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  1. There are clearly many like myself who feel that Humanity is all but lost bar Divine intervention at this stage. Here is a thing of Enlightenment..possibly? Were it to prove to be a Truth then for sure it would have to be recognised as an intervention Divine. Please appreciate that Enlightenment (capital E) isn't something that can be electronically mailed to someone like some Open University exercise. By default it comes with a high price tag & this is no exception to that rule. The following link therefore can be nothing more than an invitation to become Enlightened to something of perhaps great significance....perhaps not? It will require considerable mental effort on your part to be able to decide to your own satisfaction whether it is or isn't truly Enlightening. And it will also require acceptance of the following before mentally commiting/commencing...that everything you think you know is simply a result of your ignorance. https://tetraquest.weebly.com/ Bless/Gill
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