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  1. Whats the difference between this and the 7k payout a supermarket had to make for 'discriminating' against a disabled person who couldn't wear a mask. Hence why the mask stasi in supermarkets have now gone away... Do a disability case ...get some ka ching
  2. I noticed that before they 'rebranded' the indian variant the 'wokerati' were limiting their use of that term. But since they called it 'delta' they've gone full retard on it. If only the term 'delta' offended some group they could put it back under a stone.
  3. So to summarise what we've said...its a load of bollocks. But repeat the bollocks..then the bollocks become the 'truth'
  4. I know we can all question whether there is a 'bug'..but its good to see a shill like colbert poop himself and twist himself around. Also sometimes comedy is the best way to highlight lies Good jokes about the virus starting miraculously in Wuhan of all places
  5. The data is quite easy to manipulate. One thing that has never been explicit is the number of PCR cycles used in testing. If you want more falsies...then increase the cycles. We know that before the WHO annoncement on Biden inauguration day the default was over 40 cycles..the WHO said it should be less than 30, hence the drop in numbers around the world after jan. Its a scam...if it wasn't they'd make the data on cycles openly available, and in such a 'public health emergency' they would keep blood samples from the 'cases' on ice for future auditing. But ho hum..none of that.
  6. I'd be careful of cummings. He's deep into the transhumanist poopie. He was at the Glaxo Vax factory behind Barnard Castle last March (when he said he was testing his eyes)...he knows the long term plan. His intervention last month re. lockdowns should have been quicker, fed into the narrative that June 21st shouldn' happen. He's now leaking stories over testing...which feeds the 'test more' narrative, which by its very nature will bump up the false positives.... Its also very odd that he is 'allowed' to 'leak' this stuff without approval because anyone who works in govt at the to
  7. I still reckon, that part of the limit on flight travel (afterall private jets have never been busier) is because of the threat of massive numbers of DVT cases (which they can't blame on the rona, as people have passed plenty of tests to get onto planes). You have millions of unfit and overweight plebs (thanks to lockdowns) who have been jabbed with something that increases blood clots, who if allowed to fly on cramped, pressurised tubes are a ticking timebombs for sudden cardiac events. That would be a major red flag to wake people up. (this was alluded to in an article about jabs and flying)
  8. If you look at history, if you look from your own personal experiences. Those with the biggest egos, those who look invincible, look to have it all going their way....suddenly find that it all starts to fall apart. Its only the enlightened ones who endure (look at all those 'richest people in the world' past and present, polticians etc)...they are forgotten about quite quickly, but folks with ideas/ethics/enlightenment go on. We know this thing is a lie. It is not built on truth. Its is perpetuated by liars , it is reinforced by false people. Is that a structure/system that will e
  9. Most 'ethnics' have views in line with the likes of ZubyMusic (twitter)... Look at how brave global brands are with their pride logo's and then look at 'how brave' they are with their logo's in places like the middle east, africa , asia. This wokery stuff is driven by elite white folks and their minions. Black, Brown , Yellow people are just as racist etc as the White folks. If you want to be mask free, go to the 'diverse' areas, you'll get no grief if you don't mask up. Most eastern cultures (and many african ones) drum it into you from birth that 'death' is inevitabl
  10. Speaking as a 'asian' who knows plenty of black folks etc... Those 'celebs' that they pick are basically seen as uncle tom / chumcha (hindi, punjabi, urdu for Spoon) types, the folks don't take notice of them. The only ones who take notice of them are those that equally want to brown-nose. But they use it (lenny henry etc) to climb the ladder. Afterall, they are so 'woke' and drone one about 'empire' and colonisation...but can't run fast enough to collect their OBE, MBEs, Knighthoods, from the system (f me, what hypocrisy that they attach Order of the British Empire to their names then drone o
  11. Wearing a BBC Lanyard in public...
  12. Last thing we should ever do is 'occupy' the BBC building. Thats like doing a full frontal attack that they would just use to feed their narratives (like they did with the capitol hill stuff). Always attack from all sides Its far better to just 'undermine' them, through things like the 'defund' campaign, saville, Alex Belfield, their wokery, their spafffing of money, their links to organisations like Gates Foundation...and how they continue to have a statue at the front of their building made by a infamous nonse (yet they clamour for slave owner statues to be taken down).
  13. Some folks have asked me, how can the few run things without a whistle blower? To that I point to one easy thing. Each week the PM has a private audience with the Queen. Its not minuted and is entirely private. Likewise Queenie's meetings with folks are not minuted (despite being 'head of state). And there you go, you know where the PM gets his orders from every week. Sometimes something so obvious, is there in sight.
  14. this is a good video If you are questioning the 'narrative' then you are questioning the 'big lies', that means you are closer to knowing who 'you' really are. Those you slate you, mock you etc...they don't have any 'roots', they go with the 'waves' of society (MSM etc). If you know who you are, its easier to stand in your 'truth'. Look at some of those who go OTT when discussing the need for more lockdowns etc...how many things do they 'identify' with (Flags, genders, sexualities, wokery etc etc)? But with more labels they still don't know
  15. I wouldn't worry/concern etc about such a thing. Personally, I would welcome such a thing... This body is only temporary, its not even 'mine'. If it got to the point of explicit coercion / explicit demonisation / forced jabbing then that is the 'end point' for the system . Forcing such a thing on people in one hell of a load of dodgy karma to take on (for the folks doing it, encouraging it, enabling it). Will I get dodgy karma from standing by 'truth'...hell no... I'd (you'd )be freed. If this society 'chooses' to go down that path, then fine, folks will have to live with the karmic consequenc
  16. Its a classic 'distraction' tactic that Doris uses. He wears something like that so that you don't focus on what he does. He plays the buffoon but he is very much aware of what he is doing. Its an act
  17. Basic elementary question is this for me. How come the 'Rona' like all 'coronaviruses, like the flu, cold', decided this year to be able to spread in the summer months (in places like India)? No respiratory disease spreads in the warm months (look at the UK last Spring/Summer, once the temp went above 10c then rona did a runner)...but places like india where its 35c + just like last summer, somehow it decides to spread there. If you went to your docs before last year in say July and Aug and said you had the Flu they'd be very very dubious about you
  18. This 'covid ward' thing is hilarious. Years ago I did work in hospitals, and it meant I went around the wards. There was one ward (the Quarantine ward) where you had folks with TB, infectious tropical diseases etc and those with compromised immune systems (cancers like NH lymphoma etc)....and guess what the nurses/docs/tea ladies did not wear masks all day long (they didnt wear masks). They all used this thing called 'symptoms' as the basis of being ill, if no symptoms you were ok. There was sanitiser at the entrance that was it. And guess what, because of staff shortages, nurses and docs sti
  19. I think the shots are injecting people with the 'bomb' so to say....but the 'kill switch' will have to be done in one go, once enough of the plebs have the juice inside them. My hunch is on things like Starlink being used to 'activate' it across the globe in one go. But then again, they've hedged the take 'em out in one go with building bunkers (such as the downing st one being planned) so they could just let something rip that just spreads around the globe from various points over a period of months.
  20. The likes of Doris would not get the Jab, or any high profile politician, Celeb or ROyal. When you consider that you can't even fart near the likes of Doris or Biden without goons jumping on you...their food is pre tested..everywhere they go is pre-screened, their inner circle will no doubt be 'tested' to buggery... Only the morons believe they get the same juice. They wouldn't be given anything 'experimental' unless they were on their deathbed..which this rona isn't. Plus Doris and the whole of downing st had the magic bug..so they'd be immune, if they had it. Everyone who has a m
  21. Had a thought yesterday. You know TPTB love 'rules' , 'definitions' , 'boxes' etc. Well, what is the definition of 'human'? Or Homo Sapien, its not based on features is it (otherwise a waxwork figure of a celeb would be a human)? In the 3D world they inhabit its the DNA sequence (the genome). I.e. DNA Sequence XYZABC123 = Human. Now we know they want to reduce 'human' numbers. But does that necessarily mean killing them? If you alter their DNA, then 'technically' in a 3D view they aren't humans, but a new species, Human type2 so to speak. If you have 50% of a human population jabb
  22. Interesting question to ask. Given that the Wuhan Lab strain is very similar to the Sars V1 that spread 17yrs ago to a few folks, who still have their immunity 17 yrs later. How come everyone who got a 'positive' rona test (afterall they are the 'gold' standard , and they definitely had it, with no symptoms most of the time ) didn't get a magical passport badge thing to say they were immune? Where's the data to say they they were able to get the rona again? (no data anywhere, so they are immune if they 'had' the rona, which was verified by the test). Test Positve = yo
  23. TBH I used to think of them as sheep etc...but now I just pity them. Luckily where I live its quite diverse and the 'diversity' means not much mask compliance in places like Supermarkets and shops. Through fear they've shown their true colours...its a shame, but its meant to be. I'm quite philosophical about things, I watched some Ralph Smart stuff on IG/YT and he made a valid point. Humans chop down millions of trees (playgrounds and homes for wildlife as he puts it), kill billions of animals for food each year in factory production etc....and are we that thick to think that all t
  24. My advice is 'do not engage'. It's a waste of your life-force. If the universe wants them to see the 'truth'...it will happen regardless. The thing with 'ego' is that it always collapses under it's own BS in the end. Don't feed their bollox... its like cancer, it just consumes energy and then kills itself. Let it run its course, and you keep your sanity. Whatever you say to these 'ego' driven folks will even if you have a valid point and win the 'battle', will just make them want to search for some way to get back at you. (eckhaart tolle explains it better
  25. If it comes to 'forced' jabbing...i'm cool with that. In the Karma realm of things, thats one hell of a heavy 'bad' (poor wording) karma load to 'force' someone to do something against their will. Coercion, forcing folks...thats them f'ed and me freed from the cycle of karma. Its just like when they call you names etc...it doesnt hurt you, its hurting them..but they don't see it. Always keep an eye on your 'intention' and the energy you put into your words, deeds and thoughts.
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