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  1. Evo pharmacy is one online UK supplier but there are a few others. It's not cheap though about £45 for 20 tablets which you take one every 12 weeks so enough for a few family members too. This is obviously worse case scenario though as vitamin D zinc and vitamin C plus a good balanced diet and your own unvaxed immune system should be more than sufficient.
  2. I think we all need to stash up on Ivermectin then just in case.
  3. Yes but I suspect it will be saline.
  4. I'm not so sure, this does seem to be getting a massive load of sheep finally waking up, all be it on twitter, to Fauci's lies. It'll be interesting to see how the msm can spin this to avoid their evil paymasters being exposed.
  5. A lot more will but not everyone as I believe about half of the fully vaxed will have got Saline. I mean do you honestly think The Queen, Charles, William, The Dali Lama, The Pope and arse licking celebs like Elton John and Andrew Lloyd Webber actually got the real satan juice? I don't, but we'll see.
  6. Here in the UK I have realised there is a connection to how people are hysterically behaving towards Covid and getting injected to how people behaved when Princess Diana died/was murdered. Alhough Diana's death was a shock the sustained public reaction was totally out of proportion and well over the top to the extent the masses got high on their projected grief for a member of a Royal elite institution they had never met but still their outpouring of emotion mistakingly made them feel patriotic and connected as one to the country and like they belonged or were part of something really important. Covid is inducing the same emotions on these sheep blindly and obediently following their Governments orders which rewards them by giving them a false sense of duty and superiority over dis loyal non-vaxers and like someone high on crack makes them feel like they belong to something really important but we can all see that what they belong to is nothing more than a scam, St. Elmo's Fire, a self righteous and delusions of grandure club
  7. She almost dies and her life still hangs in the balance after her jab and she still encourages others to have it. The elites must be pissing themselves. It really is beyond mentally disturbed in total denial behavior. Almost like a battered wife too scared to leave her husband.
  8. It just breaks my heart to read about these poor souls murdered by those sick evil elite fuckers who have devised this whole bull shit horror show. I know some on this forum are not particularly religious and will question how can a loving God allow this to happen. I can't answer that but I truly believe there will be a comeuppance a retribution for every single individual that has knowingly aided in this covid genocide.
  9. So if 99% of vax deaths are not being reported which having listened to a uk gp secretary whistle-blower who confirmed that at her practice alone that 100s had died after their covid shot without being reported as vax deaths, then in the UK alone that would mean 100,000 deaths have not been added to the vaccine death data. Where have these deaths gone then? I can only presume they have been registered as other causes like heart attack, stroke or old age as they haven't been added to the covid death count. It really is amazing fraud and deception on an industrial scale.
  10. The truth will out brother. God bless you.
  11. Yes you can feel there is some new bullshit bombshell that is brewing, maybe we'll get a few weeks of freedom but we know it's not going to last and the PTB are rubbing their hands smug with the chaos they have engineered and can't believe their luck how easily the masses have swallowed their lies. I will say though the Belgian virus and vaccine expert Dr Geert Vanden Bossche has surprisingly got a couple of videos on YouTube calmly and intelligently debunking the depopulation jab and the comments are really uplifting and offers genuine hope that concerns and objections about what is happening is finally being heard and not being censored or ridiculed.
  12. Well I have written a song called "The Lizard" so I'm getting there slowly.
  13. I'm off sick at the moment recovering from nerve damage in my back and waiting for bowel surgery but I'm usually a musician and Im sad to say I have no incentive to play my guitars or keyboards or write anything new or record stuff I've already written I just can't be bothered as I feel what's the point. I've even half written a screenplay a rock opera style musical and just can't be arsed finishing it. My attention and focus like all of us on here is dominated by this scamdemic and the uncertainty that surrounds us and the appalling evil that we are witnessing.
  14. Looks like a Pink Floyd remake of "Another Brick In The Wall"
  15. Brilliant. Even a technophobe and an economic dunce like me could understood this. I have to say that the contents of this video is one of the best I've seen at showing the pure and utter Evil that is well and truly at play here and that has been in the planning for many many years. Sadly all those years ago John Lennon clearly got too close to lifting the lid of these psychopathic NWO Billionaire's intentions so much so he was definitely murdered by the elite.
  16. Sadly your efforts and energy to save their lives have fallen on deaf ears. The mum has just humoured you and pretended to have been swayed by your bleeding obvious evidence that it is all bollocks but she is yet another govenment and msm mind controlled lemming, shit scared of her own shadow and devoid of critical thinking. You like all of us who have experienced similar scenarios meant well as a decent human being but your instinct to now leave them to it is spot on.
  17. Out of likes but have to say anyway what an amazing lady. A brilliant intelligent summary of the evil that is at play.
  18. I am meant to have B12 injections every 3 months. I haven't had one for 9 months and just by taking a good quality b complex I am fine. No colds flu or anything. I then started to realise that when I used to have these injections I was out of sorts for about a week but just accepted it as one of those things. There are law firms who sue against any form of sickness caught after having various injection therapies . TYLERS SOLICITORS (injection injury claim) are one of these firms. B12 injections is listed as one of these therapies along with a load of biological anti inflammatory injections and of course covid 19 injections.
  19. Good theory and my heart says I hope that you are wrong. Sadly though my head says you are probably correct. However what I want to know is where is all the so called evidence these ministers see of all these bull shit variants that are meant to be so deadly? What is this actual evidence? Are we ever shown blood test results of so called covid positive patients that show specific abnormalities in their blood like raised or lower levels in things like white cells, red cells, platelet count, albumin, c reactive protein, magnesium and potassium levels etc. We are never shown anything other than a load of non sensical graphs and stock pictures of covid shaped things magnified supposedly millions of times and a stupid variant number attached to it. Then videos of people in hospital on ventilators. This surely isn't the data that justifies the masses being whipped into a frenzy of hysterical fear from an invisible exaggerated virus that is flu rebranded and msm propagander bollocks.
  20. So now we have the hysteria over the Indian variant. Not meaning to sound unfeeling about the poor souls who have died shortly after receiving iether their first or second jab but they have in fact sadly been murdered by their government and their own stupidity and ignorance. No mention of the fact that since January 2021 over 100million have had their first jab and 17 million their second jab. The Large spike in deaths happening in India after this rollout is obviously caused by the poison they've had injected into them and likewise the same scenario has happened in Brazil. Population of India 1.4 billion. Deaths proported to be from Covid as of yesterday is 187, 000 and16million cases. As tragic as any avoidable death is from this scam the percentage rate is still really miniscule in India and worldwide. However It will obviously start to rise now because of the devil juice these lemmings are joyously accepting and amazingly they still can't join the dots and are swallowing the msm variant narrative like simpletons.
  21. No It was my post about JA606 forum discussion about covid and the blinkered idiots on it who ignore the bleeding obvious dangers of the jab like they have been mind controlled.
  22. She looks like a shape shifting lizard to me.
  23. It was, Rob-legacy fan and proud. His profile doesn't actually say which team he supports, very secretive about that, God knows why but he seems to reply or begin a lot of discussions on the Man Utd board.
  24. There is a discussion on a UK football forum called JA606 on about the second page entitled [email protected] vaxers and anti covid. The usual blind sheep stuff but what really is astounding there is a chap who describes how his mother had the jab and a few days later she fell down the stairs and died. The doctor suspected a stroke actually was the cause of the fall but the son refused to accept there was any connection between the jab causing the stroke and then her sad passing. Even though she was fit for her age with no other obvious health concerns. The son after receiving sympathies from other contributers to the debate was comforted by them saying it was just unlucky purely a coincidence and he was praised for saying he was still going to have his jab next week. This is what we are dealing with when the sheep refuse to see the bleeding obvious and makes you wonder whether they are all in fact under some sinister mind control.
  25. Surely there must be some clever computer whiz kid/Autistic savant that can hack into to the Big Pharma computer system and uncover such incriminating data.
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