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  1. I don't see the term 'experimental (vaccines)' or 'unlicensed (vaccines)' included there.
  2. Maybe some cabal characters need to be 'taken out of the picture'. You know; 'taken care of'; 'dealt with', 'removed'
  3. I imagine they'll claim that that's because everyone has been swanning around with masks on and treating all others like they have a plague.
  4. The virus needs to be both isolated and PURIFIED to be able to create a vaccine for it.
  5. In the new world order, most production will be done by robots and AI so no real need for 'profit motive'. Workers won't need to work. UBI
  6. Am I missing something here ? Health care workers being ordered to have an experimental vaccine ?? No irony ?
  7. If this idea comes to fruition, can care and health workers threaten to strike or all arrange to go on sick leave for 3 days ? See how they like that
  8. Or an apartment with a long and wide balcony
  9. Otherwise, can you explain how it got here? Wind ?
  10. No benches available here. All taken !! Pandemonium ! Help !
  11. If this "virus" does not discriminate, I do wonder how many aging, international, elite, WEF-attending, multi-millionnaires and billionnaires have been struck down with this "virus" Come to that, not many of these psychos appear in pictures wearing a mask. Try google images 'bill gates wearing mask'
  12. Nothing it that article allows us to factcheck
  13. IMHO, the military is our only hope. If we can get the top brass to initiate a form of 'coup', it could result in getting these political traitors on trial. Of course, it could cause even worse chaos.
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