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  1. On the commute to work this morning, the traffic was almost back to pre feb 2020 levels (seemed like it anyways). Got me thinking (I may/may not get shot down for this)...but it does seem to be a lot of people in this country. Its the same everywhere really, billions upon billions of folks. Why so many people? 1) Best form of birth control is having a decent standard of living/income (i.e. the West, Japan etc). Statistically, its the best form of contraceptive (being better off), those countries have low birth rates. 2) Unsustainable 'corporate' farming. Which has led to high
  2. Lets be honest about it..if you are doing some 'sinister' stuff..there is no fun to it if you don't give clues to the scheme. The ultimate buzz would be having the clues out there and the plebs not acting on it. Its classic sociopath/pyschopath/ abcxyz-path/ zero empathy mindset/low frequency dweller playbook. In private I'm sure this bunch actually have more 'respect' (i put it loosely) for those who see the scam and are trying to expose it, than those sheeple types who follow their orders blindly. They are what they despise the most, not the so called truthers . ying & yang..
  3. Today whilst in stasi sainsburys I have a thought. I saw the 'oldies' slathering their hands in sanitiser (as if they were about perform surgery), wiping their trolleys etc (despite if the narrative is correct they've most probably had their 2 jabbers). They've had their whole lives conditioned by the media (they still trust it). Us folks a bit younger have grown up with not trusting that media, we get our world view from elsewhere. If you look at the folks who've heard of DI etc (and read their stuff) they are mainly under 50, and moving up the demographic as they age (with new fo
  4. Influencers...whatever that is..in the UK get a minimum £1300 to pimp the satan juice. The leaked email with details is here somewhere...im sure the US has a similar set up. Funny how these 'influencers' all have the same story: 1) Last minute, last appointment available to get the jab (create scarcity mindset) 2) They'll do whatever to make it there on time (make it a thing) 3) They feel fine afterwards (when most feel rough)
  5. Just to add... say you want to die with the jab, enthusiastically. If you are on this forum I'm sure you are of the mindset that 'death' is nothing to fear, its just the start of another chapter..but for the sheeple they have been conditioned to fear it above all.
  6. I've mentioned this before...but when asked if I'll be jabbed I've replied that 'yes, I want to die. I can't stand how this world has become with all the fear, low status folks telling people what to do, mask zombies, sanitiser junkies, freedoms eroded etc. I then mention how 'gene treatments' like this mRNA jab are still being trialled in 'cancer' patients (like they were mentioned 12yrs ago by my dad's consultant when he had blood cancer)...those treatments still aren't out of trial after all this time, because cancer patients (those on deaths door) can sue for damages. Yet, in months this n
  7. A couple of years back I was sitting next to DI on south bank overlooking the river Thames. He was with a friend, who then left. I just let him be, but the vibe's I got from him were that he was a bloke who desperately cares (plus burdened a bit by what he knows). In my head I wished him well and didn't speak to him, as I just wanted to take in the vibe. Ever since that day, I know that what he says is what he believes, and he doesn't say it for his 'own' benefit. If you know the area, its not uncommon to bump into Politicians and media famous types...and when I've taken in their '
  8. For times when I am too tired for the 'face covering' discussions...I use this https://www.ebay.co.uk/b/Scrim-Net-in-Mens-Scarves/52382/bn_7022762751?mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&campid=5337614275&customid=&toolid=10001 Its a Scrim net scarf...wonderful things, you can breath freely (those big holes let the air through nicely, but in my opinion it captures Rona's because Rona19's a massive particle captured by cloth masks, double masking, triple masking , face shields etc ). One other lovely advantage is that it can cover you
  9. The current 'same-ient' (as dr Mike Yeadon puts it) is the Indian one. Its really odd that 'cases' are rising in India because its about 30-45c) across India at the moment and rising. The Rona is a 'respiratory' disease, so to add to it's magical abilities it is the first Coronavirus (flu, cold etc) to ramp up in hot weather. Of course, it has nothing to do with India ramping up its 'satan juice' roll out and increasing it's PCR testing to cover the sides (ahem, the usual scam to increase testing, increase false positives, then say you have more cases). look at the forcast for Delh
  10. 99yr old ..dies on the 9th... strange that
  11. The bit about the 20% who are easily hypnotised, just really sums it up...you see them all over social media (the MSM etc) and they a basically take up more bandwidth than the other 80%. Its all a load of balls
  12. If it looks like 'mass hysteria' then maybe it is mass hysteria ... look at the symptom list of 'mass hysteria' with this covid guff https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass_psychogenic_illness#Common_symptoms Common symptoms[edit] Timothy F. Jones of the Tennessee Department of Health compiles the following symptoms based on their commonality in outbreaks occurring in 1980–1990:[8] Symptom Percent reporting Headache 67 Dizziness or light-headedness 46 Nausea
  13. I keep on hearing jab lovers on social media saying they had their jab and no side effects (i.e. in the days following it)...even though the people I know directly who had it, said they did feel rough, some with extreme fatigue for a few days. But back to the 'jab lovers', they are basing the devil juice being ok/safe after having no 'immediate' side effects.... having known a few people in the past who had 'chemo'...for a day or two after the chemo, they were ok, but then the shit kicked in. This jab is a medium to long term DNA changer...akin to say those who survived Chernobyl s
  14. On my travels, I have noticed the latex glove and mask combo folks are extra miserable looking, from your average maskie...well just by their eyes. I've also noticed that the oldies (who have most probably been jabbed) look quite on the pale side/extra frail from a year ago. Its surprising that, given that they've been confined to their homes, told not be social and to top it off got 2 jabs of the devil juice. All very good for well being no doubt. On the positive side, I've also noticed that the 'virtue signallers' are stuck on the 'novaccinepassport' hashtags...deep down you bet
  15. Its one the odd things I hear...folks say they wear the mask to protect other...its a complete lie, its a crutch for them as they think it will stop them getting the 'rona'... easiest test of this is when they are the only person wearing one...or they wear it when no one is around (i.e. outdoors). Its a sign of a coward
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