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  1. Recognizing Mind Control If one has been on the receiving end of these kinds of mind or mental intrusions, you have to be able to identify it and thus act accordingly. You can learn to put the pieces of mind placed information together and work out where you are being steered. I have come to learn the signs of being targeted with a synthetic dream for example - there are clear physical sensations you feel upon the nudge to wake. There is the timing of the wake up. Then you can process what was put in your head and be relating it to other things come up with your own hypothesis for the agenda and make your own decisions. At first it is infuriating, but when you accept that you don't have access to the same 'weapons' being pointed at, you tend to cope, and be alert. Don't make any mistakes about my response. Infuriating is a light term to use. I know who the perpetrators are using this technology against me, and they will stick to the shadows because if I get ahold of them, I'll disassemble a microwave oven and fry them with the magnetron and other parts, just so they know. I'd loosen off a cell tower antenna, drop it to the ground and cable tie their heads to it when it is working - just so they know what they are playing with, in the vain hope that they might not do what they would not like being done to themselves - yes, it is that serious. The part that amazes me is that sometimes it is clear that nominees accept a role that is obviously recorded, (in return for), and then that image is transmitted to you by your antagonists. This technology exists, and criminals control it and use it. It is kept secret upon pain of death because it is a good weapon to use. I have also experienced DEW attack, and suffered physically from it....these technologies are very real. The part that astounds me is the myopic mentality of the minions who sign up to their higher ups to use these types of things on others - you could not get a better example of depravity and self depravation. Try learning to recognise it so you can remain true to your own thoughts and actions.
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