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  1. the world population changing in term of quantity, the energy is varying. I think to explain what's happening at death time need a more complex explanation
  2. Hello Macnamara and thanks for your detailed answer. The point about the US and EU reality is simple: the elite are managing people like a farmer manage a land: he cuts it in several zones and each zones is allocated a typical culture, like square 1 for tomatoes, square 2 for peas, square 3 for salad, square 4 empty = fallow land. He uses this distribution for a few years and then rotate all the cultures: each culture is using the elements of the soil at a different depth. The idea is to put first on a square the plant (A) which will take the deepest nutrients, then once the rotation occurs, the new plant (B) which has its roots going to let's say half the depth, then at next rotation have plant C on this square which take nutrients at shallow depth and next rotation that same square will be left fallow. This way the soil is all the time able to recover from culture. But with the industrial era of agriculture and the rockfeller way of cultivating, earth is worn out: the soil is plowed and this make the nutrients falling deep where roots can't get them and ultimately they are carried by rains. Plants are zombies in this agriculture and need both artificial fertilizers (the only 3 NPK instead of 52 to have a full nutrient profile cf Food Matters: https://youtu.be/fD0_0Iah5BA?t=241) so they look big and good but are empty of nutrients and also are not able to cope with bugs and animals who comes naturally to eat away those weak plants and fertilize naturally the soil with their feces. But this is unwelcome by farmers and so they engage in a war with tons of pesticides and herbicides like roundup / glyphosate, to kill both not wanted plant / weeds and also bugs and animals. The result is a baren place: nature is killed by this process. And the end link of this food chain is the human beings (slave zombies at this stage), which poison itself too. This is all by design and planned, willingly wanted. So we are managed by the industrial complex through our food and water (water is also heavily polluted by the agriculture model in use). So now the land is worn out, the air too, the water too and obviously the humans too. And fertility in EU and US is lower and lower so the population is aging. This is the time for a big war so the elite get rid of its useless slaves and start back fresh with a new herd: Chinese, Africans, ... They really don't care because they have 7.5 billion potential slaves. The Corona Virus is just that. The rotation of land means now the turn of massive exploitation and production is to China and with ressources both human and material coming from Africa (1.4 billion people, where 64% are under 25 years old, the elite has plenty of brains, hands and raw materials to work with. Obviously as the agenda for EU and US is not to get alive people but instead massive depopulation agenda (food, waves, water, 'medicines' including vaccines, negative thoughts, no action society), the 'alternatives' are not that much welcome and will be stopped or curtailed. The only way to get rid of the situation is to have a massive awakening of what's going on and a real will to have a change from the masses which are brainwashed 24/24 7/7 by mass media, culture, religion, schools, political propaganda pushing a transhumanist agenda with as a spearhead the LGBT 'respect' and the culture of infertility or death (no more birth, generalisation of abortion, gay wedding, people changing sex, ...) and finally robots taking over. That would mean people instead of changing of government each X years, start to stop voting in mass and have very organised action to get back the power: voting with their wallet, eating great food made from home, filtering water, massive non compliance, massive non listening to any mass media, massive tax optimisation (to not give any money to the government).
  3. Hello everybody, David does a great job at analysing the situation and create an holistic view of what the 'masters' do. That's great but this is half of the process towards freedom. Indeed knowing is one thing and doing is another. And being curious about all the aspects of the conspiracy don't get rid of it, in fact it makes those who spend their time on it, get an encyclopedist culture about it but don't change it. What do we want as a future? What's sure is that even in today moment people have different visions for their future. Anyway there are common themes for all. I suppose everybody wants: 1- pure air and light: oxygen is the very first nutrient. Try not to breath for 5 mins and I'm pretty sure most of us would be dead, isn't it? Air is highly polluted due to industries. Just land off from a plane in London and you'll see that city is covered by a huge black cloud of smog which prevents the light to go through and that's why that city is darkish or greyish most of the time. See Slim Spurling Universe to understand why air is very important so light can go through and provide all the frequencies we need and animals and plants need for great life: we are light synthetisers. You can also look at the research of Prof. Fritz-Albert Popp https://biontologyarizona.com/dr-fritz-albert-popp/ and Dr Korotov research 2- pure living full spectrum water: water is life like light and without it we can't do that much. Water from tap is polluted, just by getting chlorinated (cancerous THMs like chloroform making people brain cloudy / DPB + is a main oxydant creating aging / old bodies in the population) and for some with added fluoride (cancer + neurotoxin + pineal gland calcification), tap water is a poison. And that's not all: tap water contains also medicine residues like the pill (which turns fish male into female furthering the depopulation agenda as this does the same to humans male -> depopulation), nitrates, rust, limescale, heavy metals (all chronic deceases causes cf dr dietrich klinghardt), pesticides residues (cancer), and lots of inorganic minerals which can't be used by the body so are stored and create aching joint pains and clogging the arteries cf Water Can Undermine Your Health by N. W. Walker To learn more about what is truly the healthiest water, read the book Dancing with water from MJ Pangman and Melanie Evans. 3- healthy, tasty, nutritious food: organic is a must but organic don't mean the water used for growing the food is pure so it's not best. The best food is wild and truly wild: far from the cities, in wilderness far from any pollution. You can research Markus Rothkrantz book and videos on the subject of what is healthy food. 4- house off grid: earthship match that definition and are independent of the electric grid for electricity production using photovoltaic and other technologies, use collected rain water 4 times before going to the waste, produce fruits and vegs organically, collect heat and light from sun for heating the house and lightning. cf michael reynolds So for all that, it's important to filter water efficiently (full house + reverse osmosis + restructure water with vortex, magnets + give back organic minerals through Lithotamne to get a water within Louis Claude Vincent Bioelectronic parameters and nutritious like quinton plasma) consume locally and product made using non polluting air, water, soil ways. For example walking, taking a bicycle, have your own organic garden irrigated with filtered water, living a self sustainable lifestyle like having a earthship, having low impact on the planet or even better: be like all animals and bring added value to the planet. To change a paradigm, that is our habits of thoughts, and thus habits of behaviour there are 2 methods: I- high emotional impact: 9-11/Coronavirus plandemic with 'millions of death'/ WWI / WWII, ... and also positive emotional impact like a wedding, a new baby born, a world record broken, a challenge won II- repetition: doing everyday a ritual of actions which little by little with experience growing make your life changed for the better You can learn more about that from Bob Proctor.
  4. On almost all David's videos there are a lot of information about what's going on, but all that is outside us, it's the outside world, and it impacts those who don't have control of their emotions and also who don't focus on their internal world / visions and on their own goals and actions to reach them. From the chaos outside has emerged a few movements like the self development movement (3 names but there are many others: Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins and Gerry Roberts), self sustenance, prepers, we can go farther to free energy movement, bill molision with permaculture, the incrEDIBLE, ... Those movements are based on action and not letting the outside world dictates our life and I think that's the point. The point is being is the know is a bit like being an encyclopedist: we are fed with the truth or a part of it as there are an infinite amount of perspective on reality, but another truth is that we are idle watching the movie and script written for us in front of us and do nothing. I see people talking about legal actions, I see demonstrations, but all that don't change your life and has been proven to not work. On the other hand we have different and complimentary truth speakers such as Alex Jones, David Avocado Wolfe, Brian Rose, ... who speaks about concrete action to change our lifes. Maybe David don't feel he has any autority on this but I think he has a clue about how to leave our life the way we want to live it, and I think that would be great to hear his say on this: how to beat the tyranny 121. Please bring more actions to be independent from any government, any banks, any industries, any supermarkets, any bad food, any pollution, any villain: if we build a world where we don't have the dependencies of those then they disappear. It's a fact that somebody well informed about all the alternatives and who live according to those principles is not dependent on the system. And that's how the world will be changed: BY CHANGING OURSELF.
  5. Hi 1- to buy the Answer and truth vibrations as ebook, we are redirected to amazon. Amazon is pro one global world. Please provide an alternative way to buy so we don't support Amazon when buying David's merchandises. 2- When we post on this forum, there is a captcha system with pictures to identify. However David's explained in a video what this system is used for: to feed an IA machine. Would be good to have a captcha system not linked to feeding an IA machine. Regards
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