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  1. I was watching the Loki tv series this weekend and noticed how the top variant police officer in the series was named B-15, a very similar designation as the omnicron covid variant whose name is B.1.1.529. For those who understand numerology they will understand that these thing are not coincidental and they are basically laughing at the sheeple with the symbolism
  2. i understand where you coming from. But why do you think that cold like illnesses are contagious? I can show you myriad of studies done to try to prove contagion that prove the opposite. Including the infamous spanish flu and other so called contagious diseases. A person can be as dirty as he wants to be, but if viruses do not exist, and they do not, and bacteria are not pathogenic, and they are not, they simply cannot give you any diseases. Else, like i have said before, we would be sick all the time, especially medics.
  3. How many times in a house does one person get a cold and no one else get it too. Think about it, people in the same household are exposed to the same toxins in their environment so that can easily explained why a few person in a household might get sick, although it is not as common as thought, it is just that people remember the time they all got sick together and not the time they did not. After all, viruses are supposed to have incubation period and thus people should not be sick the next day after expose to a sick person. If disease was contagious we should be constantly sick and doctors and nurses should be sick all the time. Every time science have tried to prove disease contagion they have actually proved the opposite. That you cannot catch illness from someone else just like you cannot catch health from someone else. It is all about the terrain.
  4. I would like some examples of those great die off due to viruses and bacteria.
  5. Have you ever seen large number of wild dogs and cougars died off at one time from rabies? There is no actual evidence that the antelopes died from any bacteria. The bacteria initially blamed was found to be a common bacteria in the antelopes so how did it not kill them all this time. Why would it abruptly start killing them and then abruptly stop killing them? To this day no one have been able to explained how the animals died. I would think they were probably exposed to to some toxins.
  6. you cannot catch disease from someone else. Think about it, if viruses exist and is infectious and pathogenic, why is there no pandemic in wild animal? They have no vaccine, no doctor, no pills, no antibiotics etc and yet there is never a great die off of any type of wild animals.
  7. A lot of disinfo about smallpox. Only 30 percent of the global population ever got the smallpox vaccine so clearly it was not eradicated by vaccine. There is no scientific proof of a smallpox pathogenic virus. None at all.
  8. The vaccinated must feel like a bunch of wankers
  9. at this point, why would any unvaccinated people respect the lockdown anyway?
  10. You are assuming that predation would continue or even be necessary without the influence of the spider.
  11. To be fair, we already have this now, and worse.
  12. i believe he is correct. I think there are literal pan dimensional being of reptilian origin exerting control on the globalist death cult.
  13. Will do so. But tomorrow as I am off to bed now. Goodnight and let truth guide us in our endeavour
  14. At this point I could care less what you have to say. I am engaged in another interesting thread and will not be wasting any more time with your claptrap. Goodbye and good luck
  15. I was just wondering about it because you mentioned people contributing equally for a project. But I will tabled this for later. Maybe I got a little bit ahead of myself
  16. I was thinking about having a telegram group to expand the potential audience. It is obvious that there are not enough people on here to get enough input. I do not want this to end with ideas from three or four guys. We need a wider canvas and more diverse views
  17. I really like this idea. Although we need to define what the money system would actually be in such a situation. It certainly cannot be the current one with banks. I see no reason for the existence of banks in the modern sense
  18. It will happened anyway, just globally if we do not do anything. Maybe not as spectacularly as Waco but more slowly and barely perceptible to most until it is their turn. I am a realist in some way. People will not joined a movement unless they see it being actioned in reality. Look at the covid protest as an example. At the start it was just a few people, now there tens of thousand. When Icke started out, he had to cancel event else he would talk to himself. Look at him now. Had he waited for the crowd to come before plunging headlong into this he would still be waiting. Many have had this awakening process and then kept their heads down. You probably have never heard of those people.
  19. I say when it comes to science we need to start from zero. The whole things is a mess and now nothing more than another propaganda arm of the death cult. Plus half of what science bring us is just materialistic B.S. Pointless to replace this consumerism culture with another one. We need to go back to basics first.
  20. We are all dead anyway. we will all die. It is inevitable. I do not fear death and no one should. But more to your point, we are all dead anyway if we do not stand up and reverse this course. Do you seriously think the death cult is not going to actioned on their plans if we just shrugged and keep our heads down? They have been working on this for millennia, and they can almost taste it. There only two way out of this, they win or we win. And we will not win by pretending it is not happening
  21. In my model, there would be no media house at all. The only way to stop it is to get people to ignore it like most of us do. Is that possible? Maybe. I have my doubt personally. There is no way to overcome being made a terrorist group by the death cult. This is something we have to accept will happens. Hell, in many ways, we are already being made into terrorists. They have been pushing the narrative that human is bad for the planet. They are already turning truth-seekers like us into terrorists by calling us anti vaxxers, covid deniers and many other terms. In fact we should embraced this as we are in a sense terrorist to their system as they feared us. Of course, we are not blowing up building but we are blowing up their lies and deceit. But the expectation by then is that we would have reach critical mass where it would be impossible to completely crush us all. Those we wish to remove are a tiny minority and they are too cowardly to burn anything down. Look around, anytime a dictator falls, they rarely burn down anything. Instead they scrambled and hide. They have no keys other the people they control, and if the control system fails, most will desert the system. I have seen this in my own country last year, for 43 years we were under the thumb of a dictator and his minions, even when so called democracy was restored the dictator kept power through the ballot box. And during that 40 years, people fought, in different ways, against that system. Some violently while others choose the political route. Many died, some were imprisoned and tortured, some were exile while others had all their properties taken from them and some were forced to fled. But the opposition never gave up and slowly and surely chipped away at what at one time seemed an invincible system with its brutal army/militia and police system. Some in opposition felt by the wayside, seduced by the monetary offer or just grew tired and gave up. But many stuck to it and last year inflicted a complete defeat to that dictatorship, winning the election by a landslide. Many feared that the dictatorship would not accept the result and try another military coup. Instead they just melted away in the night and a peaceful transition of power took place. Of course, the new government itself is subservient to the globalist agenda but that was just a way to illustrate my point that the power that be are nothing more than coward. I personally do not subscribe to the idea that Man are psychopath. I think the system makes them so. I am of course not talking about the globalist death cult itself, the head of the pyramid, who are definitely psychopaths, but the regular folks who joined the army and police, politicians and judiciaries and the system bureaucracy. I believe if the system falls, they can be rehabilitated. Like some are currently being rehabilitated in my country. And if they cannot be, then they will have to face the consequence of their actions. What is an imbecile? Are people imbecile because the system make them so or are they born that way? Will there be any imbeciles without the globalist death cult system in place. I expect there will not be. But i may be wrong. But i rather think i am correct. Without the current system in place, Technology would be our servant not our master. We have to established a system where there is no reward in deceit.
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