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  1. I think this highly qualified professor makes it's clear that the most recent studies show without any doubt that over 99% of the world's population has more than enough anti bodies to easily defeat any Coronavirus and any varient of any Coronavirus so these covid jabs are totally unnecessary. He also confirms what we already know about the catastrophic consequences of your immune system attacking and killing you if exposed to another Coronavirus when you have had only one of these deadly jabs. The fate of the double jabbed is already doomed.
  2. In every decade there has always been a high number of teenage and twenty something pushback against government tyranny and I have no reason to think todays young freethinkers will be seduced by a pint of beer at their local. The real truth not covered by the msm is that there is a very large majority of Millennials who are pretty clued up with this scamdemic and like their peers in previous decades will contribute to putting incessant pressure on these cowardly law makers to retract their communist ideas. With the truth about 99% Graphene Oxide in these jabs being discovered by Spanish scientists not corrupted by big Pharma there is cause for opptimmism as well as the massive sea change of negative opinion of Tony Fauci in the States these elites are panicking and trying every sly underhanded psychological trick in the book to keep their necks above water but it will not work and their warped twisted ideology will be crushed.
  3. Yes I have been saying this too to my family. It is ironic that we are going from not wanting to comply with fascist senseless mask wearing to needing to protect ourselves from the double jabbed shedding all over us. Although if you have had what you think was covid you should be immune but maybe shedding infection is different. I'm not sure. This really is a head fuuuuck now.
  4. I think we can all see the warped twisted mindset of the government loosening the covid restrictions in time for a large chunk of the double jabbed to enjoy their last couple of months of summer before the shitstorm of autumn colds and flu take hold with devastating consequences. Witty and his other Sage doom merchants will announce the scientific data that none of us ever see except in the form of a vague nonsensical graph shows that an unprecedented varient/mutation much more deadly and infectious than any of its covid predicessors is now running rampant rendering the phizer moderna Astra Zenica injections redundant and the scientists will have to go back to the drawing board to try and save mankind. Cue Lockdown until the sheep start to wonder why prominent celebrities royalty politicians and the unjabbed are not kicking the bucket. I personally think a lot more whistleblowers within the health service and civil service will come forward when the genocide starts unravelling before their eyes and these low life murdering scum elites will be brought to justice but unfortunately a heavy price will have been paid.
  5. Totally agree. I would not waste my energy on anyone that's fallen for the covid scaremongering. Their too far gone, their ego will never let them admit they have been conned on an industrial scale. It's like when an ordinary bloke asks a very pretty girl out and she rejects his advances he just thinks the only reason she rejects him is she must be a lesbian. Complete and total self denial.
  6. I know a lot of people don't consider astronomy to have any meaning or significance to their lives but I've always found it fascinating. It was my understanding that there was a Saturn and Jupiter conjuction, which is when two planets are very close to each other, on 21st December 2020 and they appear like this once every 20 years but hadn't been that close to each other for 800 years. As far as I know there is no alignment of Saturn and Jupiter on December 19 this year but maybe last year you can equate that time when those planets were very close to when the evil covid immunisation got going. However In late April 2022 there is a Venus and Jupiter conjuction. These are two very positive planets which when they are in conjuction represents good times, new beginners and so hopefully an end to this horror show. These elites are not that clever that they think they can out think and conquer mother nature and the universe. Truth will out and these evil barstewards will get their comeuppance.
  7. Abhorrent as it is to be told to cover your face like this hysterical sheep is doing I actually think that mask wearing amongst people who have been stupidly double jabbed may be wise so as to protect us against any possible shedding effects.
  8. Unfookingbelievable. What a bunch of cuunts.
  9. Sobering words and sadly I don't think you will be wrong. My own view is the large number of casualties will really start to mount up around the 20th anniversary of that other sad slaughter of innocent souls, murdered by their own deranged government. These evil elites love their numerology and always have something twisted to occur on specific days that tie in with their satun worshipping calender. I just hope that the vast majority of the younger ones getting their jab got saline and the retribution for all these facked up NWO perpitraitors and enablers is a painful one for them personally and the evil that is taking place at the moment is never ever repeated again.
  10. The mayor of utter cuntness so proud of all the young brainwashed sheep receiving their de-pop jab. Very sad.
  11. Wow. She says her two kids are vaccinated, yeah right, with Saline more like. When this whole thing collapses and it will and nuremburg style trials commence lets see her chirpy butter wouldn't melt persona get her out of a life sentence or even better a lethal injection like the ones she's advocating to millions of gullible souls.
  12. Cheers I will when my suspension is served
  13. So I was having an interesting exchange of opinions with a sheep on twitter who had been double jabbed. I recommended he researched Dr Roger Hodgkinson and Michael Yeadon. He replied that he did and said they were discredited by their own medical bosses and were a couple of crackpots and that I needed to do proper research and not believe covid conspiracy nonsense on the Internet. Over a couple more tweets I pointed him in the direction of "Fauci Lied" on twitter and that him and his big pharma and social network and msm chums were deliberately discrediting intelligent and truthful opposition to this whole pandemic. Also how Fauci's leaked emails last week revealed how him and his cronies deliberately suppressed info that hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin cured sars 2 (covid 19) and by suppressing this info and trying to deny doctors using it and discrediting these alternative treatments it let him and Gates patented "vaccines" get the green light. I then got a lovely message from twitter saying I was suspended for 12 hours for spreading false and misleading information. If there was any doubt we were barking up the wrong tree about this evil agenda possibly being a figment of our paranoid imagination, Twitter just confirmed how much we are on the side of good and truth by their laughable censorship of my factual tweets. What a bunch of cnunts they and the rest of the crooked msm are and how they will go down in history as aiding and abetting in a genocide worse than WW2.
  14. Out of likes. This whole evil agenda has hoodwinked so many it's unbelievable.
  15. Shungite, Orgone and Black Tourmaline will keep you safe as they negate harmful energies.
  16. I think the tide is turning and the elites lies are starting to unravel. The fact that information is now finally coming to light that the PTB suppressed overwhelming evidence that Ivermectin and HQL are effective treatments against Covid 19 and all it's thousands of variants and that the poisonous jabs were totally unnecessary will be the ultimate downfall of this whole evil scam.
  17. I think this is a very uplifting piece and it actually feels like the tide is turning and the evil puppet masters are starting to panic and will have to throw their own sick twisted fackers Fauci and Gates under the bus as a distraction. They can't stop the ever increasing rise in more and more critical thinkers and whistleblowers cottening on to their lies and asking them awkward questions.
  18. No worries I just thought maybe there was a different system you used that I didn't know about.
  19. My numerology calculations have the word Summit as 5. S =1 u =3 m = 4 m = 4 i = 9 t = 2 This gives a total of 23 which becomes 5 I don't doubt though that these evil cnuts plan these events to coincide with their warped satun worshipping, shape shifting calander.
  20. Also the good old BBC hys (have your say) news comments are 90% filled with crazy covid needle worshippers and as soon as an intelligent rebuttal pops up they all get stuck in with their pitchforks and insults. It's actually incredible the amount of defience in not wanting to accept reasonned alternative opinion backed up by clear evidence. The disgusting Fauci email cover up a casing point. It's lar lar lar lar lar lar fingers in my ear I don't want to hear.
  21. Just to add I should have said one dose not one tablet every 12 weeks as it depends on your weight and usually a one dose treatment is all you need.
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