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  1. Hello, my name is Tim, I am 63 years old and live in the upper midwest of the US. Ever since I lost my mother to suicide when I was 13 I realized that all I had been told and taught was utter bullshit, I have been an outcast my entire life. One day I was discussing this with a friend of mine from school, he suggested I read The Biggest Secret. I was traveling to Colorado to visit family and friends in 2000. I had just finished reading about the Denver airport as I touched down at the Denver airport, to say it was an surreal was an understatement, I was completely blown away. Then 911 happened and all of the other subsequent PRS situations, and now the covid hoax. I have watched the US population acquiesce to, and display blind obedience to these fuckers, it has hurt my soul badly, even the people closest to me have succumbed to the lies. Again I feel alone.
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