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  1. Since convid my gp practise started to reduce the frequency of my blood tests which had been every 3 months since I had bowel issues, Crohn's disease, and because of previous surgery over the years, I was vulnerable to getting run down and deficient so the tests and up to September 2020 the B12 injections were a good check to test I was maintaining good nutrition which on the whole I did. I now have blood tests every 6 months, my last one was tip top but my next one is due in a couple of weeks and we'll see if everything is okay or not or my slight dip in energy levels recently is my imagination or hypochondria. Thanks for your advice and I will continue with the under the tongue B12s but I was wondering what tablets you use. I use Lindens 1000mg once a day dissolve under the tongue tablet and make sure I don't take it at the same time as Vitamin C as I believe the Vitamin C can reduce the B12s effectiveness and so you need a 2 hour gap between taking each one. I also take 800mg of Folic acid with the B12.
  2. Does anybody on here like myself due to absorption issues because of a bowel condition rely on B12 injections every 12 weeks? I have not had one for over a year as I was concerned or paranoid that big Pharma were putting Graphine Oxide and other poison into them but the tablets I take instead which disolve under the tongue don't feel as though they are quite as effective as the jab as my energy levels have just started to dip and Im thinking maybe I should go back to have the 12 weekly injection and risk it as I eat healthy and take NAC, Elderberry, Q10, extra Zinc, Vitamin C and D and figured they would counter any harmful stuff in the B12 injection if there is any. So just wondering if anyone has a similar dilemma...Cheers.
  3. Unfortunately as long as we live amongst millions and millions of stupid, dumbed down, unconscious people that are so easy to brainwash then every 20 years or so the evil distorted ideologies of these satanic worshipping elites will continue to try their luck at some form of genocide to support their screwed up belief that the planet can only sustain half a billion souls. They actually justify their crazy eugenicistic actions that their death jabs are a kind civilised method of depopulation which I suppose they are if you are comparing this method of mass genicide with that old nazi favourite of theirs of suffocating millions of poor innocent souls with poisonous choking gas till their vital organs and bodily fluids explode all over the place....Yes cheers!
  4. I have saved this quote from the 14th Century French author and historian Jean Froissart as it is so shockingly applicable to today as it was 7 centuries ago. Doctors need 3 qualifications, To be able to lie and not get caught. To pretend to be honest. To cause death without guilt. Jean Froissart 1337 - 1405 French author and historian.
  5. Yeah I was of the belief Elizabeth Windsor ironically popped her cloggs last November time from the ill effects of the Convid death jab she unwittingly had injected into her and a deep fake has been used and explains why since then there have been no sightings of her at venues where huge public crowds are in attendabce and in close proximity that would see the deception for themselves. She or rather the deep fake has only been seen meeting a few dignitaries like Trudeau who obviously are in on the lie and where the deep fake illusion can be executed successfully and if anyone blabbs then they will be irradicated. The deep fake illusion was also successfully executed at the Nazi Philip memorial that was filmed from quite a distance of the paedo prince escorting the deep fake through a back entrance away from the public and just sitting quietly amongst the rest of the reptiles and then quickly after the memorial finished the imposter quickly skuttled away into a Rolls Royce or Bentley with their shades on. I did doubt at the time when the satan juice was rolled out in December 2020 whether Elizabeth Windsor actually did get the real death jab but it looks like the Elites must have decided she had to go but probably thought her lizard blood and adrenachrome would keep her going till after her jubilee but as it didn't a deep fake had to hastily be put in place. TPTB couldn't risk the public thinking their beloved monach had secumbed to Convid after having a supposedly life saving tripple dose of the stuff. What bad PR that would be and confidence in the boosters would have been decimated. OR everthing I have just said is utter paranoid bollocks.... you decide!
  6. Yes, yes, yes... This is so tedious but of course they will pass all sorts of bullshit bills between now and when the trial of this evil poison is finally over in a desperate bid to scare, intimidate and threaten the unjabbed with unenforceable fines. They know that when the miniscule efficacy is publicly and officially revealed the death jab will have to be withdrawn H opefully the withdrawal of this convid crap is much sooner than early 2023 as more and more truth is coming out into the open that even the msm cannot deflect or distract or sweep under the carpet. We Just have to hold the line, don't drink the tap water, dont use fluride toothpastes, get rid of your smart meters if you have them and I would recommend Organite, Shungite crystals to protect from 5g and all the other crap in the atmosphere and definitely NAC to potect you from all the graphine oxide you may or may not have unwittingly digested. Like a lot of us on this forum I've done all that and stayed fit as a butchers dog and not had any nasty "flu" like symptoms like I had never had before which was in December 2019 just before all this Convid bollocks started but at the same time as 5g towers were being erected and tested in their droves and subsequently I had the shortness of breath, loss of taste and smell for 3 weeks, no energy for 3 weeks and basically feeling like death warmed up. And like most of us on this forum I did my own research, didn't bury my head in the sand, and took the above precautions and in 2 and a half years I have never experienced those 5g, food and water contaminated induced flu like symtoms again.
  7. As a few on here have remarked that when the final trial stage ends officially in 2023 all these jabs will obviously nowhere near fulfill the criteria for being fit for purpose as the efficacy is something miniscule at 1% and the total fatalilities from the jab which we all know by then will be 100s and 100s of thousands if not a few milion but will be scandalously rigged to only declare a couple of thousand at the very most and so will reluctantly be shelved. TPTB know that it's a race against tine to jab as many innocent young souls as they can so by the time this evil poison is withdrawn they will still have left their sickening genocidal mark in probably at least half the world's population,Im not sure of the exact numbers but it really is disturbing to think even if this poison is withdrawn tomorrow it will be too late for at least 3 or 4 billion people, many who will be sterilised and/or pop their clogs within the next 10 years or even sooner.
  8. Well whether you believe in the power of the Universe or not the simple truth is coming out into the light for all to see. The fallout is starting folks, just as Uranus enters the fold 31/03/22 Next big shift midnight April 29th 2022 when beautiful Venus comes into play... the whole damn house of cards is crumbling and I expect the next 30 days or so to be very rewarding for us all wanting to see justice finally prevail and interesting to see the backtracking msm and repugnant politicians and simpering celebrities try and distance themsekves from any wrongdoing. These evil, twisted elites arogantly thought they could silence the truth, beat God Almighty and Mother Nature and escape retribution.... Idiots!
  9. I would be very interested if you could kindly provide sone source material or link that I can read that substantiates the viewpoint you have posted regarding Satan because I have never heard this theory you have put forward especially regarding the misuse of the term most of us on this forum have adopted to the convid jab, "Satan juice".
  10. I cut out drinking tap water nearly 2 years ago and just drink bottled and have had no colds, flu, stomach upsets and probably enjoyed the best stretch of good health since I was a kid. However I still like my tea and coffee and so because I'm boiling the tap water I assumed that by doing that it boiled the harmful stuff out but someone on twitter I read recently says that boiling it doesn't completely remove some of the chemicals, but surely it must lesson sufficiently the harmful effects that drinking unboiled tap water clearly does to your body?
  11. Tell her to stand firm and Not to be intimidated or stressed because this is unenforceable under every common law in the world This is a tactic used across the globe to coherse people to getting this poison. If she has a good solicitor they should confirm this and hopefully others on this forum nearer to where she lives can reasure her too. It is all bollocks but unfortunately people who don't take a breath step back and keep calm as if she doesn't pay them anything despite any more threats it will be thrown out of court in a heartbeat. Good luck
  12. So is the Phizer report that was revealed yesterday and that they were trying to hide for 75years saying that in the first 3 months of trails for the experimental treatment out of 45000 people that were given it, 42000 had severe side effects and 1200 died? OR is it data relating to the first 3 months from when the experimental treatment was given worldwide starting in December 2020 revealing out of presumably millions of people who would have had it there were 1200 deaths and 42000 severe adverse reactions? It seems the 2nd scenario is being interpreted by the sheep that foolishly surrendered their immune systems to and don't seem to be the slightest bit concerned and are writing off those 1200 poor souls deaths as for the greater good as that is a minute percentage of people who died out of millions that took it and are OK. I'm hoping the sheep are clutching at straws and the Phizer report reluctantly released by them yesterday is indeed the first scenario I mentioned and it is 1200 deaths out of just 45000 people who took it.
  13. So basically all the covid mandates, passports and threats of big fines or job dismissal if you didn't get jabbed, which we all knew was completely uninforceable legally, suddenly are not being used as cohersion and the various tyrant leaders around the globe are unifying their governments to call out the nasty Russian bloke who is trying to instigate WW3 apparently. Suddenly this is the only show in town and all things covid related seen to have vanished from people's psyche and those pesky lorry drivers that were embarrassing Schwab's protégés are no longer front page.... How convenient.
  14. The Sunderland fan collapsed at their home game against Burton Albion and has indeed according to twitter died. I've lost count how many incidents like this have happened since the jab rollout but sadly most of the sheep still are not joining up thd dots and the cognitive dissonance is breathtaking.
  15. When I see photos like this of long queues of emotionless people following others like a load of lemmings I think of the scene in the 1971 blockbuster Posseidon Adventure when the ship is upside down and there is a handful of survivors that follow the unorthodox preacher character played by Gene Hackman who is able to convince his followers that logically aiming for the area of the ship where the steel is at its thinnest is their best bet for survival while the masses of other survivors follow an official of the ship who is leading them in the opposite direction and ultimately to their deaths.
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