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  1. Thanks yes, its a really very sad demise and not pleasant to witness either. I do agree that this is typical of the end stages of Alzheimers and do hope (if that's the correct word) it's nothing more than that. The timing of it is a bit alarming when you see what's going on the world though.
  2. Hi, I've been a long time reader of this forum but I'm not usually a big contributor on these things. I've been following this one with great interest however and wanted to just add something that's happened in my life regarding the vaccine. My girlfriend's mum has been in care suffering with dementia for what must be about five years now. Obviously the condition has got worse over time but she was given the jab around six weeks ago I think. My girlfriend and her sisters were asked about authority for the 'vaccine but never actually told when it was going to happen until it had already been done. Anyway, about two weeks ago we get the call that her mum has taken a turn for the worse, not taking any food or water and is basically not responding to anything at all and for the family to prepare for the end basically. Now, I know alzheimers is a horrible disease that reduces people to a shell in the end but I can't escape the fact she was given the vaccine and then a few weeks later it's looking like she doesn't have much time left. Possibly a coincidence I know. It's obviously hard to discuss this with my Mrs as even though she is open to talking about the problems with this 'vaccine' she is very upset and I don't want to cause any more grief. Sorry for the long first post but keep up the good work everyone!
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