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  1. Is it going to be possible to end all this COVID nonsense while, at the same time, keeping within the law(s) ? Thoughts ? It seems to me that the cabal have most, if not all, bases covered ...... including the final one; the judiciaries
  2. I don't know the answer but, whatever it is, consider that they only actually 'work' for less than 8 months a year
  3. Or perhaps BJ is losing his faith in the whole scam ? Unlikely, but still .......
  4. No news from UKColumn today ? Anybody know anything ?
  5. This might sound a bit of a strange query but, with all these pop-up vax centres and the fact that they say 'anyone' can 'walk in' and get a jab, what's to stop someone going in to various places and getting any number of jabs. Not that I am suggesting it or that anyone would want to, but ..... still; not to have any sort of registration or record-keeping seems rather odd
  6. Oh dear ! "Coming to your town soon."
  7. Many people , (the elderly especially) don't listen nowadays. They just wait to talk. That's why I usually talk only when it's necessary
  8. This clearly hasn't been thought through
  9. In other words, declining to have an experimental drug injected into your body will result in you being sacked. That seems to be very fair ....... NOT
  10. Indeed; these reptilians don't give the rest of us enough credit.
  11. It's difficult to know who or what to believe nowadays
  12. I think it's supposedly one of the possible 'side effects' but ... who knows. Mind you, these people are supposed to be some of the fittest around and their medical condition is seriously and frequently monitored. Strange
  13. Christian Eriksen: Denmark midfielder suffered cardiac arrest, says team doctor
  14. Surely, the easiest and most understandable is that all vaccines are in their experimental stage and who would want to be 'experimented on'. That will carry on till 2023. Nuff said
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