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  1. Well what he is saying here is that the philosophers stone.. the greatest secret.. is the death and rebirth of the human species. Or also the cleansing and renewal of the planet. The earth is an organism in which we are all apart of. As above so below. There are cells in your body. Living beings that think, they have jobs, the procreate, the even go to the bathroom. These cells make up you. Self or Celf. They are apart of you. As are we a part of the earth. The planetary bodies are the same. They make up the solar system and the universe. And the universes the multiverse. And the multiverse the great being who is. Call it what you want. But the cells in your body come under attack. Do they not? From viruses and other agents. The body or collective cells mount a response to the virus. They create antibodies and these antibodies attack the viruses and prevent them from replicating or procreating. Well as above so below. If the earth is as we are... it would do the same thing. Am I saying we are a mutant virus. Yes. We are a strain of rogue cells that are destroying the planet. We are unfortunately a virus. And the earth is mounting a response in the form of antibodies. You can call them anti-humanists. But they are the same. Just one plane of existence higher than the cells of your body. These anti-humanists are the anyi-bodies of the earth. And they will attach to the virus and prevent the virus from replicating. This is the renewal process. The regeneration process. Health cells that are good for the body will stay. As they are needed for a healthy earth. The bad cells will be Cleansed and the earth renewed. This is the truth.
  2. Below is a quote from Andrew Harvey's book Radical Regeneration: The New Human In the Age Of Extinction. "There is a great secret at the heart of all the world’s mystical traditions that has been kept hidden by spiritual elites but which now, in our global dark night, evolutionary crisis must be released in its full challenge and splendor. It is what Andrew calls “engoldenment” or “the transfiguration process”—the mysterious and amazing process that transmutes through grace, a human being into a radically embodied, divine human being with extraordinary new powers of creativity, fed from the infinite creativity of the divine Field, in service of sacredly inspired and transformative action in every realm. It was this great secret that the ancient Vedas called “the infinite treasure hidden in the rock of matter.”123 It was this secret that Shams of Tabriz transmitted to Rumi and that lived in the full-souled, full-bodied ecstasy of their sacred friendship. It was this great secret that the Shaivite mystics of South India knew who worshipped the golden Shiva of Chidambaram as both the Divine and their own potentially “golden” human/Divine Self. It was this “engoldening secret” that the sublime, fierce, and magnificent mystical revolutionary Kabir, lived and proclaimed as the astounding destiny of those who surrendered in heart, mind, soul, and body to the One. It was this secret that the Kabbalists such as Moses de Leon, the probable author of the Zohar, celebrated as rebirth in the evolved adept of the original Adam. It is this secret that the Vajrayana mystics of Tibet pursued in their search to acquire what they called the “rainbow body”—a body capable of dissolving in and out of the field of rainbow light energies from which it is created. It is this secret which Carl Jung celebrates in his masterful, Mysterium Coniunctionis, that guided and galvanized the great masters of the Western alchemical tradition, Flamel and Paracelsus, in their pursuit of the Philosopher’s Stone. It is this great secret too, of the divinization of the human being, that hundreds of thousands of people all over the world are now experiencing, in all its bewildering glory, in the radiant epidemic of Kundalini awakening that is now sweeping the planet. And it is this tremendous, all-transforming secret that has guided and inspired the heroic revolutionary work of all the greatest modern evolutionary mystics such as Teilhard de Chardin, Sri Aurobindo, The Mother, Satprem, and Andrew’s soul-father, Bede Griffiths, the most radical Christian mystic of the twentieth century. Father Bede knew and lived the mystery and transmitted it to Andrew, changing Andrew’s life and path forever. As Bede wrote in A New Vision of Reality out of the calmly burning heart of his own inmost knowledge: The new consciousness is not a bodiless state: It is the transformation of our present body consciousness, which is limited by time and space, into a state of transformed body consciousness which is that of resurrection. In the resurrection, Jesus passed from our present state of material being and consciousness into the final state when matter itself, and with it, the human body, passes into the state of the divine being and consciousness which is the destiny of all humanity. . . . This is the ‘new creation’ of which St. Paul speaks and which is revealed more explicitly in the second letter of Peter where it is said, “According to Christ’s promise we await a new heaven and Earth in which righteousness dwells. This is the ultimate goal of human history and of the created universe.”124 Imagine now, for a long golden moment, what a loving, humble, resolute, worldwide army of Sacred Activists, lit up by the splendor of this secret, and prepared through profound inner work, to gamble everything for its dynamic realization, could still, even in these terrible times, achieve. As Sri Aurobindo wrote in his great epic poem of transfigured “Savitri”: The Spirit shall look out through matter’s gaze And matter shall reveal the Spirit’s face Then man and super-man shall be one And all the Earth become a single life.125"
  3. I said we are nature above.... But we have destroyed our planet. Look at it. Look at what we are doing. Watch the movie earthlings. I am not saying we need to save the planet. The planet will renew itself. We are in that phase now. The death and rebirth cycle. It happens every 3600 years. We are going back to the beginning. Some people can't handle that truth. But it must be so. We have grown to the brink of our evolution. And it's time for a reboot don't you think? The earth is mounting a defense against us. It is living and it will protect itself. And it will renew. If the earth is starting over it needs those who can live in that way. That is the call. The call back to the wild. Either you hear the call or will ignore it. The trap is set. It's either slavery or total slavery. Both ways are death. The choice is yours.
  4. Who said we can't use technology. It is the disconnection between man and nature that plagues us. You know it to be true. Man is nature. Man does not have to go back to being anything other than what he already is. Man forgot he is nature. He is to caught up enjoying his own creations that he forgot about the creation of the creator. It's called Earth. And we are destroying it... collectively
  5. Maybe we can put it this way. If you wake up and realize you are more than the body and you are nature. You realize you are the choice maker, and you have the power to choose. Ie. Free will. You realize that you are a slave to society. You realize you have been lied to your entire life, and you got trapped in a system that provides you things that are free like food(it grows in the ground) and water(comes from the ground). Clothes.. they come from animals. Now you have slave drivers who sell you these things and more for money. But you have to work for them to get the money to buy the things that are already free from nature(with a little elbow grease and nurturing). But you also need a place to stay. You can't build it yourself unless you own the land. Which in most places is impossible or difficult. So your stuck working for the man. But work is far away. So you will need a car. And now that you have a car you will need gas and maintenance parts. And it's a never ending cycle. Meanwhile horses are cheep and are good modes of transportation. Food grows out the damn ground. You can raise animals for slaughter or milk. You don't need a car since you don't have to get to this job place. It's all a trick. And are we fighting for the same old? Freedom from what? Freedom to be back to being slaves and being allowed to talk shit about our slave masters. Or are we as free as a cow at the farm. And the freedom we are fighting for just may be freedom to roam the pasture before we get slaughtered. Freedom to choose? Choose what? Slavery or total slavery....
  6. @Basket Case Keep in mind who discovered the Weitko Virus.... Native Americans.... Maybe we should be living more like them.
  7. It's a painful truth. He was a soccer star, worked for corporate media. Then broke away into conspiracy theories. He has the background to potentially be compromised. He knows the occult belief in and out. I can assure you one thing. Nobody comes to that knowledge without being initiated. Whereby the followers of David Icke are initiated via David Icke. Wherby the followers if Alex Jones are initiated via Alex Jones who openly states his Rosecrucian and Freemasonic roots and will never entertain speaking bad about either groups. If you read Andrew Harvey's book New Human: In the Age OF Extinction. And read his piece about the Weitko Virus. And then read about the Weitko Virus, you will find that the people going along with the narrative, and the counter narrative have Weitko. He also lays out in the book how both political ideologies and the present system we live in is Weitko driven and created. And makes the connection that most people on Earth have this Weitko Virus. You know who doesn't? People living in and with nature.
  8. It's an interesting take on it though. Not really an important detail though. My point is still valid without him being Bill Hicks.
  9. Yes I am including David Icke. You can go to Costa Rica right now and live. For free. Well you'd have to work and find a way. But people will give you shelter. And if you have some money you could rent and eventually build your own house. See this takes a leap of faith. Where trusting and protesting does not. The freedom movements are designed to do one thing. Identify those who will fight against the system. What do you think will happen at some point to them.... the gulag. They know from the milgrim experiment and other study that people will comply. 80 percent or so. So the whole no compliance trap is nothing but a trap. Non reliance over non compliance. Stop reliaing on this society to give you what you need. You have what you need... it's you. You don't need this society and technology. You only need the earth it provides all things. Have a watch of the video below. This is a native American cheifs view on our current situation.
  10. But you are forced at some point in to compliance unless you are self reliant. If you are not self reliant.... then how could you not comply. It either comply or the gulag. That is the narrative and counter narrative. But there is another way...
  11. Well he didn't own the land. I don't believe one should own land, but unfortunately if you dont.... that stuff happens. I believe there is a coming global extinction event. The earth will mount a defense against those looking to exploit it. This is what we are living through I believe. On the contrary the world economic forum and others are funding people to go off grid. There are many off grid communities here in the United States being created by the very people controlling the world. I believe their goal is to create two societies like in Brave New World. The slave class or the World State, and the savages. Be a savage! It is the way out. And they are promoting it. They know what is right and what is wrong and they are giving the choice. Then comes judgement.
  12. While I agree that David and others are speaking Truth.... but are the living Truth. If we are one with the universe and this planet, then why is he living in an apartment in a city. If you want freedom you have to live that way. The disobedience to the earth, and the disregard for it as sacred, has been used to disconnect humanity from nature. Now people tell us we need to be connected to other galaxies. How about we get connected to earth(home) first. They have us thinking about other dimensions of reality, while we disregard our current reality as a hoax. Or a matrix of possibilities unfolding. Reality is we are a part of nature. Reality is we are an animal. Reality is there is cause and effect/ reaping and sowing. Reality is we are all one with this earth. Reality is their are two genders made manifest in all things. Reality is everything changes. Reality is death and rebirth. This current world will die and be born again. Those who are not connected to this earth spiritually will perish.
  13. There is only the narrative and the counter narrative. The main narrative is the mainstream narrative and the Alex Jones characters are the counter narrative meant to catch those that awaken to what is going on. However, The solution never gets talked about. The truth is we all live in a bad way with earth and continuing down this path is stupid. Alex Jones and others stand for freedom and the current normal. To persevere the current system is their stated goal. The main stream narrative promotes a new technological society of interconnectedness via technology. Both are bad, one is worse. What about the truth? What about nature? We are nature. Where is the option to live the old right way, where we respect nature and plant a freaking garden. Put a seed in the Earth. That's the only real solution. Those who aren't connected to the earth and nature will perish in these times for they know not who there mother is. Our mother will take care of them.
  14. I like plain simple meditation. The one that you concentrate on your breath until you have freed your soul from the ever racing mind. To me it is the only true meditative practice. Sometimes I mix it with fasting. As far as off grid. We have a solar panel system with telsa battery backup. These are used model s batteries. We use in inverter to change the voltage from DC to AC. In the wintertime we use a hydrogenerator which is spun from a stream on our property. We plan on getting livestock. We have chickens now. We'd like cows and some goats for soaps. As far as other meats we are advid hunters. I am an archer and have been outside with my bow daily for the last few months. If guns are confiscated here in America. Atleast I can bow hunt. We just started a green house and we plan to grow vegetables year round. Most things we pay for in life are free. That's the trick.
  15. https://rumble.com/vkbnc1-alex-jones-is-a-former-comedian-bill-hicks.html
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