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  1. https://www.bitchute.com/video/IPRuLJ6ilJj5/ This video is 3 UK nurses blowing the whistle on the shamdemic and is very moving but in the last 5 to 10 minutes one of the nurses crucially explains how to legally avoid the dodgy pcr test in hospital or anywhere else for that matter I would presume. What you need to do is to say it is medical discrimination for them to insist on a pcr test against your consent and by saying this they will back off. Also an anti body blood test is far more accurate at detecting covid 19 so there is no reason why they can't offer you this as an alternative.
  2. Brilliant video, very moving and poignant. If ever a sheep was to wake up I think this video would do it as you can't ignore these NHS nurses heartfelt and eye opening experiences and not see the evil lies that are being spread by this morally corrupt government and msm on behalf of Big Pharma. Also a fantastic bit of info on how you can legally refuse the dodgy pcr test especially if like me in a few months time you are going to be a patient in hospital then you can point out to them that to insist on you having it would be medical discrimination and the nurse in the video said they would definitely back off I presume for fear of being sued and also that if they really want to know you are covid free then all they need to do is a simple anti body blood test. I am very grateful for this nugget of vital info that means I now do not feel stressed or worried about the prospect of that blinkin swab putting God knows what into my body.
  3. Yes but that only applies if the person repenting is human.
  4. I listened this morning to a doctor being challenged over ending lockdown immediately because now 30 million UK people had been vaxed the risk of death or illness was negligible. However her predictable reticence for not doing so as she is clearly a bribed mouthpiece for the government spewing out deceitful scaremongering propaganda was that the virus was still potentially dangerous because of what is happening in Brazil with 4000 deaths in the last 24 hours and therefore there was a risk this could happen in the UK if we come out of lockdown too soon. The caller unfortunately did not know how to reply to this and was left speechless making her seem vindicated in her opposition to easing of all lockdown restrictions immediately. This Brazil argument seems to be the justification for all caution now. No mention though that Brazil's death per thousand is still lower than the UK and the huge spike in deaths has coincided with Brazil's dodgy vaccine roll out that began shortly after the end of January 2021. That old chestnut a covid death is a covid death upto 28 days after a dodgy positive pcr test but a vaccine death upto 28 days after vaccination is nothing to do with the vaccine it's a covid death. And the latest little bit of deception the risk of a death from a blood clot caused by the AZ vaccine is so remote the benefits outweigh the risks. No need to worry. The survival rate of covid19 based on 150000 deaths in a UK population of 67 million without an experimental gene therapy is a very concerning scary let's crash the economy social distance wear masks lock ourselves away and have covid passports and weekly covid tests, 99.9977611% Oh but what about long covid? It's more than likely M. E. the debilitating condition that for the last 30/40 years doctors wouldn't even accept was a proper condition but now conveniently rebrand it as this disease we should all be wary of and remain in lockdown for. To my knowledge the government has not officially declared what the percentage of long covid cases there have been but I would imagine it is similar to the amount of blood clots and blood clot deaths from the AZ vaccine. Nothing to worry about.
  5. As noble as it is to not wear a mask and show you are not going to comply with the bullshit is all well and good and believe me I did such when I was in hospital for 5 months last year and I refused the tests too until I was threatened with being kicked off the ward if I didn't comply and the energy you use in arguing your case and the opposition which you face is counter productive. I met half a dozen nurses and porters who told me quietly they agreed it was all bs but were threatened with losing their jobs if they didn't toe the covid line even a sister told me this. I have to go into hospital again in August and need all my energies focused on that and will face the same obstacles again. I will try to use my wits to dodge the mask wearing and testing as much as possible but unfortunately I need this operation and will comply to a point where if I have to have a test I will do it myself and mask wearing will be as little as possible but with the damn things punctured with fuck loads of ventilation holes. Yes mask less you are making a stand against this evil scamdemic and you can come on here and slag those of us who have decided that compromising our principles for 20 minutes and blending in is cowardly. I don't think it is I think it's being cute and saving your energy for other things that take priority. Not everything is black and white remember if you were Jewish in WW2 and managed to survive you did so by not drawing attention to yourself. Also trying to divide us on this forum as those that wear masks are less worthy of using this forum than those that don't is falling into the trap of infighting which is what the elites want. It's a form of inverted snobbery! It's like when football fans start scrapping with each other that support the same team because they don't agree with the team selection or something. Respect not everyone has the same stance on mask wearing but just as passionately despise this totalitarian chapter in all our lives. Agree to disagree and leave it there. We all want the same outcome.
  6. Yes I suppose good point. So far I've got away with it though. I think the security at my local supermarket probably wouldn't even notice and even if they did would just think I've been vaping. Crazy times!
  7. Yes it is crazy and very sad but I truly believe these evil shits making us do this will get their comeuppance.
  8. I never wear them outside only inside a supermarket in the UK not Aleska!
  9. I am one of those that have a significant number of ventilation holes in my disposable mask I use for half an hour each week in Sainsburys. And accidentally deliberately let the mask slip to only cover my mouth every five minutes for 30seconds or so with no hassle from anyone whatsoever. Tried it without the ventilation holes and I felt hot and really uncomfortable after only a couple of minutes. The ventilation holes make a huge difference and no one can tell you have them.
  10. I'm not sure if it was on this forum but I remember somebody posted last year a video or voice recording of a lady lawyer whose best friend had uncovered incriminating evidence of Billy boy having thousands of disgusting under age images on his computer and they or rather the company they worked for were basically paid millions to keep quiet. Also some top adtrologist predicted late last year that behind the scenes Billy boy would get his comeuppance this year which I know these type of predictions are usually quite vague but it was something to do with being in the age of Aquarius that would bring about the downfall of people at the highest level of power that have hidden dark secrets for years. She didn't actually name Gates but the implication was obvious. I hope she's right.
  11. Absolutely it really has become 1984 Ministry of lies rewriting and changing information to suit the current narrative and still the majority blindly accept what the establishment tells them and roll over and get their tummy tickled by these lying phycopaths.
  12. I hadn't seen that video before so thanks for posting. It should be sent to all those TV stations with TV doctors spouting hideous unchallenged lies that are shamelessly putting the fear of God into people and prolonging this scamdemic.
  13. Witty is without doubt a soulless alien in humum skin taking orders from other soulless aliens in human skin. All the sheep believing the scamdemic or perpetuating it are unfortunately losing their souls to these demonic entities while we the critical thinkers on this forum retain our soul and will eventually triumph and be vindicated for our consciousness against this evil.
  14. Out of likes but wanted to say excellent post.
  15. Unfortunately I think she is blinded by a likely huge salary increase and threat of losing her medical licence if she doesn't toe the covid line. She could of course resign and work in a supermarket I suppose but if she's got a family a big mortgage and other bills she is not going to want to throw that all away even if it means she knows deep down it's all a big lie. Hence our dick head PM saying the success of the "vaccine" was down to greed. If it was me and I wanted to still be friends I would just sadly accept her stance and try not to engage in covid conversation if you can. It's a tough one either way.
  16. Exactly and also didn't a load of countries decide the AZ jab was unsafe for over 60s and then they backtracked rather unconvincingly. This is why I think their downfall will be them tripping over their lies once too often. I think we all know all the "vaccines" are a premature death sentence but I suspect a large proportion of the under 60s get a placibo so as not too make it too obvious and of course to keep the slaves alive for the time being or at least until their usefulness wears out and then they can get bumped off with the real devil juice.
  17. Incredible. You literally couldn't make it up except they left out the bit about a virus so deadly that 1 in 6 people with no symptoms would spread it. and also a vaccine that will only work when the whole of the planet's human population gets it. What a croque of shit!
  18. Maybe it was a joke or self deprecating but it could also be interpreted as an indirect criticism that we are all overly paranoid for questioning everything and therefore ludicrously seeing a conspiracy in a Tesco fruit aisle.
  19. It is incredible how such a large proportion of the population has rolled over and believed every word spouted by the government and media. You would think that like most of us on this forum have done is when faced with having your basic civil liberties removed you would explore every angle and want to see actual evidence that the restrictions were justified. It doesn't take much digging to discover the red flags the inconsistences and the sheer absurdity of it all to see that things don't add up. It is extremely infuriating to watch and listen to once intelligent and rational human beings become scared shitless over nothing more than seasonal flu and become hermits and fodder for the experimental gene therapy brigade.
  20. I read on another forum the UK debt after a year of this scamdemic is 2 trillion and the target is to get to 5 trillion so another 18 months of unjustified lock down lunacy causing untold misery to all us plebs. Cunt features Johnson"s Little throw away remark and then snivelling attempt at a retraction about the success of the vaccine roll out being greed is exactly what it is all about. All these slimy politicians media celebrities TV GPS University scientists and professors have been seduced by shit loads of dosh to hammer home the obscene scaremongering narrative which sadly has worked on at least half the population. It's a depressing state of affairs at the moment and unfortunately no light seems in sight but these riots in Bristol although without condoning violence is actually quite reassuring. As much as the the bias msm try to ignore these protests and brush it all under the carpet they can't which in turn at least forces these Satan worshipping ministers to feel uncomfortable and have to justify their ludricous conditions we are all having to put up with while tripping over their own lies in the process.
  21. Is there a consensus on this forum as to who is the key individual or individuals pulling the strings of this whole depopulation reset NWO agenda? I think we can all name half a dozen. Schwab, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Gates, Fauci and Bezos. Who else and would the demise of any one of these evil fuckers bring an end to this nightmare?
  22. If you watch the videos of people calling out this bullshit and compare the rate at which their eyes blink it is on average every 4-5 seconds which is the normal rate. If you then compare that with the evil "vaccine" pushers their eyes blink every half a second which is quite rapid and a clear sign by body language experts of someone telling lies. When will there be a fair debate on msm platforms about the safety of these depopulation jabs wheryby the participants are connected to a lie detector so the public can see who is telling the truth. The answer is sadly never.
  23. Hopefully they gave you a placebo and you are safe and well for another year. It is hell of a gamble though. Good luck pal.
  24. Brilliant article. I've just donated and this information needs to be spread all across social media and if possible plastered/spray painted on billboards, buses, bridges, television studios, 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace and then maybe just maybe the flipping sheep will snap out of their comatose state.
  25. Probably been poisoned. Surprised the Belarus president hasn't been knobbled too by the elite's dark forces.
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