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  1. Yeah sure you are buddy. You're not the first person to convince himself that he's got uniquely 'deep' insights into the nature of things, actually it's almost a cliché . I read your last sentence in the voice of Morpheus, that's how lame you are to me. I don't much care if I'm considered unoriginal on a certain matter. Originality doesn't necessarily improve a viewpoint, especially when it's based in paranoia, grandiose delusions and faulty reasoning. You can go through anybody's history and find reasons to link them to a conspiracy. You've evidently become convinced that every Jew is part of a conspiracy. In fact, I don't know why you haven't decided that I'm Jewish, yet? I mean think about it, it makes sense, doesn't it? Or maybe I am??
  2. That is only according to Halakha law, it's not the case for reform Jews and Reconstructionist Jews .. and it's just not the case according to reality. The fact that Orthodox Judaism looks down on mixed Jews matters not. It looks down on every other type of Judaism, but still recognizes secular Jewry as Jewish. Judaism has all sorts of laws, most of them are not upheld. The question of 'who is a Jew?' is actually quite messy and there is no great answer... In any case secular Jews like the Neo-cons, or for the that matter the Labor Zionists (Bolsheviks) are some of the most dangerous types. All this just underlines my original point about it not making sense to talk about Jews monolithically.
  3. Your assumption is wrong, Brother Nathanial is the only one of those guys I'm even aware of, although I guess you'd have to include them in the Alt-media, so my point goes to them also. But in my head I was thinking of the likes of James O-Keefe (the Project Veritas guy), H.A. Goodman, and Jason Goodman (of Crowdsource the Truth. )
  4. Yeah see the post above you. Yes a lot of the Jews in the national socialist party were 'half Jews', 'Mischling' but that is Jewish. If half Jews aren't Jewish then half of the self identifying Jews in America are not Jewish. This author has researched and written extensively on the topic. https://www.amazon.com/Bryan-Mark-Rigg/e/B001IZV62M%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share
  5. You always hear about how Freemasonry is so secretive, but this guy never shut up in telling the world about its secrets.
  6. There are many Jews in the alt-media. I think it's unfair to all the Jewish truth-seekers to talk about Jews as though they are all Zio-kabbalists. Thousands of Jewish soldiers fought for Germany during both world wars!
  7. Yeah interesting. I read something about them trying to implement the 'age of Aquarius' atm. Apparently we are just leaving the age of Pieces and it's the stubborn, backwards -thinking Christians who are slowing down human progress.
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