
  13. I should be ok then. I have sugar puffs in the morning
  14. 'Contaminated' but 'no safety issues'. Seriously ??
  15. Yeah, 'experts'; sure. I wouldn't trust anyone who says or claims to be an 'expert'. It's up to other people to decide who is or isn't an expert; based on results. A whole host of so-called, self-proclaimed or self-appointed 'experts' have already failed to live up to the term; be that in health, economics, or just about any other field
  16. What a tosspot. Seriously !
  17. That's going to be somewhat challenging since it doesn't exist
  18. For those not local, you can probably only travel there if you are double-jabbed
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