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  1. On almost all David's videos there are a lot of information about what's going on, but all that is outside us, it's the outside world, and it impacts those who don't have control of their emotions and also who don't focus on their internal world / visions and on their own goals and actions to reach them. From the chaos outside has emerged a few movements like the self development movement (3 names but there are many others: Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins and Gerry Roberts), self sustenance, prepers, we can go farther to free energy movement, bill molision with permaculture, the incrE
  2. Hi 1- to buy the Answer and truth vibrations as ebook, we are redirected to amazon. Amazon is pro one global world. Please provide an alternative way to buy so we don't support Amazon when buying David's merchandises. 2- When we post on this forum, there is a captcha system with pictures to identify. However David's explained in a video what this system is used for: to feed an IA machine. Would be good to have a captcha system not linked to feeding an IA machine. Regards
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