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  1. Real scientists with knowledge of virology? There are no real scientist when it comes to virology as it is a completely made up science with no actuality in reality. No one, in the 150 years of germ theory, has ever shown any scientific proof that a so called virus exist in a living being as the only means to look at that phantasm is through the electron microscope, which can only look at dead things. No one has ever shown that virus exist outside of a cell culture in a lab as the only way to look at virus is through an electron microscope which can only look at dead thing. No one has ever shown that a virus can leave a host and enter another host as the only way to look at virus is in cell culture through an electron microscope which can only look at dead thing. No one has ever shown a virus in vivo as the only way to supposedly see virus is through and electron microscope which can only look at dead thing in cell culture, not living processes and certainly nothing within a living being. How would they even be able to rip Lanka Control experiment to shred when they themselves do not do control for their experiment. In 150 years, every time scientist have tried to infect someone with a virus they have failed. I posted all the link to those failed experiment above which i noticed you conveniently refuse to comment on. Just as you seem unwilling to answer the question on how a non-living piece of materials with no agency of its own can seek and invade cells and hijack them and forced them to reproduced
  2. Nope. That was only one of the reason. FFS, I have posted the actual court document in english which anyone can read and you still carrying on with that MSM lie?
  3. He will not be able to do so as most of the covid papers had no control.
  4. no doubt. I am thinking of starting a topic specifically on Terrain theory but i hope grumpy owl can guide me if it is a good idea or better to just post my research in existing thread about the non reality of virus.
  5. I also noticed that you have not commented on how a non-living piece of materials with no agency of its own can seek and invade cells and hijack them and forced them to reproduced.
  6. No virology would questioned the existence of virus because it would mean their whole career was a lie. It is not the same with climatologist because no one is claiming climate does not exist. A climatologist who claimed that climate change is not caused by human activities would still have the rest of the feild of climatology to work in while if a virologist claimed virus does not exist then he/she has to find another job or admit his/her lifework was a lie. Two completely different situation.
  7. You got to be having me on. Of course, if they give those answers to Engelbrecht it means they admitting the limitations found in their papers. They admitting they did not purified any virus. DUH. Of course there was error in their papers, they did not purified the virus and they admitted to it. So why have all those papers not been retracted? And the second part of your answer is pure scientism. You believe that scientists are godlike being and thus verifying what they claimed is totally unnecessary. Only religious fanatic act like this. Of course, you should verified what they claimed before believing them. The fact that papers pushing the covid narrative have not been retracted by the deeply corrupted medical system should be of no surprise.
  8. The CCP and Iran leadership are both owned by the globalist death cult. Mao was a Rockefeller goffer. All you see is political theatre. It is funny to me how people do not trust the CCP about anything and yet trust them when they said they have discovered a new virus. Does people here seriously believe that the ultra secretive and authoritarian Chinese government would have revealed to the world that it has discovered a new virus in Wuhan? Come on, no one here should be that naive
  9. I have been telling you that he/she is displaying classic gatekeeping behaviour. To the point of claiming he agree with 99percent of what Icke says but yet unable to state clearly what he agrees with icke about. I have asked him that question a number of time and he never give a straight answer. For example, in my case, i have no qualm in stating clearly that the royal family are indeed reptilian, or at very least, possessed by reptilian spirit.
  10. Addressed the point in my post, I did not mentioned Lanka at all there. Why are the virologist themselves admitting that they did not follow proper procedure to prove that sarscov2 exist and that it is the cause of a disease. Again, where are the literally tens of thousand of scientific papers that confirm the original finding. The fact that you yourself have not read tens of thousands of papers about sarscov2 isolation shows again that you are just parroting and have no idea if that is so.
  11. Na Zhu et al. (NEJM): “[We show] an image of sedimented virus particles, not purified ones” Wan Beom Park et al. (Journal of Korean Medical Science): “We did not obtain an electron micrograph showing the degree of purification” Myung-Guk Han et al. (Osong Public Health and Research Perspectives): “We could not estimate the degree of purification because we do not purify and concentrate the virus cultured in cells Leo L. M. Poon; Malik Peiris (Nature Medicine): “The image is the virus budding from an infected cell. It is not purified virus Sharon R. Lewin et al. (The Medical Journal of Australia): ““The nucleic acid extraction was performed on isolate material recovered from infected cells. This material was not centrifuged, so was not purified through sucrose gradient to have a density band as such. The EM images were obtained directly from cell culture material All these quotes come from the first papers that claimed to have discovered the sarscov2. Even the virologist themselves are admitting that their processes for discovering the virus, were at the very least, incomplete.
  12. And his constant use of the word thousands, millions and everyone. No way anyone knows what the thousand of retired scientists think since most of them are not even talking about this issue. Plenty of people go through life doing works that they do not believe in just for a pay check.
  13. BTW, Rapapport precede cowan and Kaufmann with the no virus idea. In fact, those two guys are newcomers to this idea. I also noticed that you have not commented on how a non-living piece of materials with no agency of its own can seek and invade cells and hijack them and forced them to reproduced.
  14. Unlike the scientist who are paragon of virtue and would never lie for the benefit of their paymasters. As I have said before, your dismissal and constant insult of anyone who do not kowtow to Rockerfeller' medecine/psuedoscience says a lot. Like people like Icke and Rappaport are just going to based their belief in the nonreality of virus around just Cowan and Kaufmann. Like those guys are not going to do further research for themselves.
  15. So show the control done for the thousands other papers.
  16. so you admitting there was no control done for Zhou et al? But you just said that control is always done in virology. And why were they rushing when at the time of Zhou's paper there were very few cases of the so called convid virus? There were no emergency. More character assassination of Lanka from the shill
  17. I know exactly where you got that wall of text from. Do you ever post anything that is your own opinion or based on your own research? Bot like behaviour. And what exactly is a proper scientist. Is it someone who work at the behest of big pharma? Is it someone taking grant money from Bill gates and the likes? So are we saying now that virus can be infected by bacteria? How does that even work? And how is fetal cow serum or dye benign. Now about the controls for the zhou et al paper since you said they are always done
  18. If you are not lying maybe you can show me the control in Zhou et al paper, or where that paper that started it all was replicated
  19. Either you are intentionally lying or ignorant. Either way not a good look. You know very well that most of virus experiment have no control and the paper which started this whole scam, Zhou et al, had no control. Go and read it and see for yourself. The peer reviewed system is broken and is flooded with Big pharma money to make sure only the papers that support their narrative make it trough. We can clearly see this with the Eurosurveillance paper from Drosten et al. As for replication, you know very well that this is almost an extinct concept, particularly with virology. No one replicated zhou et al or any of the papers used to push the covid scamdemic. I have already post the video where Lanka showed his experiment. I cannot help if you chose to ignore it. Funny that you seems to have such a low opinion of the alternatives media. I've sussed you out. I have been member of a lot of alternatives media forum over the years such ATS,Godlike production, the old icke forum, September clues etc and your type are always easy to spot. Claimed to a conspiracy researcher but used all the insults/techniques of those who spent their times discrediting alternatives theories. I see you
  20. I know. But i see this more as a public service. My hope is those on this forum who still subscribed to the germ theory will read this debate and come away at least with the interest to explore more on the subject of germ theory vs terrain model
  21. just to show you the level of ridiculousness that virology engage in. So this non living piece of protein, with no agency of its own, somehow is able to infect a person, enter the person and track down the cells it needs, among the billions of cells in our body, and attached itself to it. Then it enter the cell, basically kidnapped the cell function, and start replicating. How a non living thing have the instinct for survival is never explained. It is like a woman saying that she was attacked by a piece of rock who then rape her and made her pregnant making her give birth to Rock jnr. The same virologist who claimed that viruses are non living also claimed that vaccine contained an attenuated or a killed virus. I wonder how you killed something that is non living?
  22. So you saying those scientists lied and here are some of the papers: Measles Virus: A Summary of Experiments Concerned with Isolation, Properties, and Behavior – 1947. https://ajph.aphapublications.org/doi/pdf/10.2105/AJPH.47.3.275. Propagation in Tissue Cultures of Cytopathogenic Agents from Patients with Measles – 1945. https://pubmedinfo.files.wordpress.com/2017/01/propagation-in-tissue-cultures-of-cytopathogenic-agents-from-patients-with-measles.pdf. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/article-abstract/221687. https://www.jstor.org/stable/30082102? . https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/19869857/ https://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/102609951. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/19869857/. https://academic.oup.com/…/article…/34/4/400/832936…. And about the past, should we discredit thing like germ theory and gravity because they were discovered in the past? You do realized that every so called viruses supposedly discovered were discovered in the past. Should we discredit all of that because they come from the past?
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