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  1. what about the part that none of the rest of the household got sick?
  2. Please tell me a few subjects which you agree with David Icke on?
  3. Once again, you have to resort to insulting those who disagree with the mainstream narrative. No matter how many time you claim Lanka has not disproved measles, it does not make it so, as unlike your claim, there are legal documents which shows that Lanka did indeed disproved measles. So much so that Virology.net has taken down the so called photos of the measles virus. Cowan Is retired and even if as you claimed he was disbarred, that would in no way proved that he was a bad doctor. In fact, it would probably prove the opposite. And please provide evidence to show he was disbarred. Btw, at once time , people like Tesla,and many other famous scientists which are now revered, were laughing stock. People laughing at you does in no way proved you are wrong. At this point, I think it is clear you are a troll, I would guess 77th, cause there is no way someone who disagree with everything Icke and people on this forum stand for would spend this much time arguing with them on the forum of a guy you totally disagree with. No one has that kind of time.
  4. Once again, you demonstrate lack of understanding of what you post. The paper you post is a meta analysis and most of the other paper it quote are actually meta analysis made up, once again, of theories. I want the actual paper, where it is specifically shown that what you claim have been demonstrate in vivo.
  5. BTW, my double vaxxed partner, supposedly got covid a few weeks ago. I nursed her back to health using natural remedies, slept next to her and bathe her. Yet me, my son and my stepson friend, all unvaxxed, never caught this so called dreaded disease despite no social distancing, no mask etc. As i have said many times before, this virus seemed to only affect those who believe in it. I am part of a freedom group in my country, and guess what, none of us has ever gotten this dreaded disease. As for my partner, i am convinced her illness was vaccine injuries.
  6. Make you wonder why this guy is here on this forum when he thinks we are all wrong and anyone who disagree with the official narrative is wrong. hmmm
  7. Indisputable fact? So why are we having this arguments if it is indisputable? BTW, all psychiatrist have to be a medical doctor first. Cowan is also a doctor. As we can see with how many doctor that recommended cigarette and other poison to patients in the past, a license does not means that you are not a quack. As for Lanka, he has more credibility that every virologist that have ever existed. He proves measles did not exist and he has done the control experiment that no virologist do when they claimed to have isolated viruses throughout history. The only guy who did those control experiment once, the father of modern vaccine, himself admit that the control proved that you did not need a virus to cause the samples to show the same cytopathic effect associate with viruses. So technically, he disproved virology even then in the 50's
  8. Again, no one has found any viruses at any site. Viruses does not exist and thus cannot be found. Remember that all of the samples use for the test where in vitro. And PCR is a surrogate test. And of course, despite what the media like to claim, it is not the gold standard for covid as it was never tested against real covid cases to see how many times it made the correct analysis before it was used. The gold standard for covid, if it did exist, would be how many people got sick from covid after being diagnosed with the disease. That of course, was never done
  9. Care to provide the paper where viruses where seen attaching themselves to exosomes?
  10. so much blah. And like Eurosurvellance was ever going to condemn its own practice. Only a very gullible person would believe that Eurosurveillance answer would ever be different. If they did so they would be condemning themselves and angering their paymasters. Hell, virologist themselves does not understand virology as it is a completely fictitious science built on in vitro processes and computer generated models.
  11. I rather not use the word virus at all. After all an exosome is not a virus but an exosomes. So lets use the correct term. Virus meant poison initially and while they keep changing its definition and properties all the time to fit the ridiculous germ theory it does not change the fact that there is no such thing as a virus.
  12. Do not say in scientific term. Only in virology does isolation not mean isolation. In all other science, such as biology, isolation means to separate something from everything else. Geoffb is wrong to say that viruses exist since to this day no one have been able to show proof that such a thing exist as a thing outside of a computer program. The criticism of corman-drosten et al was made by scientists and to this day have not been debunked. There is no such thing as a scientific community.
  13. i agree 100 percent here. But i do not like using the word virus as a substitute for exosomes because to most people they think that virus is a pathogenic germ. But i fully agree with you that we are far more than physical bodies. We are indeed spirit and resonance play a big part in our existence
  14. I am going to be contrarian here. There has never been any evidence that virus exist. Nor is there any evidence that the immune system as proposed exist. Germ theory is complete nonsense.
  15. seems he forget that millions of doctors and scientists also once said smoking tobacco was good for you and that mercury and DDT was safe
  16. well if you have read icke books then you should already have a good idea what is making people sick
  17. There is no virus. In fact, there is no such thing as viruses. And even if there was a virus, there is no scientific proof that viruses can make you sick or can be transmitted. Infection is a myth. Why would the perps release a virus with a 99percent survival rate?
  18. you are definitely right. Also remember that Polio is not one disease but a plethora of conditions which they now give different name to. I would recommend the book what make you ill by Dawn lester/david parker for more on the subject
  19. agreed. These guys need to do a better job at breaking it down for the layman.
  20. Maybe because before 2020 nobody would bother telling everyone who is listening that they have had a flu. And do not underestimate the nocebo effect of a year of media fear porn
  21. yes. go there and see for yourself https://www.fluoridefreepeel.ca/fois-reveal-that-health-science-institutions-around-the-world-have-no-record-of-sars-cov-2-isolation-purification/
  22. could not have said it better. for those looking for a deeper insight into this check out the work of Clint Richardson at https://realitybloger.wordpress.com. The guy is relatively obscure.
  23. We are not on the same side. To win this we have to show people that the very foundation of this scam, that is the virus, does not exist. Because once we do that the fear of an invisible enemy is gone and those peddling the fear will no longer have power over the people. We need to destroy that fear and the only way to do so is for people to see that there is no invisible virus out there trying to get them. Else they will keep coming up with new viruses/variant ad infinitum. However i have said my peace on this matter and will move on.
  24. if you are bothered why do you keep answering? Just admit that you do not have the answers to those question and move on. And this is what I am going to do. Move on. You are not going to ever be able to convinced me that virus exist and clearly I will not convince you. So it is a waste of time to argue.
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