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  1. Grumpy Owl Do you have any evidence for this claim of 'it really works'? It was back 28 years ago when I was 10 that I created this flying machine. I flew once about 15km with it and left it in the field I landed in. I have not built one since.
  2. use popsicle stick on outside of bucket tied in middle to stop elastic from going through hole
  3. Basket case I am not sure how serious you are but the last post is easy enough to understand so if you build that you should find it work quite well
  4. best way to attach cup to elastics is to drill 4 holes halfway up and run them through cup
  5. The idea is to let the jerking force of the weight pull you upward
  6. Basket Case It works better if you keep the cup held with two hands and move it up and down
  7. ink Thanks for your consideration. I am here offering my talents. Form now on I'll stick to just that and not explain other related things. So if you wish I am here to talk about my talents. If you wish to talk about other things I'll do that elsewhere
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