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  1. TPTB may as well just come out and say you will be shot if you don't do as we say as their nazi/communist style of censorship and control is blatant and the msm are just their bitches.
  2. So I take the point that Govenments over many decades centuries get away and have gotten away with murder literally but let's just concentrate on this whole convid bs that is becoming or has already become George Orwell's 1984 prediction.... Was this guy a time traveller? Makes me wonder. Anyway the idea that lawyers are too scared to speak out I can accept in places like China, Russia or North Korea but not in so called free western democracies and especially in the US there are at least a dozen state governors that are vocally voicing their objections to all the ludricous convid laws. Just watching the latest Rumble video with one of the discenting US state news conference's outlining all the obvious lies, contradictions and censorship that Fauci, the WHO, China, Facebook, Twitter and msm have been spewing out and getting away with shoukd surely fill people's hearts with hope. All these discenting states in the US which must carry some considerable weight and influence and are not under the thumb of The NWO mob need to combine as one to finally wake up the rest of the world and bring down these evil elite's.
  3. That as maybe but there has to be legal process and the discrimination act is just being ignored and broken in plain sight with no objection or challenge, it appears, whatsoever. Even a bent judiciary cannot blatenly be seen to be not following legal protocol and allowing illegal activity.
  4. I don't understand how the govenment can make a covid jab mandatory when said jab is under emergency licence and still in a final trial stage until 2023. Also how are the government and companies/businesses not in breach of the discrimination act by their insistence of a covid passport or proof of vaccination for entry into events and shops? How the heck are lawyers not speaking out more vocaly and holding the government to account?
  5. Yes there is definitely a subdued creative energy all about us so I looked into the power of Crystals and all I can say is for me personally when I wear Amythyst, Rose Quartz, Orgone and Black Tourmaline my energy feels uplifted, calm and motivated and I seem to be able to negate energy vampires.
  6. We must believe in this and do not allow doubt to dampen our spirit. I admit it does seem that the inhumane cants have demoralised us all this last month or so with their insane rabid desire to corruptly jab young kids and wave through the effing discriminatory convid passports but I think this is a glorious sign of hope and of justice. The truth always comes out and the history books will have generations shaking their heads in disbelief and utter horror at the sheer evilness of the atrocities committed but ultimately the comeuppance and fate of every single perpetrator and enabler of this abhorrent genocide will be signed sealed and delivered.
  7. It's certainly for the last 20 odd years been an orchestrated dumbing down and celebration of stupidity and putting innane reality stars on a peddlestal and as something to aspire to without the need to actually read a classic piece of literature or take an interest in current affairs Home and abroad or to be able to spell, write a letter or add up without the help of their mobile device. No interest in Politics but they can tell you the latest bit of goss about the Kardashians. Death by a thousand cuts of a generation and a half's total and complete apathy to the mind control that they have opened themselves up to, oblivious to the devious intentions of the eltes that rule over them and have hypnotised them into rolling their sleeves up and taking one for the team. I must admit I hoped for more of a push back from the younger generation especially here in the UK but although it's not been a full capitulation by the under 30s it has certainly meant that there is going to be a significant dent in their generation's child baring capabilities. I've managed to get myself into hospital for surgery in a couple of weeks which I've been waiting a year for and feared without being jabbed I wouldn't have been considered but luckily for me they're not holding that against me. However I think by the time I get out of hospital in late September then the zombie apocalypse of vax fatalities will be kicking in and hospital operations will be like hens teeth and TPTB will not be able to disguise the massive rise in deaths after being double jabbed as passing away after a "short illness"
  8. Where have these evil fackers come from and how have they been allowed to infiltrate such high positions? They are seriously disturbed or not human that's for sure. Soulless.
  9. I have a sister and nephew and niece who live just outside Sydney and despite my best efforts to wake them up to all the evil lies being spun they just think I'm paranoid and believing nutters and weirdos so sadly look like they are going to succumb to the Australian government mantra of you won't get out of lockdown and get your freedoms and privelidges back unless you get double jabbed. I sent them umpteen videos of respected professors, scientists and doctors explaining how dangerous the jab is but because their friends and neighbours have agreed to get it or have had it already they are going to get it too. It's like a Srepford wives community.
  10. Wow this is dynamite. Out of likes so a million thanks for posting this. I expect everyone on here will agree and share this far and wide.
  11. I agree except I would say we still have eleven players and in the second half we are going to bring on a couple of super subs that will turn everything on its head and lead us to a famous victory.
  12. The whole unvaxed are factories for new varients that will kill the vaxed narrative is as we all know a whopping lie as it is scientificly impossible and this is valadated by scientists on both sides of the argument. I presume the likes of Fauci churning out this evil nonsense is doing so as a last desperate attempt to mop up a few fence sitting unvaxed that will fall for this mind game bollux. This tells me that they are obviously so concerned at the vax hesitation of the younger age groups that they are forced to make themselves look and sound stupid with their latest scaremongering that is another ludicrous lie that can easily be debunked and a complete embarrassiment to the scientific community.
  13. Out of likes but as others have commented, to say this is very encouraging is a massive understatement. This is so beautiful in its simplicity but more importantly devastatingly damning for all the evil convid perpetrators.
  14. This is actually funny and sad at the same time how many actually sign this spoof petition.
  15. The fly in the elite's ointment as I see it then is if the Police or military start pushing back then who is going to carry out their evil control? A couple of months ago this possibility was thought of as a non starter but here and Australia and Italy and France there is growing dissent amongst these country's law enforcement so this has to be a positive sign.
  16. Also some of the desperate justification they use for being jabbed and the angry insults they aim at the non compliant, dismissing any thought of a sinister agender being played out. The best one though which I read on twitter and they have obviously given it a bit of thought wrote how can a supposed depopulation jab which bumps off all the vaxed be true as that would mean only the unvaxed would be alive and they would be too unruly for the so called elite's and governments to control. That's actually not a bad point and I do think by the time the victims of this poison start shuffling off this mortal coil in their millions there will be a mighty uprising by the critical thinking survivors that governments around the world will definitely have their work cut out to control especially in the States with millions of survivors bearing arms. So I suppose the answer to that twitter remark is Yes that's why the governments are in overdrive trying to get everyone vaxed. It does make me wonder though do we think these elite's have a get out, abort mission plan if the resistance to the jab is too much or have we gone past the point of no return?
  17. Well let's hope the French manage to capture Macron and force the evil shit to spill the beans!
  18. I think if you are a prominent player in this scamdemic but have nothing to hide and want to appease the suspicions of the protesters then you would offer to take a lie detector test to prove the validity of what you are supporting. We all know of course they are full of shit and are professional liars and would dodge any suggestion for them to undertake such a test but then the gullable public would want to know if their leaders have nothing to hide why they wouldn't do it. The pressure from vaxers and anti covid 19 vaxers directed at their local mps and ministers and sage members and msm presenters and journalists who support vaccination to undertake a test would be immense Their refusal damning. So here are some questions I would personally love them to answer,maybe you can think of some others that can only be answered with Yes or No. Is the covid 19 vaccine a bio weopon designed to depopulate the world? Do any of the covid 19 vaccines contain microchips of any description? Do any of the covid 19 vaccines contain graphine oxide? Does hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin cure or reduce the symptoms of Covid 19? Did You, receive a placebo or other safe alternative such as water or saline instead of the actual covid 19 vaccine? Have you lied about the number of people who have actually died as a result of the covid 19 vaccine. Do you worship honour or make human sacrifices in the name of Satan? (throw that one in to surprise them and change their thought pattern) Do the BBC and other MSM platforms deliberately discredit and lie about people who oppose the covid 19 vaccine? Are you being funded or influenced or controlled by Bill Gates or Klaus Swab? Are you gaining financially from the covid 19 vaccine or PPE?
  19. For their sake they better pray they are or they have had the A/Z one as i don't think that has graphine oxide,but I could be wrong.
  20. What an ugly monster. The brainwashing I have experienced on another forum in an exchange with a covidian is unbelievable. I pointed out that various award winning and highly respected scientists, doctors and specialists not corrupted by Big Pharma catagorically warned against having the covid jab because it makes your immune system 1/6th of what it was. It coagulates your blood . It generates Spike proteins all over your body that will create blood clots and kill you with heart failure in 1-3 years if not sooner. The covidian called me a fantacist and that I did not understand that covid 19 and all the varients caused blood clots cancer sepsis and heart failure not the vaccine. The vaccine will save you from these life threatening conditions so you must ignore all these cranks dissing the covid jab and protect yourself and others. I was just gobsmacked and didn't reply because what is the point when that is the blind faith these covidians believe and convince themselves the jab is totally safe and life saving and when thousands of double jabbed start kicking the bucket they will just believe a new covid varient resistant to the vax has killed them.....So depressing!
  21. There is also a couple of brilliant videos, YouTube and Rumble (sorry I haven't got the links) of Canadian Dr. Charles Hoffe, look him up on DuckDuck Go, explaining the dire consequences of these jabs that TPTB won't be able to deflect or spin. I seriously think as the fatalities and legal challenges from this scamdemic mount up in the coming few months this whole shit show is going to collapse like a house of cards and should mean checkmate.
  22. Good spot and it does seem incriminating so it will be interesting to see TPTB put a positive deflective spin on this.
  23. Surely this is a Government bluff, a scare tactic to get an unvaxed club goer or football supporter to think they must get double jabbed if they want to watch their team or go clubbing. There must be so many breaches of discrimination laws not to mention medical coercion for an injection that is still in its trial stage that a solicitor would have a field day. This stinks of desperation.
  24. Yes I can see a degree of truth in your statement and it may appear we are fighting a hopeless situation but I and thousands if not millions worldwide still believe their evil plans will be crushed. For about 80% of the population who will believe anything their corrupted governments say I agree they're not bothered but for the rest of us they are starting to realise our huge numbers are a massive threat to their evil schemes. Their ego was such that they underestimated the push back and thought they could just get away with everything. Unfortunately for them the Internet age of instant communication and information sharing has built up a strong truth movement opposing their psychological tricks and adding too much pressure on them to conceal their lies from us which they are tripping over more and more. They will ultimately all be exposed and brought to justice because the pressure to protect their lie from us has become near impossible even though their propaganda can still dupe about 80%, their mask of pure evil is beginning to crack and that is their weeknesss. In the words of Leonard Cohen from his brilliant "Anthem" "there is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in" Can't run no more with the lawless crowd, while the killers in high places say their prayers out loud. But they've summoned up a thundercloud and they are going to hear from me. Ring the bells that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack, a crack, in everything. That's how the light gets in.
  25. Tripping over their own lies... A true sign they are losing control of this cruel sham and starting to shit themselves... Lovely!
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