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  1. Le Tiss was this weeks guest on James Delingpoles podcast where they discuss players dropping like flies https://odysee.com/@JamesDelingpoleChannel:0/tissier:e
  2. If interested look into Monero, completely untraceable
  3. Wish I had. I’ve been waiting for a visit like this for quite a while and had so many things to say but when it actually happened I basically bottled it. Really taken back by it Definite stasi vibe. Our neighbours have been texting our street WhatsApp group all week telling us to get tested as the pcr test being used is specifically for the delta variant. Made my feelings clear and left the group. Too many do gooders who know fuck all pushing bullshit information.
  4. Just had someone from the council at the door to tell me I’m in a surge testing area and whether I was coming to get tested this week. Told her nicely to do one but when I shut the door she marked something down on her clipboard. Watched her go round a few neighbours and something was noted after every house. Where’s this info going?
  5. I’ve been reporting vaccine adverts from the ukgov official Instagram whenever I see them as misleading. Now had confirmation that 4 of them have been deleted as they violate their ad guidelines. Very surprised. Could’ve chosen a better time to screenshot
  6. Had a similar situation today. My manager, 30 years old had his first jab last week and was ill all over the weekend with symptoms worse than covid. Told him last week he was crazy and I would not be getting it. Held my tongue on our team call this morning but someone later brought up the introduction of vaccine passports and how they would be a good idea to get people back to the office. At this point I couldn't hold it in anymore and accused them of supporting medical tyranny and they looked at me like I was the crazy one. Suffice to say I hope we are never to return to the office if this is what the majority of people seem to think. I don't even want to be around these people anymore, they are completely deranged and brainwashed and I will never look at people the same again.
  7. Saw all the 33 symbology everywhere from the start of this whole scam and started sharing it with my family every day. It's been ramped up massively in the last few weeks, from Boris' speeches and all over the statistics that it's started to get tiresome. To most people it's just a number but to those of us in the know it is a symbol of their control and power. They know we know what it symbolises and I think they get off on that and plaster it everywhere. Even saw a Mcdonalds advert on tv the other day and the house they go into is number 33 :D
  8. This should really help hammer the figures home. The amount of healthy friends I have who have already taken the vaccine will have a shock. Preparing myself for the 'I got it to protect others' bullshit response. Could you please post the link to where this comes from? I see these tables often and want to be able to track them myself too and prove to people they come from a legit source.
  9. This video breaks down a lot of the facts about the vaccine (or non facts in most cases) and I found it a good way of easing people in and provoking thought https://www.bitchute.com/video/AlBKUM3IAm6a/ Edit: Just seen this was already shared. The Yeadon interview below helped me break through to some friends recently and the link below that is a compilation of a lot of different clips regarding the vaccine. https://rumble.com/vg4inv-michael-yeadon-full-interview-planet-lockdown.html https://www.bitchute.com/video/I8rK3oiMF4IB/
  10. Being in an age group that is yet to be offered the jab yet I do fear this in the coming months. My friends and family all know my stance and I have shared more than enough information to make any rational person decline or at least delay their decision. Someone who I have resonated throughout with similar views on everything said to me recently that if it's the only way they can go on holiday they would get it and even mocked the fact that they would be able to go abroad and I wouldn't. I really think this could ruin a lot of relationships and I don't think I will ever be able to look at these people the same again if they back down. Hoping more and more evidence can be shared but I do feel a lot of people are too far gone now.
  11. I reckon the great reset is playing out. completely destroy independent income, roll out universal basic income and bring about total dependence on the state who will then control everything and everyone. As mad as this all sounded a year ago, I really can’t see any other reason for any of this.
  12. just seen this advert on Instagram for fashion nova clothing. Those patterns look a little bit suspect! And the triangle looks like pizza. Also note the 33 comments. I’ve noticed a lot of posts seem to stop at this number until you click on them
  13. The good thing is I’ve been banging on about this for so long that my family are finally starting to take notice. The last threshold to cross is the ‘why would they do this’ which may take a while to explain.
  14. I’ve been telling my parents about the 33 symbology and how it is plastered all over the statistics. Boris just claiming that 33,000 lives have been saved from the vaccine has completely confirmed everything to me and there is little doubt anymore that this is the ultimate psy op
  15. Hi everyone. First post here but I have read pretty much every page of this and the old thread mega thread and it has been a place where I can come and resonate with others throughout the past year. I’ve been so optimistic sharing information with family and friends from the start of this manufactured pandemic. Stuff that any rational human would analyse and realise there is something not quite right going on. From the falsified and impractical pcr test to the way deaths are recorded. As much as they agree with the evidence that you present them, it simply can’t change their perception of the world or current events. People are stuck within their own brainwashed state of consciousness and can’t break free. I blame this obviously on the manipulation of the controlled and censored media and a barrage of psychological warfare that has played out over decades People would rather remain blissfully ignorant than face up to the reality of the world as doing so would invoke a reaction. People are just too lazy to care. I have reached breaking point this week however. I have talked my family through each part of the script, often times months before it has happened and have been told ‘people would never allow that’ and completely dismissed what I have told them. I refer mainly this week to the idea of a vaccine passport which I mentioned to my immediate family was planned back in June if not earlier. At this point I told them the vaccine would be mandatory which a vaccine passport would technically render it. This has been downplayed in media explicitly until this week where chief puppet Boris claimed on tv ‘a lightbulb went off’ in his mind that this could be a way forward. When bringing this up in a bid to start a discussion about the premeditation of this, something I had told them about over half a year prior, I was told ‘well done you are clever’. No discussion on the implications of this and was told ‘there’s no other option really’. The level people are willing to comply simply baffles me. There is nothing more we can do except stay true to our beliefs and our hearts and do all we can to push back on the society the few in control have planned for us. I’m mostly just worried about the upcoming vaccine which at the start my family would say there’s no way they would take it to now saying they would just to resume real life. This has completely changed the way I perceive the people I am closest to and I need a way to get through to them
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