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  1. Most of the world is supporting Russia. Not out of any intrinsic love of Putin etc or war...they just realise the 'devil' is the other side and see the hypocrisy. China, India, African states , middle Eastern states and South American states are backing Russia. (Basically everyone shafted in the past/currently by the USA and it's ass bitches) As predicted by many truthers after Rona it was going to end up the 'west' Vs everyone else in some type of conflict
  2. So in WEF world we can see a trend. First: Canada bank accounts etc frozen for plebs/orgs who disobey. Now they've extended that practice to nations, banks and rich folks linked to Russia. So .. Plebs, orgs, people who are currently rich (oligarchs), banks and a nation. Have in the space of a few weeks been 'financially cancelled'. If you can't see the dots and connect them and see that they are doing 'test runs' for their future utopia you need your head wobbled. Just as they collated shed loads of data on the lockdowns ..to make future lockdowns 'better'. They are doing the same with this financial cancelling. It's akin to being in a fight and folks are so blinded that they just see left and right jabs whacking them and don't connect it to the boxer in the middle,
  3. just like this 'demonic' looking radiated one. Personally I found the posters so funny .
  4. Imagine the type of knobber who would want to join this lot? Soy lattes all round The radio ads are even worse...basically what old folks think is cool for the kids ..
  5. The other day a thought came to me. A while back Mr gates said jabs could help reduce the global population by 10 percent. Then if you look at things like mass formation pyschosis and hypnotism there will always be 10 percent of the human population who won't fall for the 'system' narrative (hypnotism). No matter what they try 10 percent of the population won't jabber up. It's a given pretty much. Maybe us jab free ones are at some point going to be the ones who are culled. Afterall they know who we are now. The folks who have been jabbed, with the Satan juice...they are primed for the transhumanism stuff (graphene inside them now, DNA altered to interface with the AI guff). The elites are sticklers for rules ... And 3d humans are humans because of their DNA.. change the DNa..they aren't really humans to them anymore. It doesn't Seem a far fetched inversion to me... The jabs are the gateway to transhumanism ...and the remaining 10 percent are the ones to whack to hit population targets Just a thought and all that.
  6. My biggest concern about the 'truckers' is that they are being used for the big 'agenda'. On the WEF roadmap towards 2030, autonomous vehicles are a major stepping stone. The first stage of this is to automate logistics (truckers). The big stumbling block to this is safety legislation and public uproar about unmanned trucks / cars on the road. However as the last 2yrs have shown, if you can make groups into an enemy or create a situation things can get pushed through very quickly. Look at demonisation of the truckers.. it's the usual suspects who are against them...big tech, the faux wokes on social media..CNNs of the world etc. You will now see the 'push' to have those 'troublesome' truckers replaced by machines, and to get it done quickly. It's so obvious...it's the same 'ol playbook.
  7. The one on your lists of gatekeepers I'd disagree with is tolle. Having read his books he does differ from the other fake gurus , in that he constantly tells you the world is 'insane' as it is ' unconscious'. In his books he repeatedly asks you to observe the unconscious in you. To move from mind (which is controlled by your skewed perception of the world, something icke talks about too), to the observer/ consciousness in the background that is universal to all. That message is the root of all the faiths of the world, and the thing the elites fear the most. Once you move from mind to consiousness then you and humanity with move to the next level. That's quite the red pill revelation to destroy the matrix , something that the likes of sadhguru never emphasise.
  8. 'sadhguru' is a Davos and WEF flunky. In India he is seen as a bit of fraud. Even his name is quite the ego 'sadh' 'guru' has many connotations, (sadh = perfect, pure , true ) and for him to go around saying he is the perfect true blah blah guru is not something true enlightened beings would do. A true guru would be humble to the point they congregate with the lowest of the low (not work their way upwards to the Davos elite ) He rehashes Indian traditions from Hinduism , Buddhism, Sikhism and the abhramic faiths. Folks who are into him tend to be those who treat spirituality as a 'buffet' A true guru would have no issue with human population..their concern would be that each human should attain ' consciousness ' / connection with the source. Each person is a potential flower waiting to bloom... Who would have an issue with billions upon billions of magnificent flowers blooming? It's like saying the universe has too many stars consuming hydrogen blah blah. Guru means someone who takes you from darkness (Gu) to the light (ru). By calling for population control he is doing the inverse of that. Just watch him, he loves being Mr clever cloggs with the audience pandering to his 'knowledge'... He loves it...and that is a warning sign to stay away from him. A true guru would not seek attention...as their own light of consiouness would shine bright enough for you to come to them.
  9. Oh I don't 'want' to take the shot...but I am intrigued in going up against it. If it kills me ho hum diddly doo.... But if it doesn't that's the Trojan implanted in my view ..
  10. In my head I see the shot as agent Smith. I'm not making out like ' I'm the one' ..because we all are 'the one' (which is why they try so hard to make us not discover our real selves). That power is within each of us. This to me is a multidimensional spiritual truth war (I use the word 'war' loosely btw as there is no other in the conscious oneness). But, I've always said I'll take the shot because I want to die to folks who ask me about it. It's the diametric opposite of why the 'normals' are taking it (the lie they believe). Its a different frequency and intention, to put into the system. Isn't that a 'trojan horse' into the system? I'm not really bothered about this 'experience'...I'm waiting for clear coercion and a line of accountability and then most probably I'll take the shot. I (not in an egoic sense) want to put a karma nuke into those behind this, ( coercian etc are major karma no no's ) if that means this experience ends..big deal ..the next one will start. What are other ways to Trojan horse this clown show?
  11. Funny how those banging on about invernectin being a horse dewormer (amongst a plethora of uses) have no qualms about those who've had the clot shot being given prescriptions of drugs like Warfarin after they've been shot, to stop them having heart attacks . You know Warfarin that blood thinner that was first developed as a RAT POISON. The drug they want millions of over 50s on to reduce their risk of heart attacks ... Clown world
  12. West ham don't own the London stadium..they are footy season tenants. It's still owned by that legacy corp thingy . Come on if any stadium was going to be used for shots it's the Olympic stadium after all that illuminati symbolism Olympics shenanigans
  13. The rich can just pay off docs to not give them the shots. There's no way to really tell if you've had it (as the shot still get the Rona and pass it on, if you believe that bs). I think it's an extra layer of bullshido in this whole Rona balls ... Get the jab..you still get the Rona and you get to suffer the side effects too. L
  14. Over the years got tired of people saying X,y,z is controlled or wrong. We should never go down the route of orthodox dogma, as to what is right or wrong. We are then trapped in the same ego games as those trying to stop humanity ascending. We are all different points of awareness within the 'oneness'. It's like having 5 folks looking at a painting , each one would have a different perspective. But we should be cool with each other, not forcing one view on all the others. The current nuttiness will aways collapse in the end (as the Gandhi pic earlier said). Truth is the only thing that doesn't collapse. Truth = oneness/god (in many faiths and paths) . Stay in your truth..and be cool with your fellow points of awareness ( I only realised this after some 'experiences' through meditation, breathing, prayer, nature , when I was just in the 'oneness' , the ego / 'me' went....and realising that behind everyone's 'me' is the same oneness). Never the same again since then .
  15. Those that haven't got 'censored' or 'banned' yet have to play a dance with the likes of youtube. If you look at the comments sections for people like belfield they know the 'real' game.... But we do need more like belfield to allow folks to plant the 'seeds' in people's heads so that they can get the bigger picture I know we'd all like to go back to the days of icke etc on YouTube so more people can see the truth but that ain't gonna happen so we shouldn't be too tough on the 'gateway' acts left on platforms like YouTube . Personally I'm of the view that as long as people are asking folks to question what is going on (whether they are controlled opposition or not) it doesn't matter.. we just need folks to start questioning..once you start that there is no turning back .
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