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  1. David Icke is relatively new to the concept of the reincarnation soul trap, so if you want more information here are some links: https://www.youtube.com/c/ForeverConsciousResearchChannel/videos. https://www.youtube.com/user/overwatchchannel/videos. http://www.trickedbythelight.com/tbtl/main.html. This last link is from Wayne bush, the guy who pretty much the pioneer of the soul trap theory online.
  2. Yeah. The most interesting part of the book. Being a soul trap theory adherent myself there was nothing new as such in the book but it was still a good read none the less.
  3. Go there for like minded individuals and more informations: https://www.youtube.com/c/ForeverConsciousResearchChannel/playlists
  4. While I do not buy into the 5D idea, I think your idea about clearing the NPCs may have some validity. I think the Matrix seemed to also kind of overload when there are too many of us here which may explained why there seemed to be so many glitches nowadays. Maybe the Matrix is running low on memory/RAM and need a hard reset. Like a computer running low on Memory. And since the Astral realm is as much a loosh farm as here then they still going to have their sustenance available to them
  5. For those interested in the reincarnation trap, This is a wonderful channel for more information: https://www.youtube.com/c/ForeverConsciousResearchChannel/videos
  6. the better question to ask is if there is any evidence that DNA exist
  7. I means he has talk about this many times.
  8. CCP is a wholly owned property of the globalist parasite class. Mao was a rockerfeller school graduate afterall. So any war with China is going to be pure theatre like the Russian-Ukraine conflict
  9. but they are not videos of the russian ukraine conflict.
  10. so nothing to do with the Russian/UKraine war.
  11. No idea what the guy saying as i do not understand russian. What is he saying?
  12. the explosion look fake as fuck. Cheap cgi
  13. Wow. You are one angry fellow. Actually, I am Seychellois. My profile pic is of me on Aldabra. I heard a supposed expert last night on Sky news claiming that 60,000 Russian soldier have been killed. Where are the bodies? The funeral? He also claimed that Ukraine can deployed an army of 1 million soldier. However, Russia can only deployed 250,000 at best. Does anyone believe this ridiculous narrative? Apparently, many does.
  14. No, I sound like someone who knows bullshit and fakery when he sees it. I would indeed expect to see lines of advancing troops. There are supposed to be tens of thousands of Russian troops there and the also a superhuman heroic Ukraine army battling it out. Ironically enough most of the footage do look like video games and they actually did used footage from a video games to try to pass off as real war footage. So you admitting you do know any better either? As for ignore, That is your prerogative, I could care less.
  15. Funny thing, While the Ukrainian are supposedly fleeing the war, all the celebrities are going to kiev. How about all the refugee heads to kiev instead of Poland and western Europe, if the capital is safe and sound? People need to questioned those ridiculous narrative
  16. That is about the extent of the footage. People telling us that this is real with absolutely no evidence to back up their claim.
  17. The reddit link have very few videos of the so called war. You can count them on one finger. None of them show actual combat. A few shows a tank being destroyed, as if Russia is rolling into the warzone with individual tank. Another shows two soldier getting blown up, no way to identified who or where it is from, again making you asked why would two Russian soldier be going about by themselves in the middle of a war zone. Not a single image of a Russian regiment, or a line of Russian tanks. Nothing, Instead lots of destroyed building. It is ridiculous that you have to search high and low to find 3 videos of the war in this ara of mass smartphone use. Cannot people on here are falling this easily for the propaganda. This is ISIS v2
  18. exactly. And even those who consider themselves awake are falling for it, No doubt they will fall for the future alien invasion too lol
  19. I do not care if you found me digging for the truth offensive. People dies everyday. But i will not let those triggered by the search for the truth stop me questioning things that makes no sense. Like politicians and celebrities flooding to an active war zone. Or wives of siege soldiers going to Rome for mass. Or U2 doing a concert in a bunker. All the globalist assets have been deployed to push a very specific agenda. The coverage of this so called war is ridiculous. Clearly designed to trigger people. After the last two years it is incredible how people are falling for this shit. And if you trust Reuters for the truth then I do not know what to tell you.
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