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  1. So I'm sure everyone here knows about the club of rome. If you do not it was the organization that had first completed the scientific studies to form the hypothesis and create the sustainable development goals for the UN. I was looking for a video that was on YouTube on their channel. It was an old video made in the 70s talking about the limits to growth and why humanity will collapse in the future if we don't halt growth. It had a scientist from MIT talking to a crowd standing in front of a podium. It was a very revealing video and was almost sinister how the man in the video was talking abou
  2. Then why solve any problem. That's like saying I'm not going to fix my brakes because then the caliper might crack, and then maybe I'll have to replace brakes again in a few years. I should just get a new car instead. And I say that because regardless what you do and how healthy your flesh is. Your bound to get sick. Amd my brakes are wear items.
  3. So why then is everyone try to argue that the death of humanity is a virtue. I am exposing them. And this is the real exposing not some politician having sex scandals or other nonsense. This is the organization and what it stands for and you can clearly read their literature and see the agenda and tie all entities to them. This is their method and I am exposing them. But nobody wants to participate. Rather I'm hereing well we are powerless and humanity deserves it. Then so mote it be.
  4. @rideforever @pi3141 Let It be know to any person who enters this thread and has not read the information provided within it. That i have shown evidence that without a shadow of a doubt the groups involved and the plot there of. Remember that the Theosophical society can be tied to mayor players, extreme wealth, and politicians. I have accepted death and welcome it. The extinction of the human race is upon us and those who don't stand up are complicite in the act. Now remember my friends the 7th root race and that they are autonomous beings who can't procreate. Be very careful here guys b
  5. https://theosophy.wiki/en/Arthur_Schopenhauer Here is the creator of this idea and his relation to Blavatsky.
  6. I need more of that for sure. But I think the article below does a better job of explaining about all this, I can't lay it all out as good as this. Please read this and don't go along with this brother. https://www.google.com/amp/s/phys.org/news/2020-11-universe-dubious-philosophy-human-extinction.amp
  7. @rideforever I know that you understand and have the same wisdom as I. And you are very wise to see clearly that everyone is like this and that is precisely the point. It is incurable. The act of bringing disorder into order. I know you don't care about Blavatsky and her followers however these are people of power. And while they are against Christianity they have found a way to understand the exact thing of the Christian gnosis. Only difference is they think they are right and have the truth and the other religions don't. Which is exactly what they are preaching against. You see how this play
  8. The important thing to remember is that something arises in us when we discover the nature of reality and realize our power. Weather it happens via religion or spirituality or through direct experience. We realize we are God. Or God is in us. And we think it is only us that has God. We forget then that if we are one organism(earth), then we are made equal. And we all have God in us. Can you see it in others or do you think they are wrong? Most think only they have God in them or only certain people have God in them. On the contrary it is everyone. I was deep into spirituality years and years a
  9. They are teaching a thing with all this calming blissfulness mindfulness. It's called to accept. But accepting your end is just that. Your end. Humanities end. It is a virtue, but a virtue used against us.
  10. And that is truly the principle of polarity. We needed that. But that is my point in the post above it. That is the struggle of life. And you need it. But it can't be saved either way can it. And both party's are in the wrong. I'm not saying the world will be saved if we stop the occult. But it will just keep pushing on. Let's just not let them win because if they win their goal which they are doing very well at then it is our collective end. Then let's atleast challenge them back and enjoy the duality.
  11. "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the Government, and I'm here to help. "
  12. Give me a chance to prove to you that the Theosophical Society has the most evil agenda. I thought I would be dealing with conspiracy theorists but instead I am dealing with versions of my self from years ago. You learned how to change your beliefs systems and take control over your life. Well what if there is coincidence that you learned what you learned. It's manufactured. It is a movement funded and started by the groups themselves. That's why there is a whole new age spiritual movement. Although you and myself included has felt at times that they are the only ones that know the truth about
  13. I agree completely with you on this. I have nothing against the spiritual path and I meditate Daily as prescribed. It has transformed my life in thousands of ways and has given me true understanding. And there are many false teachers and false prophets. But, these people are not becoming one with the universal light of creation. I can assure you this much. There are always forces of evil in this battle of life. And I promise you they are the ones funding most of the problem creating organizations. I wish they were talking about what you and I are. But, I promise they are not. If t
  14. Let's take for example that they desire sameness. Oneness. They want everyone to have the same experience the same chances the same religion and so on and on. However the first principle of hermeticism is unity and diversity. How can we be diverse if we are all the same race or religion. There wouldn't be. It would cease to exist. You can't go against universal law since it manifests in all ways and through all dimensions of reality. Let's look at another example. The principle of cause and effect. If you give everybody the same things same chance same experience and no suffering,
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