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  1. Agreed never heard so much nonsensical rubbish in my life...
  2. Time to get organised lads and come together we need to arrange a meeting point and supplies. Somebody should really create a separate thread for this ASAP because soon they will kill the Internet.
  3. Bro break this down and explain it properly to noobs..... It's just incoherent ramblings nobody had a clue what you are on about.
  4. Think I'm reaching breaking point I can't take this anymore. No end in sight I can't see light at the end of the tunnel. Just seems this crazy satanic narrative is unstoppable and is attacking us on all levels. Now trying to normalise nonces Enough is is enough we need to make a stand soon
  5. The laser was by somebody in the crowd.. Jesus wept
  6. Wtf did I just read ..
  7. Because the people who attend have to take a test or are vaccinated is the response from the normals you will get. I had a argument earlier online about bringing up vaccine adverse reactions. She was like anything can give you a reaction such as eating peanuts. I was like people are dying from the vaccine... She said millions have had it..... over 50s are more protected and are nonger dying And said the deaths in the non vaccinated compared to vaccinated are higher.
  8. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/satanic-rituals-exposed-at-london-hyde-park-on-26th-june-2021-must-watch_7ydOf7UBJzksZuL.html This is the real pandemic brace lady speaking out Where are all the kids going
  9. Back to normality come the 19th then? Looking that way
  10. If they wanted to kill us off why wouldn't they just stick something in the water supply..... Would be alot quicker and easier.
  11. Agreed 100% Charlie Ward is like a used car dealer.... Spouts so much drivel and nonsense The whole Qanon bullshit. What about the new King John of England? Oh and Trump being saviour MAGA and Nesra or however you spell it Bloke is a clown
  12. So theh are now going to be easing the lockdown on July 19th according to the new health minister matey... What excuse will they use next?
  13. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/uk-woman-goes-undercover-at-vaccine-centre-more-proof-they-know-nothing_mi8LjklovNYI6eO.html Lady undercover at Jab centre questioning doctors
  14. Here is one for you chaps... Now the vaccine is nothing but new firmware to create a HU-man 2.0 it is essentially priming and upgrading humanity. This is a vital step initaly right? Of course we will see casualties because some people just won't be able to cope with the inner transformation it will be to much and as a result the body will either reject or they will keel over. Think of the Likes of Gates and computers, humans are now redundant we have the virus and now will be getting the annual software and firmware updates in the form of jabs..... The long term goal obviously will be to create a superior form of humans which can be controlled by technology. As for the unvaxxed they and those who refuse to participate well it will be survival of the fittest once they u leash a pathogen that targets them.... The human 2.0 is the future Just a batshit crazy theory could be right could be wrong it would make a good film either way
  15. Now you are just being paranoid....... I'm neutral as I said earlier if you paid attention. I'm on the fence I havent had the jab. I'm just trying to get a look at the bigger picture and work out what the end goal here is. I mean if stuff really hits the fan and they pull the plug on the internet shouldn't you guys be formulating plans to unite and come together? I don't see how sitting on a forum posting videos off brand new tube etc will changes things...... You need boots on the ground and a leader
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