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  1. Hitler was a great guy trying to stop the Zionists imposing communism and trying to eradicate the Germans and all white people. Churchill, Roosevelt, Lenin, Trotsky, Einstein, Marx, etc were the nasty masons who didn't want peace. It's the same people doing all these things today. They're lying to us, deceiving us, controlling information and censoring the truth to finally accomplish the NWO. Let's stop using that word, please. Do some research about what I'm saying. Thank u.
  2. Also, the Zionists will try everything they can to "debunk" it. I quoted myself because I couldn't find the way to edit my own post. Is it even possible? Sorry but I'm new here and I'm still trying to figure things out. PS: I can edit this one, so I guess after some time it's not possible anymore.
  3. I wouldn't say "it is ruined" although it's definitely not perfect. I rather get this the way it is than a perfectly filmed Hollywood documentary full of lies and deceit. It deserves to be shared regardless. There are way too many sheep in the world believing MSM and school books.
  4. If we could make a shorter version of this amazing 12h video, we could have all humanity red-pilled on the spot. It tells the truth about what happened in Russia, Europe, Hitler, US, Franco, Mussolini and many other things and people. It's the same assholes behind it all. https://www.bitchute.com/video/s1nPYDj7KBEQ/
  5. Dr Shiva is against Monsanto, GMOs, etc. and he says Kennedy Jr is controlled dissidence. Here's a link so you can see his different videos about it: https://vashiva.com/?s=kennedy+jr
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