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  1. Remember me too, I hope I am. Kill them all. Fuck it. Cheerio!
  2. Ah well... I wish I could have made people see what is. Best of luck folks, I am done. I dont know how you will do it. But my opinion? Kill them all.
  3. I am so lonely right now. And the bummer is, I studied The Universe for so long. I am not a moron... I worked so hard to fix this shit world. I was even part of weapons programs. I know what it all is. My question stands, can we go to Heaven? I would like to know.
  4. And if it requires it for me to get an answer, I will embaress my name "post-hummus" (heh). My face too. Can someone answer me? Please.
  5. That may have come across as being twatty... Its not. My first degre was Astrophysics from DCU, my next one was a major one from UK...almost finished (until last year). Just biblical answers if you can help me. Factual...I cant trust Priests nor Reverends. A quick low down will do, I have read The Bible and The Quran (next to my Feynmann hardbacks). Can someone give me an answer? Everywhere else I ask they keep blocking me/banning me before I get a reply. I am not fake, I am a physicist. My name is Andy. Can someone answer me please?
  6. Hey all, I dont mean to be dramatic... I have a physics background, lets neglect that. My first degree (incomplete) and the next one Applied Physics (was also incomplete, this stuff messed up my world, almost finished). If you guys know the book more than me, can we still enter Heaven if it is suicide? I class myself as a physicist, a very good one too. 12 years of study. I'm not asking that, nor to be told anything else... I am asking can we still pass the doors if we do it to ourselves? Biblical answers only please.
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