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  1. Sorry but I don't think that's correct at all. The reason we can be controlled is that we don't know we're controlled, any correct information we can ascertain about our controllers and their plans for us is beneficial to us and detrimental to them. In fact the whole idea that its a self fulfilling prophecy is exactly what would they want us to think. They want us to think it's our fault and we are bringing suffering on ourselves, that way drawing attention away from them.
  2. Pok-A-Tok was an ancient Mayan ballgame similar to basketball except the hoop was vertically aligned and the use of hands was prohibited. It played a large part in the culture of the people just as sport does in ours today. Although one difference is that in certain big or significant games, some of the players would be sacrificed to the Gods when the game was over, whether it was the losers of the game or the winners (as an honor) is not entirely clear. The game had a further significance in that it features in the creation myth of the Maya: The Popol Vuh. In this myth, two boys journey to the Underworld after their father and uncle were killed by the Gods of the Underworld after losing to them in a match of Pok-A-Tok. The boys fail two tests and the Gods kill the two boys. The boys are then resurrected, come back to the Underworld and manage through trickery of their own, to defeat the Gods, after which they ascend to the heavens and become celestial bodies. I'm reminded now of the movie 'Space Jam', in which professional basketball players have their talent stolen by demons (called 'Monstars'), and must defeat the demons in a match to get their talent back. notice the they all have the same number on their jerseys: the number '0' meaning in this case not nothingness, but reduction, entropy and chaos. The main character, Michael Jordan, considered by many as the 'GOAT' (horny God, Jordan played for the Bulls) of the sport, is sucked underground to (an underworld?) a cartoon universe, in which he must play against the demons. I find the resemblance between the ancient Mayan myth and this horrific piece of mind control uncanny to say the least. In the film Michael is not killed and resurrected, but was he in real life? Is the price for becoming the 'GOAT' having to be killed and your personality inserted into a clone with a superior body that allowed him almost supernatural physical abilities on the court? How many players get cloned? Maybe just a select few, the "elite" players as it were. Many players certainly seem to display very strange behavior akin to mind control subjects. Perhaps some are cloned and others are subjected to trauma based mind control such as this poor fellow Draymond Green who's programming seems to malfunction in this clip: Going back to the Mayan creation myth the Popol Vul and the theme of resurrection after death, well the symbol of resurrection is the Phoenix, and one of the teams in the NBA are called the Phoenix Suns, and they are the only one of Arizona's major professional sports franchises which uses "Phoenix" instead of "Arizona" as their geographical identifier. Is this because of the connection to resurrection or cloning? For the ancient Mayans, the game of Pok-A-Tok also represented the alignment of the Sun with the middle of the galaxy, the ball representing the Sun. modern Basketball seems to have the same idea: It seems many have been converted to a religion of Sun worship without even knowing it. There are many strange coincidences surrounding the death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter leading some to believe that they were ritual sacrifices. perhaps his personality will be put in another body to serve his masters further. just because you died doesn't mean you're free from them. The sacrifice generated an incalculable amount of negative emotional energy for the parasites to feed on, as the news got to hundreds of millions around the world that someone they literally worship as a god has died.
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