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  1. My grandson asked if Santa will escape from London prison too
  2. Apparently, research has shown that even chimpanzees can add single-digit numbers https://www.science.org/content/article/monkeys-can-do-math Nuff said ?
  3. Possibly because the ICC have been 'bought' too ?
  4. Where is Cromwell when you need him ?
  5. That picture explains everything we need to know
  6. And here I am believing that it was only 3 weeks to flatten the curve. What an asshole I've been ! Never mind !
  7. Wow. That's a novel way to get your name into the Guinness Book of Records
  8. Vitamins C and D (loads of) to start. Lemsip, Ginger can help
  9. And they are telling us to follow the science, ffs
  10. What about Gove ? He seems intent on plan C
  11. IMHO, the problem here is that I'd imagine some of those wearing a mask actually agree totally with him but wear the mask so they don't get a financial penalty ( or threat of ). It's sometimes a case of 'f*cked if you do and f*cked if you don't'. I admittedly have no immediate solution but, ... just saying. Maybe a full-on national strike to bring the country to a halt, but then, is there the 'appetite' ?
  12. And here I am supposed to believe that this new variant is milder than the previous ones. Never mind. Stupid me ! Seriously though, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, more bollox
  13. "Two vaccine doses don't stop you getting serious Omicron / CV issues but getting the additional booster WILL" Society's reluctance to get the booster ...................... thus the above. What a bunch of pathetic amateur manipulators !
  14. The headline in no way represents the contents of the article itself. Same ol' bollocks !
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