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  1. I remember it might have been that year or roundabout that I was driving from North Wales to Leeds across the Denbigh Moors and they were covered in snow in the first week of May that caused me to have a skid that nearly left me in a ditch but luckily I narrowly avoided that so now you mention it yes that was a freak weather occurrence. What evil shit, early to mid 90s were the Elites getting up to then I wonder?
  2. Ive not posted for a while but have caught up daily with people's views and opinions on all things convid and it is striking how the weather for May has been one of the coldest I can remember for 30 years or more. My neighbour has a holiday place in Portugal and told me how wet it has been there and Italy last week had atrocious flooding which again for this time of year is quite unusual. We obviously know these evil sods are arsing about with chemtrails etc and the fake war, engineered increase in fuel and energy and food prices is just ripping us all off left right and centre plus interest rates sneaking up every few months until I suspect TPTB see how much they can get away with until riots French style break out. So we just keep going and longing for justice to catch up with these psychopaths and thankfully there are still social media platforms that these satan worshippers can't control although there are clearly infiltraitors and controlled opposition that try their best to deflect and discredit, I think we are all pretty savy by now at recognising those that have clearly sold their soul and can see how desperate the NWO elites are of their house of cards collapsing. Finally I don't know if it is related or not but I'm reading a lot of stuff on twitter about the Antarctic, Operation High Jump and Admiral Byrd plus the Book of Enoch which is absolutely fascinating and for those that haven't clued up on that side of things I definitely recommend you have a look.
  3. I don't know who or what to believe which is not a good sign because once doubt creeps in then the trust is fractured which of course we all know TPTB would be delighted to see that such a supposed leading light in the search for truth and justice is discredited then that's a big feather in their cap. Controlled opposition many are saying now... again I'm still just about on the fence as maybe he just was struggling financially and paid himself what his normal rate would have been although he shouldn't haves done but even so he did and probably with the sale of his German property imminent, he would pay that money back. However if that was the case, he should have been transparent and told the committee but again maybe he was embarrassed, ashamed idk, it's a complete mess now that's for sure and his reputation has taken a good kicking and if he doesn't repay the money and buggers off to America it will look very dodgy and give support to the controlled opposition theories. On a side note in numerology the name Reiner Fuellmich as well as David Icke has a number 5 vibration which sadly does coincide with a lot of people who although very intelligent, they can be very deceptive and devious and make very good actors. This doesn't always transpire but more times than not number 5's give in the most to temptation. We'll see!
  4. Centuries of subservient conditioning has kept us peasants in our place...It really is vomit inducing stuff, but as with convid those that were so easily played are wallowing in a repeat dose of bs and an "Emporor's Clothes" performance of a lifetime by Charlie boy and his Reptilian pals. I think the mass psychosis that is on display has clearly been heightened by the lovely satan juice that is swimming around these poor little obsequious souls immune systems and unfortunately those of us that chose to stay conscious and do a basic bit of due diligence surrounding the whole NWO and their evil agenda, just have to grin and bare this farce a little longer by reading a book, turn off the news and of course engage with like minded individuals on this great forum.
  5. I think we have all ridden the worse of this whole convid shamdemic but even so at this present moment in time almost 3 years in, we the critical of thought, the enlightened ones that have fought tooth and nail to survive tyranny not seen like this in the so called free world for over 75years need to prepare for the final flurry of slings and arrows to be hurled our way. It's nothing we can't deal with emotionally or physically successfully like we have done previously but this time the desperate barstewards are already rolling down their final throw of the dice and trying to hammer us financially. We have all witnessed some truly shocking consequences of the evil elites genocidal designs on the human race with friends and family sadly succumbing to the death jabs. The brainwashing by Big Pharma funded science, politicians and mainstream media was and still is on an industrial scale. Millions upon millions are already reeping the lethal side effects of the poison that has invaded and slowly but surely taken over and taken out their immune system. In another couple of years by 2024 the depopulation jab will have undoubtedly been the cause of at least a billion deaths. That is a hell of a lot of customers or consumers that will not be around to pay for their gas and electricity bills. Therefore it isn't hard to understand the true motives of these fat cat pieces of excrement oil company owners thinking we better get as much out of these suckers as possible before they all snuff it. The bullshit hike in fuel prices starts the poverty chain that then empacts on food prices, clothing etc. It is so enfuriating seeing the Russian/Ukraine pantomime being used as justification to increase the price we pay at the petrol station and heat our homes just to enrich these greedy elite parasites further. Nevertheless we need to just batton down the hatches and get through the next 18 months, hopefully sooner when these cold blooded inhumane creatures have hung themselves and the clean up, retribution and justice can begin. A bright new chapter for pureblood human beings on planet earth is within reach my friends and history will show yet again as it always does that the greatest virtues of the human spirit... truth, resilience and love always defeats evil.
  6. Great research into this Fry creature, clearly an evil red haired reptilian low life that like so many others at the Beeb have sold their soul to peddle their psychopathic propaganda. Like Hugo infers I would be very concerned for those 7 unjabbed souls that may in the coming months have their life force suspiciously terminated.... obviously due to convid and their critical thinking status. May God protect them. And hey what were the chances that Hazelmere in Surrey would be the first recorded case of this scamdemic in the UK after 2 years previously the beeb, fronted by this Fry P. O. S. doing a mock contagionesque experiment in said same location. They really do take the biscuit but with the destruction of their Satanic ten commandments recently their game will also eventually be up, according to scholars who know a lot more than me about the universe, by the end of 2024 a new brighter phase of civilisation, free from these reptile influences will start.
  7. I like thousands of others haven't been able to get on this site since yesterday lunchtime so virtually 24hours. I started to think TPTB had nobbled this forum but thankfully the evil shapeshifting satanic worshipping adrenachrome addidicted child killing WEF convid depopulation death jab cuuunts were thwarted.
  8. I see the BBC and the daily fail are ramping up their convid propaganda and deflecting stories about Lizzy supposedly glad Meghan didn't attend Phil's funeral, some BBC documentary trying to convince 7 critical thinkers to be brainwashed sheep by some Big Pharma paid professor telling blatent lies about the "safe and effective" death jab so that they somehow miraculously change their mind and roll up their sleeve. Oh yes, don't let's forget the Paedo Prince apparantly having some incredibly embarrassing photo taken by a BBC employee of him doing god knows what during a break in filming of his car crash BBC newsnight interview in 2019. Apparently said photo is so embarrassing it could bring down the monarchy or seriously damage it further... I mean the mind boggles at what that could possibly be unless it is a photo of him shape shifting but even so all these silly stories are clearly designed to occupy the jabbed minds who are getting sicker and sicker by the day but it is definitely norhing to do with their immune system being destroyed... and record numbers of tripple jabbed occupying hospital beds at a time in the UK summer when admissions are usually at their lowest, they are the opposite. But hey don't worry about that, worry about whatever that so called incriminating photo of Andy Windsor coukd possibly be.
  9. Wow... I would say this video is the single most damning piece of evidence that vaccines are the epitome of utter evil promoted and pushed by governments, big pharma and msm to the absolute detriment and wellbeing of human life. If only a quarter of the world population could have seen this video back in 1998 and even now, although for millions it is undoubtedly too late, but still, if more people took the time to actually digest the shocking truth about the devastating harm vaccines do, then we could at least begin to rebuild some normality to this planet and bring to account the genocidal, crimes against humanity the pushers and perpetrators of these death jabs have unleashed without conscience upon society. Excellent, eye opening video but also incredibly sad how human beings have been duped and brainwashed so easily.
  10. Sadly this story which may just be a complete freak, one off, one in a billion chance, will be used as the "new norm" poster boy, justification when inevitably thousands if not millions of similar aged young individuals start dropping like flies all around the world due to their immune systems being completely destroyed by the poison they've accepted like brainwashed lemmings or clockwork oranges as Anthony Burgess so brilliantly wrote about 60 years ago.
  11. It says he died in early December 2020... That is before the death jab roll-out but I suppose he could have had the flu jab which is just as dodgy and filled with horrible stuff that the body will react adversely to.
  12. Since convid my gp practise started to reduce the frequency of my blood tests which had been every 3 months since I had bowel issues, Crohn's disease, and because of previous surgery over the years, I was vulnerable to getting run down and deficient so the tests and up to September 2020 the B12 injections were a good check to test I was maintaining good nutrition which on the whole I did. I now have blood tests every 6 months, my last one was tip top but my next one is due in a couple of weeks and we'll see if everything is okay or not or my slight dip in energy levels recently is my imagination or hypochondria. Thanks for your advice and I will continue with the under the tongue B12s but I was wondering what tablets you use. I use Lindens 1000mg once a day dissolve under the tongue tablet and make sure I don't take it at the same time as Vitamin C as I believe the Vitamin C can reduce the B12s effectiveness and so you need a 2 hour gap between taking each one. I also take 800mg of Folic acid with the B12.
  13. Does anybody on here like myself due to absorption issues because of a bowel condition rely on B12 injections every 12 weeks? I have not had one for over a year as I was concerned or paranoid that big Pharma were putting Graphine Oxide and other poison into them but the tablets I take instead which disolve under the tongue don't feel as though they are quite as effective as the jab as my energy levels have just started to dip and Im thinking maybe I should go back to have the 12 weekly injection and risk it as I eat healthy and take NAC, Elderberry, Q10, extra Zinc, Vitamin C and D and figured they would counter any harmful stuff in the B12 injection if there is any. So just wondering if anyone has a similar dilemma...Cheers.
  14. Unfortunately as long as we live amongst millions and millions of stupid, dumbed down, unconscious people that are so easy to brainwash then every 20 years or so the evil distorted ideologies of these satanic worshipping elites will continue to try their luck at some form of genocide to support their screwed up belief that the planet can only sustain half a billion souls. They actually justify their crazy eugenicistic actions that their death jabs are a kind civilised method of depopulation which I suppose they are if you are comparing this method of mass genicide with that old nazi favourite of theirs of suffocating millions of poor innocent souls with poisonous choking gas till their vital organs and bodily fluids explode all over the place....Yes cheers!
  15. I have saved this quote from the 14th Century French author and historian Jean Froissart as it is so shockingly applicable to today as it was 7 centuries ago. Doctors need 3 qualifications, To be able to lie and not get caught. To pretend to be honest. To cause death without guilt. Jean Froissart 1337 - 1405 French author and historian.
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