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  1. Yes it will definitely happen but sadly we may have to endure another 5 or 6 years of this like WW2
  2. I'm due to go into hospital around July time for an op on my bowel that I've been waiting nearly a year for but I'm a bit concerned about having to have the covid test as I've been told it's hospital procedure and they won't operate unless you are tested negative. Not bothered about the test being uncomfortable just worried that they can possibly implant the "vaccine" onto the swab sticks that go up your nose and the back of your throat. Maybe I'm being paranoid all I know is you just can't trust these bastards. They are capable of anything and if they know from my notes I haven't been jabbed then this could be an opportunity for them to get me. I hope I'm wrong.
  3. Been thinking about this whole depopulation agenda with the "vaccine" and I reckon they will not want to bump every sheep off in one go. That would be too obvious. They must be giving half of those that take the mark of the beast a placibo. They then can stretch the culling over a 10 year period or even longer. It's the luck of the drawer possibly for those over 60 maybe a 50/50 chance you get to survive another year. It smacks of the Nazi concentration camps where the prisoners would have to run past the commandant and he would say go left or go right depending how physically able you looked. One of the sides you were instructed to go to was the destination for the showers. The other you got to survive another week of hard torturous labour until they repeated the process the following week.
  4. What a beautiful human being this lady was and so brave to speak the truth against those lieing poisoning murdering psychopaths at big pharma.
  5. What a complete and utter lying c u next Tuesday.
  6. Sweet mother of God I can't believe my eyes that the Dalai Lama has sold out, it will be the Pope next if he hasn't already. It's like a parallel universe. Who's the next high profile sell out going to be? I will put money on it being Tom Hanks!
  7. Yes probably asking too much there but you never know. I just thought I would ask for some expert clarification between the two different types of jabs as I thought they were both dangerous. Is the A/Z one less likely to kill you but it will still give you the infertility side effect is my question.
  8. I'm a bit confused by all this. Are we then thinking the people who get the Phizer one are doomed but the A/Z one you survive but you still get the infertile side effect? Any doctors on this forum that could explain the difference between the two types of jabs would be very much appreciated.
  9. Yes maybe I am being naive and I accept there have been unlawful wars with devasting consequences that are absolutely repugnant but today we are living in extreme almost Orwellian times. As others have remarked even though Her Majesty's Armed Forces are in the pockets of the elites and don't give a toss about us, I hang on to the possibility however slim, that there could, emphasis on the could be a rebellion that helps eradicate the evil scum that are orchestrating all this. I personally believe the downfall of these NWO psychopaths will be as a result of massive worldwide people power. We all need to generate positive energy to defeat these devils because as we all know, it is fear and despair that they feed on.
  10. I agree. I think the military has a proud history of loyalty to their country and protecting the public from oppression. I think as the reality and horror of this scamdemic unfolds it will eventually dawn on quite a few captains generals and other high ranking officers what is at steak here. They will know that by doing nothing and allowing the greatest genocide in history to happen just so that it feeds the elites warped ideology, they will be going against every single thing they believed in and stand for when they signed up to defend their nation and follow in the footsteps of all those brave servicemen and women that sacrificed so much over many generations overcoming extraordinary adversities for all our freedoms. We just have to hang on in there folks. Don't let these bastards wear us down. They are tripping over their lies more and more and they are shit scared of the truth coming out and it is coming out every single day.
  11. Yes very disappointed in Hitchens my heart sunk when he confessed to having the "vaccine". If he gets some terminal illness or pops his clogs in the next 12 months I will forgive him but I suspect these high profile vax takers are not given the real depopulation jab They have sadly sold their souls for thirty pieces of silver.
  12. It's like something off "Rosemary's baby".
  13. See how they say coronavirus and not Covid 19. Coronavirus another name for the common cold and flu!
  14. I remember when Johnson was on "Have I got News for you" about half a dozen times before and while he was Mayor of London and not knowing what a caaaant he was then feeling sorry for him as Deayton Hislop and Merton who clearly knew his true character would relentlessly take the piss out of him. He is definitely a bad egg a narcissistic psychopathic compulsive liar and a eugenist.
  15. Yes that sounds about the sort of crap they will trot out to divide and conquer. Hopefully by then though there will be more world wide condemnation and prominent and respected experts that haven't sold out that will come forward to rubbish and destroy their feeble reasoning.
  16. Yeah on the whole I do but this morning I relapsed slightly but I think that will be it as they really irritate the crap out of me and it's bad for my blood pressure. I shall watch homes under the hammer instead!
  17. I know I should ignore the msm news and morning TV debate shows but it still amazes me how they can be so blinkered and wilfully blind. One of the most blatent perveyors of all this bullshit is the morning TV doctor death saying unless we are all vaccinated then we will never beat this deadly disease or have our freedoms back and all the false information on social media about the vaccine being dangerous should be ignored as it is not true. This TV Doctor even turned a sceptical caller to the show who was nervous about having the vaccine by saying that no short cuts had been taken and the trials done ruled out any long term side effects. Unbelievable the caller Swallowed these lies hook line and sinker and off she went on her merry way reassured that she could now safely receive her jab and other than a bit of sore arm she would live happily ever after. These msm goons who promote this murdering properganda and who spew out their usual condemnation of anyone not towing the line that we are all dangerous and selfish and obviously crazy too are going to look mightily silly in about 12 months when even the most gullible is going to wonder why they and all their vaccinated mates are dropping like flies and the so called selfish ones are OK.
  18. Yeah I have heard about the rumours regarding the royals being flesh eating child murdering Satan worshiping paedos but wanted to believe The Queen may have abstained and looked the other way. How naive was I.
  19. I must admit although I'm not a royalist I didn't mind The Queen as I thought she was a dignified and diplomatic lady that was harmless but seeing her endorse this disgusting and dangerous fraudulent "vaccine" and encouraging others to follow suit I have changed my mind and she has really disappointed me. I can't accept that she is innocent and oblivious to the true nature of what that "vaccine" will cause to the health and well-being of the millions that take it. She should of remained neutral and silent but by appearing in this video she has shown her true elite piece of scum character by aiding and abetting in this whole NWO propaganda. Shame on her.
  20. I watched The Dirty Dozen a few weeks ago and it didn't half get me thinking how we could do with a real life present day version with a similar agenda. Maybe that's a sinful thing to be thinking but to me it would be justified and karma.
  21. I don't understand how incriminating evidence against Bill Gates proving he is a paedo has been buried for so long. The rumours have been around for years about him. Maybe Ghislaine Maxwell has the ammunition, I hope so and I know this psychopath has the ability to pay off those who get close to lifting the lid on his deprived appetites but you would like to think if Maxwell's revelations don't include Gates then at least one or two victims have slipped through his net and can release damning evidence that can nail this evil Satan worshiping crazy eugenist murdering megalomaniac.
  22. I'm sure most of us have read the breaking news earlier released by the Gates funded scientists that because of lockdown and wearing masks Flu last year and this has been completely irradicated. In other news the moon is made of cheese and Elvis Presley is alive and well and working in a chip shop!
  23. I watched open mouthed Matt Hancock brazingly defend his indefensible actions over covid contracts and suggestions of cronyism were just batted away with no remorse or culpability and all the time he was wearing a smug phyopathic grin just like his buddy Kill Gates. Oh how I wish those grins could be wiped off but unfortunately we are all having to endure Hancock and all his Government cohorts perpetualy spewing out waves of bull shit that the masses lap up and blindly accept this evil narrative like the poor Aushvitz prisoners queuing up for their horrific showers. I just despair like a lot of us on this forum it does feel like the bad guys are winning but then I think of possible ways their evilness can come crumbling down. Whistleblowers with a conscience within the medical sector and government's around the world as well as the msm possibly could expose the lies but it would have to be something really damning and caught on camera so the snakes can't wriggle out of with their usual inplausible excuses. Italy and a lot of the Eastern European and Baltic countries as well as African and South American countries do seem to have more outspoken officials than the Western ones and the decenting crowds and protests are in their many many thousands and you could imagine at least in a few of these countries they could topple their corrupt governments even if it means bloodshed is a consequence. Belarus and Tanzania I think are only two countries that didn't take up the NWO bribe and I'm surprised even when the Belarus president exposed all this still the msm and general public didn't bat an eye lid or question anything or see it as an obvious red flag which there have been many more of these red flags that have popped up that we could all see on this forum but remarkably the rest of the population just refuse to accept or question anything against this absurd pandemic narrative. So I think in conclusion it may seem hopeless at the moment and it's frustrating and depressing but if you look back in history eventually evil is defeated. We must hang onto this and not give up hope.
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