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  1. I most definitely do not believe in COVID 19! Why would you assume that, i haven't given you any reason to believe i do. I understand the corona virus is real and there are many variations that are no more harmful than the common cold and flue. I think there are many people who know the truth but just jump through the hoops because they need to or where in a position where they felt they had to like myself for personal reasons. Yes it's a violation and yes I'm upset and scared for my health, But i guess if i keep on flooding my body with as much salvestrols as possible and exercising regular whatever carcinogens are in my body will be flushed out and any rough cells with be targeted (: Thank you for replying to my post and for giving me your time and putting the effort in.. I'm sure lots of other people will read this and will take from it positively, Very true about the fact that this swab is probably no different to any other and no more harmful.
  2. After the first few times i found out it was, i was really upset and worried as i take my health seriously and do my best in this world to stay away from harmful toxins ): when I did find out i was carcinogenic, i took precautionary measures. Making the person taking the swab aware i have just had a nose operation and cannot have it all the way down, just inside the nose. Then i would have a good flush. I know your probably thinking I'm an idiot and i deserve to become I'll. But i was emotionally forced to put myself in that situation and have to take the swab out of fear, I'm going through really horrible family issues and i have needed to leave the country out of fear for my safety. I'm not swanning around having holiday trips ect.
  3. Lots of people are being swabbed down the nasal passage and also the throat for PCR tests ect, I'm aware that these swabs are sterilised with " Ethylene oxide" "E.O" is a well known carcinogen. Me and my wife have had the nasal swap and the throat swab a few times now! 7 to 8 times within 12 months period. I'm big on "salvestrols" organic food and I keep a probiotic culture at home "water kefir" I also fast for several within a month every month. But that's doesn't take away the fact Im quite worried and concerned about the damage "E.O" could cause us. Me and my partner gargled a salt and saline solution after the throat swab, And we also used a nasal potty to flush that solution down our nose and more or less out of our mouth. I'm going to encourage my partner to start exercising daily with me, And carry on seeking out and searching for food that contain high-levels of salvestrols. My aim is to counteract and fight against this chemical warfare we are going through. Please brothers and sisters give me some advice and help, Am I doing enough. Does anyone have to take these swabs regularly and if so what methods are they using to counteract this poison, am I being overly dramatic for only having been swabbed maybe 7 or 8 times?
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    No problem at all ✌ &
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    Could you please clarify what you mean in regards to "tickets"? As I'm sure the actual protest itself is free??? "Correct me if I'm wrong" I find the comment ambiguously vague and a little misleading, I'd hate for it to incorrectly deter possible participants.
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