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  1. Do you honestly think we will see another wave or lockdown? Or is this the end
  2. So we are heading back to normal now time to rejoice, no more lockdowns even Boris said it time to stop the fear porn and get on with our lives.
  3. I remember the conversation about predicting the death of this guy.
  4. So what do you think will happen next in the UK? Cases to increase because of kids being tested Another lockdown?
  5. Trump and Biden both wings of the same bird pushing the same end goals. If you haven't worked this out yet then seriously wake up.....
  6. Sp happy days festivals etc being announced everyone is returning to normal right? Or are we in for more lockdowns etc......
  7. So back to normal soon then finally :) What did you predict is the best move? Winter lockdown? Covid-21?
  8. Guys what are predictions for rest of year regarding Covid agenda? Can you foresee more restrictions or lockdowns? Or will Boris keep word and this will be the " Final " lockdown. Where do we go from here? Thoughts?
  9. I see apparently lockdown is lifting around March time. Do you think this will be the final lockdown?
  10. So both my folks received the astrazeneca vaccine 1st dose yesterday if they suddenly keel over you know why. I will update any adverse reactions I said to my dad did she explain any side effects he showed me a brief leaflet explaining the usual sore muscles and fever. I then said I have an 88 page document on deaths etc from the vaccines he looked at me like I was talking nonsense
  11. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/exposed-the-condition-of-a-teenager-after-the-covid-19-vaccination-share_y2fHzuPcWbd5Xoy.html
  12. What about Trump and Epstien they were good pals..... What about the weird comments Trump makes about daughter The guy is one of them I'm telling you a wolve in sheeps clothing.... Didn't a woman come forward and say she was also raped by him and a lawsuit happened?
  13. Why do people think Trump is the saviour? Dems or Repubs are just wings of the same bird freedom and choice are an illusion.... Trump played the part well Qanon nothing but a distraction and look how many idiots fell for it......
  14. Never heard so much nonsense in my life.... Are you for real?
  15. Nothing will happen Stop this deluded Qanon crap and this whole drain the swamp.rubbish Trump is owned and was pals with epstein Democrat or Republican wings of the same bird..... This whole Qanon stuff is nothing but a time sink idiots such as Charlie Ward push to prey on low intelligent idiot's who cannot think critically and are easily swayed and misled........
  16. No 5G isn't going to turn us into Zombies I haven't heard something so nonsensical in my life. Jesus some of the stuff people say on here.
  17. Agreed it's all aload of nonsense same as that Qanon bollocks. I wouldn't trust that Charlie Ward as far as you could throw him. He has the traits and charisma of a used cars salesman.
  18. Going off subject but I saw something harrowing today, On a Q anon group on facebook somebody posted a image of this dude strapped to a table legs all ripped to bits you can see the bone, Dinner plates next to him and people around him eating. This wasn't one of those spirt cooking images at the parties this was real folks and I still can't get the image out of my head..... harrowing stuff I can provide a link to anyone who wants to see it exercise caution.
  19. can anybody get on it to watch? mine keeps bombing out...
  20. The mask and social distancing are a way of breaking down communication...
  21. The hell is going on people! I'm sad to even call myself a human this world has gone...... What is the end game here
  22. That bit about Merkel and Obama absolute nonsense.....
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