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  1. Hi I was just wondering if someone can give me some advice . The past week I have been off from work I don’t want to say what I do because that’s how I got in this mess. I was on Facebook and I saw someone post on New York City health organization and people were talking about covid and masks. I just watched their comments for a while and taught these people are not too intelligent they were talking about wearing 2 or 3 masks. Some people did speak against that and said just wrap serene wrap around your head. I decided to post what I believed all I said was I didn’t believe covid was real and I said masks are not healthy cause your breathing in carbon dioxide. Well someone on there saw my profile and what I do and told me I should have my license revoked and she was reporting me to chancellor cause I wasn’t fit to teach children. I go to work and do what ever they tell me to do at work so I don’t feel like I did anything wrong I’m afraid I’m going to get fired any advice?
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