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  1. Intentional destruction of the current economic model to be replaced by a 'new one'; whatever that turns out to be; under the pretense of protecting us all from an alleged deadly global disease. Just my 2 cents worth
  2. I think that was before he turned 'renegade', though
  3. Does anyone here happen to know the personal questions / details the vaccinator (at pop up vax centres) requests before sticking in the jab (e.g. name, age, address etc). Is there, for example, a personal details form a person has to complete. Thanks
  4. Only that I had itchy rashes on both arms for sometime and through a process of elimanation I decided that I should stop the 15mg BP pills (not the same as yours, mind you). Since I have stopped, the rashes have virtually disappaeared
  5. Do you happen to take medication for high blood pressure ? Serious question, btw
  6. Sadly, IMO, I don't think she/that will dissuade him from carry on with the idea. Pharma probably has something 'on' him. He appears like someone who has skeletons in the closet. Stop the 'vaccine' push, and the cat is out of the bag. Same goes for others who are promting the 'vaccine' like crazy. And/Or the money. My 2 cents worth.
  7. This bloke has the charisma of a slug
  8. If there is to be a perfect example of someone 'fobbing off' another, this just has to be it
  9. Even pro-vaxers are getting muddled and confused with all the bollox going on. Wankers !
  10. Maybe if we all dumped (smashed ?) our smart phones and replaced them with non-smart ones (which are still readily availabe), perhaps that would make a dent in their plans. I'm sure Nokia would be happy :)
  11. At least we would have them all in one place. I hadn't really considered the benefits of nuclear bomb technology till just now. Read into that whatever you will
  12. He's just a jerk; a rabid donkey. No offence to donkeys of course.
  13. Sky Aus are going to get hammered (by tptb) for having him interviewed
  14. But back on the agenda for the Spring Covid Plan ?
  15. Isn't the idea to bring the population down to 14 or so million ? If so, that is a ginormous reduction
  16. That's all very well. However, I do not think those who have lost family (inc children), relatives, friends to the whole scam and its scammers would be impressed
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