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  1. Many years ago as a young guy I was out Riding my 750 with my Gf on the back...We went on the usual route but this day..We hit a bank of Fog...Come out the other side not thinking much..Gets to where we were going..3 hrs more than it should have taken..We didn't notice until they said...Lunch was over at 1pm..You are close to Dinnner time..We looked at each other checking our Watches..Definatley a 3hr loss some where..Sticks with us to this day...
  2. Ppl have Heart Attacks daily...As much as I don't totally agree with the Injection..I aren't that gullible to think his issue was the vaccine..He headed the ball....That maye have triggered a Brain shut down and heart ..
  3. Exactly why fake an Invasion,..In the immortal words of Nike...Just do it.
  4. Interestingly Dipshit Harry and his 2bit hooker Missus stated they had to come back to the UK...A month later ofcourse...It isn't because Phil is in Hospital and hasn't been seen...Now it doesn't take a bright person to figure out there is a Funeral coming up...All the Illuminati wil be out in Force then..
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