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  1. Right hand side on the same page re Molnupiravir might also be of interest
  2. Technology at DARPA is probably a decade ahead of what we actually see out in society. Stuff that is unimaginable even in this day and age
  3. So, we are into SUBvariants now, are we. Jeez ! They'll need to produce a new word for a subvariant of that one. Who the f*** comes up with all this bollox ?
  4. Scapegoat the unvaccinated, I'd imagine
  5. I wouldn't trust any of them to sell me a brand NEW car, let alone a second-hand one
  6. This, it would appear, is totally out of control now
  7. Q: Group Name ? A: Bunch of Wankers
  8. So much for "3 weeks to flatten the curve'
  9. I assume you aren't expecting such news on the MSM bar how successful it has been so far
  10. Maybe not; it's just ignorance and idiocy, imho
  11. Very sad, celebrating the return of just a tiny part of what used to be normality
  12. ",,,, associating covid with blood clots." When did this nonsense come out. I thought it was supposed to be sniffles, loss of taste, flu-like. Since when did a flu-like illness have any connection to blood clots. FFS, this has gotten past the absurd
  13. 40 or 30 odd years ago, comedy was funny (even hilarious). Comedy (or so-called 'comedy) nowadays just aint funny anymore. Bring back Basil Fawlty, Monty Python, Tommy Cooper, Steve Hughes and the likes of Billy Conolly. I guess we are mandated to have no sense of humour for now. Oooops. Off topic
  14. So those who have pre-booked are not infected and no risk. Very smart and selective, this 'virus'. Can it make me cappuccino
  15. I'd rather be afraid than be a wanker, though
  16. It could be interesting to find out where they all travel from to get to the protest venue and return to when they are done bashing people up. I can't imagine they all travel from and to a single police station
  17. They omitted one option .......... "I don't think COVID exists"
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