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  1. Police now provoking crowds in Bristol, mentioned dogs and horses would be used if crowd not dispersed then started shoving crowd with their shields. Calming down a bit but will kick off if they do that again I think. Noticed the officer who started this grinned when someone called him out for not wearing a mask.
  2. police claimed officers had broken bones after the protest last weekend, then backtracked a few days later and admitted that wasn't true
  3. I think some are wearing them to stop themselves being identified.
  4. 100s of protesters currently heading into Bristol city centre, police trying to divert away them away from the central police station, blockades of riot vans in place. I'm not in the centre but live nearby, helicopters currently overhead.
  5. I also don't now know anyone who is against getting the vaccine.
  6. I have had Guillain-Barré like symptoms since being ill last spring, initially acute pain in feet, spreading into legs and into one side of my face at first. Pain was severe in feet and legs for a few months, easing over time. After neurological symptoms were reported as a side effect during COVID-19 vaccine trials I made an informed decision not to have the vaccine and that has only been reinforced by what I have learned since. I would hope this decision is respected if I am ever questioned.
  7. Just noticed today on facebook, sheeple starting to put rainbow frames around their profile pictures that say 'I've had my COVID vaccine', or 'I'll get my COVID vaccine'.
  8. Harris seems much more prominent than any US VP there has been in my lifetime. There has been a lot of reference to Biden & Harris, maybe to prepare people for this just being Harris. There wasn't reference to a Trump & Pence administration or even Obama & Biden. There is very much an impression Biden needs propping up.
  9. With this in mind I asked my friend if she knew which of the vaccines she would have, they just responded to say they didn't know. I got the impression this didn't concern them.
  10. I first heard of David Icke through a close friend a number of years ago. Over the past year it feels that our views have been diverging. This friend had the view COVID-19 was a hoax, they were not going to have the vaccine etc. Now their views about this have changed and they are getting the vaccine as soon as they can and don't want me visiting them until they have the vaccine. We live some distance apart now. Have others had similar experiences?
  11. I have been feeling like I have been subjected to an astral attack for a few years now. I experienced several months of quite severe fatigue last year, feeling of heaviness, pains throughout my body. There are two individuals in particular I feel causing this. I distanced myself from one and felt better then another seemed to take over what the other started, I distanced myself from them as much as I could, felt better briefly, and then the former re-engaged and that really had quite an impact. I took a change of direction in my career a few years ago which put me in a situation where I feel so much negativity, towards me and also in the environment generally, like I have never experienced before. I feel like I have become connected to some really toxic networks which I am trying to move away from but I feel my prospects are quite stifled. I will see a job I seem to be a good fit for, I engage with the contact who seems very positive and I am encouraged to apply. I then get ghosted. How did you overcome your situation? Apologies I am a bit vague in the detail I give, I am just conscious of not giving so much information that I could be identified.
  12. He left hospital this morning and returned to Windsor Castle https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56413762
  13. A few days ago the University of Manchester was criticised for their 'inclusive language advice'. I know that in this sector this language has been 'normal' for some time now. The eyes of the people are just being opened more to the reality of the current situation. What may be perceived as the new normal in many respects is really not that new. We are subject to continuous change, but not always for the better. Some changes might be temporary but will have a lasting effect. Facemask wearing in supermarkets etc. may at some point cease to be mandatory but I am sure there will be some who are so conditioned to wearing these masks that they just won't stop or may keep wearing them as a result of sustained fear.
  14. They even bully their own. A relative of mine was bullied out of the police, it really affected him, he has since had a job which involves driving and lone working.
  15. I think articles such as that this one by the guardian are just scare mongering tactics try to and get more people to take the vaccine.
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