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  1. I want that to happen too. Would it not be glorious if we do indeed rid ourselves of those parasite. Can you imagine what a paradise this earth would be. By starting a parallel society, we hope it will be the first step to show people what we can be without the tyranny of the death cult.
  2. The US constitutions were written for the landowners. As are all constitutions. The landowners are the global cult. Whatever rights you find in those constitution are not for the people. Of course, they had to pay lip services to our rights in the past but we are quickly reaching a point where they will not have to bother. Common law will not save us if we have no power to enforce it. The people with the gun do not have to respect the law as I saw and experience first hand in my own homeland. I know a lot of people here are hoping for a mass awakening of the people. It may happen, but it might also not happen. So in a sense i am not putting all my eggs in that basket. If it happen then good but if not we must be ready to stand our ground and if need be die for our convictions. That is how i see it.
  3. I do not need luck. As I have said, the die will fall where they may. We might succeed, we might fail in this endeavour, but one thing I know is that whatever happened, I will leave this earth with my soul intact and my spirit free.
  4. A drowning man will many times tried to drag his saviour down with him. David icke does explained it in great details in many of his books.
  5. I am part of the global uprising. The global uprisers are in the minority and the only uprising we are doing is trying to check ourselves out of the system and built our own.
  6. everywhere is the same. I live for 43 years under a dictatorship and understand this better than most
  7. who was going to pull them in jail when they created the system in the first place. They owned the so called justice system. The only way they go to jail is by a global people uprising.
  8. I do not only care for myself, but neither am I naïve and think that most people are going to wake up to this until it is too late. I am preparing for the coming storm with like minded individuals. Been at it for 20 years, not going to waste anymore time on sheeple.
  9. I am not looking for success anymore. Let's the die fall where it may. I am not wasting energy on those who refuse to see. That is their issue, not mine
  10. Above all else the globalist care about control. And a healthy Africa would not allow them to strip mined it of all its resources. They need dependant and poor people to more easily steal their resources.
  11. Pretty much all of the conditions/diseases you mentioned were on the decline by the time vaccines came along. Polio is still very common in the world, it is just called other name such as acute flaccid paralysis. It is one of their technique, changed the name of diseases to pretend that vaccine has work to eradicate such diseases. Improvement in sanitation/hygiene has had more impact on some of those conditions, which were the result of toxic build-up anyway, than vaccine ever did. We should be thanking plumber far more than vaccine for the reduction in death rate. The question we should be asking is what was in all those vaccine since we now know that viruses do not exist.
  12. i do that too and have had some limited success. But for every 1 success we have far more people who simple are too indoctrinated and enjoying the fear porn to even listen. I understand wanting to help but at some point we have to give up on some of those people and start thinking of what we as the awaken are going to do about this. More may joined us as we go along but we cannot wait for them to wake up.
  13. I think the whole life expectancy being longer is misrepresented. outside of people living in cities during the industrial revolution there is little evidence that people lives longer lives than in the past. The only change is the significant reduction in infant mortality but I do agree with your point that our quality of lives is not great nowadays particularly as we aged. We are most definitely unhealthier.
  14. You think i do? What gives you that idea? I have been a part of a freedom cell in my country which is pushing to educate people about the scamdemic. In fact, i have been banned so many times on FB/Twatter since early 2020. But i am also a realist and knows that the vast majority of people will never join us, even if they were told the truth. The indoctrination and fear is strong
  15. Luc Montagnier himself admit he never purified the virus so I do not know where you get the idea that HIV was ever isolated. Maybe you can show me his paper as he never published one. Viruses does not exist, as for flat earth, I have no idea as I have never been to space. But I see what you were trying to do by associating the fact that virology is pseudoscience with the idea of flat earth to try to discredit the former argument. Transparent.
  16. and yet the sheeple do not see it.
  17. unite with people who see you as sub human if you refuse to vaccinate? They do not want to unite with us. In fact, they would be first in line to stone us. It is naïve to believe that covid cultist would ever want to unite with us.
  18. I would encourage you to do so if you do not want to pay alimony, but not for catching a non-existent disease
  19. And the lady on the Waikato blog is a vaccine pusher. I thought you were against those, at least for covid.
  20. in went and read the article and as expected it was a hatchet job on Bailey herself rather than her argument, as many pointed out in the comment section. They even challenged her to get in contact with Bailey and she refused. Her argument basically boil down to that Dr Bailey is trying to sell a book. Basically, like you, she believe we should ignore anyone who has a product to sell. Like most scientific institutions and scientists and pharmaceutical companies.
  21. There is no such thing as modern virology, except for in silico/in vitro pseudoscience. What laws was broken by Bailey? So your argument should be we should ignore everyone who has a book or products to sell, like David icke?
  22. There is no proof of a HIV virus. None at all
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