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  1. people need to realize that the police were never on our side to begin with and are not even needed in a free world. They are here to serve and protect the authority, not you. Think about all the culture that existed throughout history without ever needing a police force. Hell, there are even remote/nomadic people right now who lives their lives just fine without a police force
  2. I agree with pretty much all you said but disagreed with the part where you say this is about money and nothing much else. They have more money that they will ever need. This is about control and feeding off our misery.
  3. As I have said, until you read the paper there is nothing to talk about. Now about those contagion experiment?
  4. did you read the papers. Until you do i will ignore your conclusion since you are talking out your arse. BTW, any comment on those experiment where they tried to proved contagion and failed? I have noticed that you have ignore that little nugget
  5. Brilliant. Always love the original song and this is hillarious
  6. More lies on your part. The judge listened to what the pseudo expert told him and even then the pseudo expert admit there was problem with the processes used for the virus, particularly the lack of control. RKI claimed they have done the control but refused to hand over their documents. You can go to virology.net and check for yourself. Are you scare to do so cause it might destroyed your worldview? I have read the papers submitted by Bardens, one even came from a science book ffs. And as expected , none of the papers actually showed any proof that measles exist. I suggest you go and read those papers for yourself.
  7. Although Louis Pasteur and Edward Jenner developed the first vaccines to protect against viral infections, they did not know that viruses existed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_virology Think about the ridiculousness of that statement. So they developed a cure for something they did not know exist. Add to the fact that vaccine are supposed to include the virus in its concoctions. How did they know there was virus in their witch brew if they did not even know that viruses exist. And people wonder why I call virology pseudoscience
  8. Nope. The court found in favour of Lanka on this technicality because they refused to go further and have his control experiment done. They knew that if they did it would have destroyed virology and of course they could not have that. Even the expert, which we must remembered is part of the system and would be out of a job if he admit that virus did not exist, admitted there was issue with the measles virus, as point 117 made clear. But of course, he would not go any further or would have to admit his field was pseudoscience. Virology.net certainly took the decision seriously as they promptly remove the picture of measles from their database and replaced it with Not Applicable. You can go there and see for yourself.
  9. so according to you he does not need to right, because everyone knows what a control experiment is
  10. What else can he do, outside of emoji he has no leg to stand on. These people lives their lives in constant terror of invisible enemies. It is easier to blame all your ills on some innocent microorganism instead of making real change in your life and taking control of your health.
  11. Exactly. The spiritual distortion which they call their God is terrified of not being in control, And of course, it knows that you cannot control spirit in awareness of itself. So it is, through it death cult minions, desperately trying to find a way to subdue us. It does not realized in its madness, for that what it is, that this is impossible, They do not call it the blind god for nothing. I see the same things in so many so called scientists who are desperate to try to boil down everything into a scientism experiment. For some reasons, it seems to give them some comfort against the unknown while i welcome the unknown
  12. Yep, Like Pasteur sawing live dog skull and using prisoners for his experiment. Or Jenner and Salk boasting about the amount of animals they killed in their experiment. Psychopaths
  13. Once again with your millions of scientist. I doubt very much there are a million virologist on earth. In vivo, bacteria exist in us. So how the hell can you claim an experiment which represent real life does not include the ubiquitous bacteria? And yes, all those virologist are lying or just following their programming from Rockerfeller's medecine. So you saying that Lanka does not need to explained every single details of his experiments. Once again, contradicting what you said earlier.
  14. Yeah, i read an article about how they harvested the fetuses. Sickening
  15. it is a religion now for them. They have tied their fate/faith to it and they will rather drown with it .Too much scientism kool aid.
  16. Exactly, so you are arguing against something which you have no clue what it is about. FFS, do some research before you spout cow dung
  17. You have in no way prove me wrong. Someone saying they did control and actually doing a control is two totally different thing. You have yet to show me a paper on sarscov2 were a control was done. Because if a control was done then the paper should be able to explained what that process was. Else it is not a control. So then you have no idea how the control was done and yet here you are claiming it was a control. How do you know what was in there if you yourself admit to not knowing what was in there? You are rambling and contradicting yourself. BTW, The job of antibiotic is to kill life. The word literally means against life. How can you claim that antibiotics will not have an adverse effect on cells? Ridiculous.
  18. Nope, No one in Terrain theory think that germ does not exist. In fact, Bechamps spend his whole live studying germ life cycles. You really have no idea what you talking about do you? And are you done with me or not. Cause i am a bit confused about that as one minute you say you are done with me and then the next minutes you are still commenting on my posts
  19. The judge knew nothing about viruses, that is why he appointed a so called expert. Do keep up.
  20. What viruses take hold in the cases of diabetes and heart attack?
  21. You just said that terrain have been debunked. That would mean that lifestyle does not adversely affect us. Because that is the crux of Terrain theory.
  22. So the poison we put in our bodies does not affect us? How do you explain the prevalent of lifestyle diseases then? How do you explain why doctors and nutritionist and even WHO, encourage people to live healthy lifestyle. Are they all singing off a debunked hymn sheet?
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