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  1. Exactly we are nearly back to some form of normality. People saying stupid shit like the 5G waves are going to transform people into zombies or people are going to start keeling over from the jabs.... 29 million people now have had a 1st dose and are fine they are not sat in a forum creating anxiety and fear with theories or listening to some doctor who isn't even a virologist make wild claims to obtain followers... Amount of videos I have watched on platforms like brand new tube etc thr content is ridiculous dudes making claims spitting facts without backing up.
  2. Or you could just have a pain in chest.... spreading bacterial pneumonia? What is the basis for such claims? I'm sorry but some of the theories on here are beyond idiotic . I bet you listen to tools like Vernon Coleman and Yeadon....
  3. Pfffffft what are you boys worried about they even said by August Covid will be gone in Britian..... Millions have had the death jab and are still getting on with things surely they would be keeling over......
  4. He debunked himself.... Didn't he initially support vaccines? He even went on record to say that a 2nd wave wouldn't happen. He was fired from Pfizier and he wasn't a chief..... Guy is a humpty pushing false narratives which easily led fools get misled and he acquires donations and followers wake up and think critically....
  5. You have to exercise caution whilst navigating this anti Covid narrative. The last few days I have had my eyes opened. Many videos doing the rounds of apparent ex Pfizer chiefs, Medical professionals with apparent relevant knowledge of vaccines. Thing is if you actually watch the videos properly you will see that these people are frauds. They use big words and vocabulary spit facts and never back anything up. You have to ask yourself what is the real agenda here is it to circulate fear and obtain followers? Another thing people are massively ove
  6. There literally is no medicine on earth that hasn't caused adverse reactions. If you to read a leaflet in a paracetamol box properly you wouldn't take the stuff.... infact one of the side effects is death. People like Dr Coleman use big vocabulary to try and amplify the fear, the reality is the man is doing it all for followers.... Why doesn't he argue the opposite views? How many people have successfully received both doses of the vaccine, no issues..... As for the whole shedding thing absolute nonsense on the same level as that 5G narrative.......
  7. So will the UK see another lockdown?
  8. The hidden hand gestures and one eye symbology is related to freemasonry which the higher you go is satanic...... Go on brand new tube and watch the 5 hour documentary on Australia's x factor winner it's amazing blows the lid off freemasonry oaths and everything Isn't David Icke a mason?
  9. You guys seen what's going on in India they are dropping like flies apparently it will be heading our way next.......
  10. Do you think we will see another lockdown? Or are we pretty much back to normal now because of the death juice. Or are alot of people suddenly going to die? From the Gates juice....
  11. Do you honestly think we will see another wave or lockdown? Or is this the end
  12. So we are heading back to normal now time to rejoice, no more lockdowns even Boris said it time to stop the fear porn and get on with our lives.
  13. I remember the conversation about predicting the death of this guy.
  14. So what do you think will happen next in the UK? Cases to increase because of kids being tested Another lockdown?
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