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  1. Chinese lab and vaccine facility almost ready to open in Dundalk, Ireland. First post...sorry, can't figure out how to post links. But google Wuxi + Dundalk and it seems yet another connecting dot in the NWO horrorscape. The plant is massive, the Irish Independent have billed it as a ''factory of the future''. The  IDA (Irish Development Agency) announced in November 2019 that Wuxi were investing in a biolab in Dundalk at a cost of 325 million euro....their first venture in Europe. They were given planning permission the following month---before Covid had ever been heard of....and planning permission here usually drags on for months, if not years.  They have since started building a vaccine factory on the site at an additional cost of 216 million euro. Construction work has continued under lockdown as the work is deemed ''essential''. When spending that amount of money, Wuxi and their backers presumably expect a good return on their investment.  Their CEO, Chris Chen, seems to have links with the Gates foundation. So of course, vaccines have to be pushed to the utmost. (After lurking here for a few months, I thought it was time to join. I haven't seen mention of Wuxi here before. It seems one of the few sites left where there is no censorship. I was recently blocked from an Irish FB site for stating the reasons I would not be taking the vaccine. At least to me, the reasons seemed sensible. Not enough testing and no idea of future outcomes. Plus the fact that pharma companies had been given blanket immunity. And that's reason enough to block me? ) 

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