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  1. The letter were worded just fine. When you claim to have discover something, then you must be able to show what you have discovered individually as a thing. If not, then this thing cannot exist. Simple.
  2. You like saying the layman would not understand. Why do you think that? I am a layman and i understand what they are saying. It is pseudoscience nonsense of course. In the very first paragraph they admit they did not identified a genomic sequence, but constructed one in silico. They said that they generated sequence, not discovered or identified them. They admitting they made it up and yet you still think we are dealing with real things? Also at no point did they explain how they were able to separate the virus from the rest of the soup it was cultured in. So once again, they have no idea if their gene sequence comes from a cells or was a lab artifacts creation. Once again, read Harold Hillman and you will get a better understanding of how lab processes are responsible for creating all the artifacts that they then turn around and claimed to be viruses. BTW, bats were not sold at the Wuhan market.
  3. Please provide the scientific evidence that his product does not do what he claim they do. The irony of calling someone a snake oil salesman when you believe in virology.
  4. I like this. But geoff will only answer you with a wall of text of technical jargon which he himself does not understand.
  5. Incredible to me that your source is this malicious hit piece. Shame on you. Ad hominem and strawman is the last refuge of trolls. I understand now why offguardian called you a troll. As for his product range, I have no problem with it. People are free to make the choice whether to buy his product or not. What exactly is your issue with water filters and seminars?
  6. exactly, he does not realized that if the world realized there is no virus and thus there is nothing to fear and no need for vaccine or social distancing, lockdown and mask mandate then this whole scam collapse and the human race will be free from the great reset.
  7. so everyone who write a book is making money from the gullible? Are virology books making money from the gullible? Once again, all of his works is available free to read on his website.
  8. It is an FOI. How can a freedom of information request be fake news? FFS. If viruses can only be proven to exist by gene sequencing then what about the viruses supposedly discovered by the likes of Enders well before the invention of gene sequencing technologies in the 1970's? How were they proven to exist? Virologist have long ago claimed they can isolate viruses. When challenged for proof they suddenly turn around and say they cannot isolate virus. Viruses are not only evident when they attack a cell according to virology. They supposedly exist as virions too. You defending something which you yourself does not understand
  9. so if it cannot be isolated how is it placed in a gene sequencing machine? I have read how it is done. It is not complicated for the layman. It is complete hogwash science fiction. Once again, stop just spouting the Rockefeller's nonsense. Use your mind. How can you sequence the gene of something that you cannot separate from a cell? How the hell you know where the cells ends and the virus begin? Think, it ain't illegal yet. THERE IS NO VIRUS.
  10. The same as every other virologist. Imaginary. Your constant appeal to authorities is sad. So typical of sheeple. They want others to tell them what to do. You have a mind. Use it. Stop relying on authorities to tell you what is true or not. sheesh
  11. Viruses existence has never been scientifically proven. You saying it is does not make it so. Until someone can isolate a virus by itself and show it to be the cause of the diseases associated with it then viruses does not exist. So you are admitting that some virologist are lying and misleading the world. And yet you trust them? It would be far easier if everyone knew that viruses does not exist and there is nothing to fear. Once the fear of the imaginary enemy goes then Big Pharma control is gone. Never seen anyone contradict themselves as much as you. You are up there with Fauci and WHO when it comes to contradicting yourself. Pitiful
  12. In my country, Seychelles, the death and serious illness started only after the vaccination program was rolled out. Coincidence?
  13. The guy keep contradicting himself. He trust virologist but at the same times think they are lying
  14. so you are admitting that virologists are lying? And yet you still believe in them? Cognitive dissonance
  15. Why would I need to do that? I could care less if no virologist believe in the terrain model. My belief in the Terrain model is not based on what people who work with imaginary thing aka virologist think. It is borne of my two decade plus of research and observation.
  16. So they do use microscope. You keep posting stuff that you clearly have no understanding of. You have not explained how they can find the genomic sequence of something they have not isolated. Please explain
  17. Please explain how they can sequence the gene of the virus without first visualizing it with EM microscopy. I have read every papers which has claimed to have isolated sarscov2, many times over, and every single one has use electron microscopy to visualised the so called virus. Stop making shit up. It is embarassing
  18. You also realized that anything more than 99.99 is a 100 right. And since lanka is a virologist that disagree then there cannot be more than 99.99 percent in support of the virus myth. Duh
  19. So because no retired virologist have come out and said this then you assumed they all must agree with the virus myth? You realized how silly an argument that is?
  20. So you bassically saying that we are able to know the genomic sequence of a virus without first isolating it? Do you realized how stupid that is? It is like saying that we know santa claus exist because we found some present under the tree at Christmas. You cannot have the genome of something until you prove that this something exist. And the only way to prove the existence of a virus is by isolating it. Sheesh. You post shit without ever bothering to understanding what you are posting.
  21. exactly, He think that when he post a reference we are not going to check it out.
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