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  1. I think I'm done here, it gets kinda boring debating these things. People will invariably 'believe' whatever they want to. What I am saying hinges upon whether you 'believe' there is any truth in the bible, or 'believe' that what Christ said has any truth. If you don't then its just noise, and you cherry pick your own version of reality that suites what 'feels right', not what is actually the case. David Icke is on the right track, which is why I'm posting this information here, because our ideas have overlap.
  2. Where have you heard anything close to what I am saying? You haven’t because the ‘information’ is not coming from the virus or phantom self.
  3. In a sense, yes, the archon virus is a consciousness virus, and it has infected human awareness, and the results are mortal propagation and death. The minds of the fallen angels (archon virus) has spread into human awareness, it is of the serpents mind and this state of consciousness is an inversion of life, hence: death. Prior to the serpent’s mind entering into human consciousness, man had full connection with God in the ‘garden’, then ‘the fall’ occurred and death (archon virus) infected human awareness. And this inverted state of consciousness had its origin in rebellion against God. When the Devil and the angels rebelled, in their spiritual attributes, they became they opposite of all that God is. And if God is Love and life the absence of God in consciousness is darkness and death. And this state of awareness is attempting to assimilate humanity completely into their domain and shut off any connection to God by hooking humans up to AI (transhumanism), and at this point the archon virus has completely assimilated humanity into it’s domain. Like I said, truth is stranger than fiction, yet this is the case. Without Christ’s redemption of mankind, the human race would have been eternally lost. Yet the ‘truth vibrations’ (as Icke calls them) are awakening humanity to this and will prevent this assimilation from occurring.
  4. That’s your opinion. This reality is nothing like you perceive it to be. When Christ is saying that the father of mankind in this state is quite literally Satan, he means exactly that. And because this is the truth you don’t ‘believe’ him. Is this not what you are doing right now? The Devil’s mind is manifested in the consciousness of the soul through the lust senses of the mortal man. Meaning: the ‘fallen angels’ are attempting to assimilate human awareness into their domain, covid-19 the new world order, shadow governments etc. are all outward manifestations of the archon ‘virus’ (appropriately named such) spreading and infesting human awareness ever deeper. Christ was manifested without the ‘archon virus’ which has been transmitted through ‘original sin’, and therefore redeemed the human race through the power of the atonement. This ‘Adam man’ is what Icke terms phantom self. Right now your phantom self is completely dictating your perceptions and you don’t even realize it. I have (to an extent) pierced the veil and have seen through these genetic mind programs. These genetic programs are infested with this ‘mind virus’ running through phantom self, you are regurgitating perceptions that aren’t even your own. This is the truth, yet you choose to ‘believe’ what ever fits your moment to moment feeling of what is ‘true’.
  5. Not as unsettling as literally crucifying people for saying what I am, which occurred with the early Christians. What I am teaching you is the truth that Jesus Christ taught, the carnal minded people of that age stoned, killed, and crucified the early Christians and put in its place Roman paganism.
  6. This is true. sin can be broadly defined as anything that God is not. The Devil ‘sinned from the beginning’, that is he spiritual nature is the opposite of God.
  7. You want to believe that I have some sort of sexual desire that is troubling, in order to make sense of why I am saying what I am, because you have never heard anything like it. This is freudian psychology 101, I must have some sort of 'complex' triggered by a past trauma or abuse, and I am compensating. Whereas all I am doing is reaching inside your mind and crucifying you, and it feels a bit..unsettling, the fact that I am accurately defining your 'condition', and stating plainly what the cause of all the disease, sickness, suffering, and death of the human race is.
  8. It's not dogmatic, what I am preaching is the same thing the Buddha taught: to overcome all desire is to be free from bondage, and lust and desire are pretty much synonyms. Or from the Upanishads: "The one who realizes yoga through intense practice of pranayama and meditation on Om cuts off the bonds of family life using the very sharp mind which has been sharpened using an efficient sharpener of renunciation and gets freedom from all bondage. 22 The one who gets freedom from desires reaches the deathless state. The one who gets freedom from all desires by cutting off all desires and affection becomes devoid of all bonds. 23"
  9. What is your view? Does it have something to do with 'unconditional love', without ever describing how you can attain that state? I am highlighting what spirituality is not, or what it masquerades as. The mortal half that dies, is unreal. What humans call love is actually just sex-lust, or sex mesmerism, it is not Love. Human familial 'love' also stems from these blood ties which is not love but selfishness. I am highlighting what God is not, and hopefully you can figure out the rest.
  10. That is fine if you don't "believe" in Jesus, I really don't care.
  11. Yes, it is 'natural' meaning, a part of nature. The law of lust runs throughout all of nature. And the 'natural' man, with his carnal mind is absolutely anti-spiritual. What I am describing isn't a matter of like or dislike. I am describing the dual nature of mankind as it is. The Christ mind is non-carnal and non-selfishness. When you reveal all the lust within the human mind, and that all human blood ties are selfishness and not of love but lust, then the human mind will turn on you and hate you. The carnal mind hated, killed, and stoned Jesus and the Apostles; that is a fact. Read the history of the crimes, rapes, murders, swindling etc. lust is at the root of all of this. Unselfish spiritual love begins where the selfish affection of the senses ends. All carnal ties are of the selfish thought. Marriage and the sex relations between husband and wife is the essence of this thought. I don't mean to say that the race should not marry here in this fallen state. They should until carnality is overcome. All human ties of blood relation is sex mesmerism. Human affection of blood relation is sex mesmerism. They are of the sex mind and sex brain. They are carnal in nature and non-spiritual. they are selfishness, and the spirit is non-selfishness. It is love. "God is love." And God is spirit. All ties here are of the serpent's mind and the sex brain. The law of human relation is the law of selfishness. The human mind does not love its own to any degree beyond the third generation. The human tie is so selfish that it seldom extends beyond the third generation. Hence Jesus said "Who is my mother, my brother and my sister? He that does the will of my Father who is in Heaven." He repudiates all human relations, not just sexual relations, because it is all of the serpent's mind. The race is still out in the land of Nod, where Cain went to get a wife and is wandering around in this land of the carnal senses worshipping its human offspring and human relations as idols. The Eves are still bringing forth their Cains through lust and saying "they are of the lord" and the Adams are still begetting their "Seths" in their "images." Some are drunks, and some are murderers etc. Jesus was 'immaculately conceived', that is was not conceived through the mortal law of sex-lust, which is selfishness, and is said to have not been conceived in "sin". Jesus overcame death, and was resurrected from the dead. The resurrection is the overcoming of the serpent's mind, in thought and consciousness. When the soul overcomes the serpent's mind in thought and consciousness, it has overcome death. There was no death until the serpent's mind was manifested in consciousness. Sex lust was the original cause of death. All the sorrow of the race, revolves around the lie that there are pleasure within the carnal senses. All other desires revolve around this central strong desire. The desire for drugs and alcohol comes from lust. Falsehood comes out of lust. The mind of the sex brain is dishonest and untruthful. All honesty and character is within the mind of the soul. All truth is spiritual. All falsehood is of the serpent's mind - the mind of the senses and sex brain. You are correct however to say that these things are 'natural'. The mind of the sex brain is in all nature. It is in all things that are material. The planets affect the carnal mind. Sex polarization is everywhere in nature.
  12. What I am saying isn't unique to Christianity, the secret of health and longevity is the preservation of the seminal energy, that is another reason why lust is destructive to the human being. And yes if you read any Buddhist texts, 'desire' is more or less a metaphysical evil. Sensuality destroys life, lustre, strength, vitality, memory, wealth, great fame, holiness and devotion to the Supreme. —Lord Krishna Sin and death (the unreal) had it's origin in rebellion against God. The unreal is God's means of manifesting the opposite of himself, as a result of their transgression against him. In John 8:44 Christ refers to the mind of the chief of these fallen spirits as the mind of lust and carnality. He says that he was a murderer from the beginning. He was cast down to darkness and death when he fell. This is his fallen state and the fallen state is lust in thought. You think the parable of the knowledge of good and evil refers to a literal 'apple'. Why does no one ever specify what the lie of the serpent is? The Devil is the serpent that deceived eve, and he is lust. The end of Satan's Kingdom (the lust of the flesh and carnal and mortal propagation) is the beginning of Christ's Kingdom. The end of death is the beginning of life. And Jesus said to them, “The sons of this age marry and are given in marriage. 35But those having been considered worthy to obtain that which is to the age, and the resurrection which is from the dead, neither marry nor are given in marriage. 36For neither are they able to die any more, for they are like the angels and are sons of God, being sons of the resurrection."
  13. Why does no one appreciate the profundity of what I am saying?? Minds should be getting blown all over the place, yet I get no-brain moronic comments.
  14. No, I'm just explaining what billions of humans have failed to comprehend. The lack of understanding of this has lead to human misery and ill health on a vast scale. When I say that Christ was absolutely pure in thought and consciousness, and was free from 'sin' and overcame death, the modern Christian nods in agreement. But when I elaborate on what 'sin' actually is, and say that it is the thoughts of sex-lust in the consciousness of the soul, that makes the soul conscious of 'evil', then all hell breaks loose and I am accused of being a sexual degenerate, which is odd, as I am uncovering that thing which the is the most esteemed human thought and the cause of all degeneracy: the love of the sex and lust senses. This is called false-modesty. The secret of health and longevity, and the 'secret' of how Jesus and the apostles healed the sick and had authority over sin, disease, and death, is because they overcame all lust in thought, desire, and consciousness, and were in a mental-spiritual state that was in harmony with God. As I have stated, the mental-spiritual state of the fallen angels is lust, and as Jesus says in John 8:44, the father of mortal man is the Devil (serpent's mind), and his dominion is lust, and because this is the truth you believe him not. 42Jesus said to them, “If God were your Father, you would love Me, for I have come here from God. I have not come on My own, but He sent Me. 43Why do you not understand what I am saying? It is because you are unable to accept My message. 44You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out his desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, refusing to uphold the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, because he is a liar and the father of lies. 45But because I speak the truth, you do not believe Me! 46Which of you can prove Me guilty of sin? If I speak the truth, why do you not believe Me? 47Whoever belongs to God hears the words of God. The reason you do not hear is that you do not belong to God.” Do you dispute what Christ says here? This is not some sort of riddle, he is saying clear-as-day that the people 'of this world', are the children of the Devil. Read into Icke's books, the 'natural' world, through which death is the common denominator, is a counterfeit of God's creation. The material and mortal are God's means of manifesting the opposite of himself, as the result of the angels' transgression against him. In the Gnostic texts it is stated in slightly different terms but the conclusion is the same: the Archons created a bad copy of prime earth and tuned human awareness into it for the purpose of perceptual enslavement. This entire reality is a fake copy of God's creation. There is no actual life in what is termed cell life, it exists in thought and consciousness in the absence of God, it only exists in the mind of the sex and lust senses whereby it is propagated. It is unreal (mortal), God's creation is real (immortal).This is what 'the fall of man' was, where 'death' entered into the consciousness of the human race, meaning - the man made in God's image yielded to the minds of the fallen angels and mortal propagation and death are the results.
  15. The ‘Fall’ of man from a new perspective. In my opinion this is the most crucial point to understanding what is going on in this reality. The ‘Fall of Man’ was more or less a genetic switch-off of humanity instigated by a highly inverted state of consciousness that has been disconnected from God, in various cultures: ‘the fallen ones’ or the fallen angels, who through entities such as the Reptilians have been manipulating human affairs for thousands of years. This genetic manipulation meant changing the human body/mind for the purpose of enslavement. This genetic manipulation had two major effects: (1) It drastically reduced the range of frequencies that humans could access and decode, leaving us with the tiny range of perception called ‘visible light’; (2) The mind/body-computer was tuned into a false reality - the ‘Matrix. This genetic manipulation meant that the vast perception range of humans in the real golden age was now gone, and a series of genetic ‘upgrades’ (slavegrades) have confined humanity to this sliver of ‘reality’ — visible light. This involved a massive infusion of reptilian genetics to connect humans vibrationally to their ‘Matrix’. The Reptilians created humans in their genetic image in that they infused the human body-computer with their own reptilian information and coding. So humans to a large extent ‘became’ one of them, and knew (decoded) good and ‘evil’. There was no ‘evil’ (the reverse of ‘live’) in the real Golden Age before reptilian intervention. The genetic manipulation tuned humanity into the Reptilian collective, or ‘hive’ mind, through artificial reality ‘Matrix’. As Don Juan Matus said in the Carlos Castaneda books : “they gave us their mind”. The ‘predator’ or serpent is the reptilian alliance and they have given us their mind. Now, linking this into my other posts. What exactly is this human form they created in their image, and tuned human awareness into? I quote Christ: ‘Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. 45 And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.’ Here, The Master declares that the father of mortal man is none other than The Devil. The mortal man is the same human ‘body-computer’ that the reptilians created through their genetic manipulation and tuned human awareness into it. This mortal man is unreal; and is propagated through the serpent’s mind, which is the mind of the fallen angels, and is death. Death is the absence of God’s mind in the consciousness of the soul - the spiritual man made in God’s image. The ‘lie of the serpent’ is that the sex and lust senses are the source of life, when in fact, they are the source of death, the sex and lust senses whereby mortal man is propagated *IS* the serpent’s mind which connected humanity to the fake ‘Matrix’, it ‘IS* the hive mind - the mind of the fallen angels. The fallen angels are attempting to assimilate human awareness into their domain. That is the true yet horrible truth. Christ and the Apostles were from a more ancient domain and were manifest here to prevent this from occurring. Christ (The Son of God) was manifest without the law of lust of the fallen angels (immaculate conception) and was therefore free from ‘sin’ which is sex-lust, and overcame the serpent’s mind in thought desire and consciousness, and therefor overcame death and came out of the grave. All sickness, disease, and insanity comes out of the mesmerism of the serpent’s mind. The human race thus hypnotized by the serpent mind believes the lie of there serpent - that there is pleasure and life in the sex-lust senses and therefore propagates here in this mortal state, and goes to the grave. In this state of death, that which is most highly esteemed by the human man, is the orgasm of the sex act. This thought within the consciousness of man is the most highly esteemed of all the thoughts of the human mind; it is the most esteemed thought of the will power of the flesh and has been ever since the serpent mind entered into consciousness. This thought is "an abomination in the sight of God." (meaning - there is absolutely no lust in God's mind.) Within the human mind this thought is worshipped as God. God is the only source of life, the absence of God’s mind in consciousness is the unreal -death. Christ’s mind is diametrically opposed to the serpent’s mind - (sex-lust) - the mind of the fallen angels - and death. The ‘Resurrection’ is going from the carnal sense to soul sense in thought and consciousness, it is the overcoming of the serpent’s mind, as did the Christ; hence the quote: And Jesus answering said unto them, The children of this world marry, and are given in marriage: 35But they which shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world, and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry, nor are given in marriage: 36Neither can they die any more: for they are equal unto the angels; and are the children of God, being the children of the resurrection. 3 The serpent (mind of the fallen angels) lives and has his being within the thoughts of the sex brain. The thoughts of this serpent, which are lust, poison both body and mind, and produces directly or indirectly the diseases of the human race, and damns the soul. It is the mind of fallen spirits, whom God cast out of his presence for having rebelled against him as life. When the spiritual ideas of the divine mind flow into the soul as life, the carnal ideas of the serpent flee as death. The carnal mind has hated and stoned the spiritual teachers in every age for preaching spiritual truth. The serpent’s mind stoned, killed, and crucified Christ and the apostles when they were here. It is this same mind within your own soul that denies the truth of what I am teaching to you, as was the case 2000 years ago. The fallen spirits are in outer darkness. They have no consciousness of that which is holy and divine. They are lustful in thought and nature. This is sin; and this is death; and the “devil sinned from the beginning;” that is, was carnal in thought. This was the origin and the beginning of sin and death. The lust of the flesh is the mind of fallen spirits - the mind of the fallen angels. Had our Lord yielded to this mind, this fallen race would have been eternally lost. But by overcoming the serpent’s mind, in thought and consciousness, he kept the holy state of thought and consciousness and became the redeemer of the human race. This atonement was necessary to restore humanity back to a state of harmony with God after the 'fall' - meaning - the man made in God's image yielded to the minds of the fallen angels, and mortal propagation and death are the results. In summary: The ‘fallen ones’ essentially gave humanity their mind - the serpent’s mind, which is the father of mortal existence, and this mind is lust - the means whereby mortal man is propagated. This occurred via an energetic ‘schism’ or ‘hijack’ of human reality perpetrated by these fallen beings, which at their very core, are a very distorted/inverted form of awareness that has been disconnected from ‘source’ - God. At the basic energetic level, humanity essentially has become a battery for this archontic energetic distortion - all the thoughts of sorrow, envy, hatred - low vibrational emotional energy, are generated and the ‘fallen ones’ can then absorb, synchronize, and feed on it. The ‘serpent’s mind’ I reference has been referred to as the ‘R-complex’ in mainstream literature, or the reptilian brain. We are ‘locked’ into this false matrix via the reptilian genetics, which is manifested in the reptilian brain or mind. Reptilians use higher levels of this genetic energetic infusion of reptilian DNA to infiltrate human society and have a seemingly outward human appearance, these are the bloodline families that Icke talks about. Reptilians operating outside visible light ‘wear’ these genetic hybrid holographic computers. The far greater genetic compatibility means there is a far greater vibrational and frequency compatibility, this allows the person to be ‘possessed’, and their mental and emotional processes (actions) controlled from another reality. Their hybrid DNA has dual codes - human and reptilian. While the human codes are activated and open, a human form is projected holographically, but when they shift (shapeshift) and open their reptilian codes, a reptilian form is projected. We are only decoding the five-sense visible-light band of frequency, and when we see these hybrids they appear to be human like the rest of us. But if we could see further into the frequency field, or if their reptilian codes kicked in, we would see something very different. Remember the traits that ‘emanate’ from the reptilian mind or serpents mind are not just lust they are also: psychopathy (no empathy), ritualistic behavior, a desire for control, compulsions and obsessions, worship, rigidity, and hierarchies. All consciousness has had this dual reptilian-human nature, and has been ever since the serpent entered into consciousness and deceived man. The ‘truth vibrations’ Icke speaks of are similar to the ‘transformation’ mentioned in Christianity. This “transformation” is through the power of the Holy Spirit - Christ’s mind. He quickens the soul to life from death of the serpent mind. The “Babbler,” which is the serpent’s mind, is the master of human thoughts. He is of the lust and carnal senses of the brain that emanate from the R-complex or reptilian mind. He does the talking to the soul that causes all sin and death. He is the cause of all confusion in thought and action. The human tongue expresses in words what the “Babbler”- that is, the sex senses, says in thought to the consciousness. When these senses are removed from the consciousness of the soul, the soul beholds God as the spiritual Father. This is “revealed religion,” and this is Christianity.
  16. From the Revelation of Peter (nag hammadi): "there will be no honor in any man who is not immortal, but only (in) those who were chosen from an immortal substance, which has shown that it is able to contain him who gives his abundance. Therefore I said, 'Every one who has, it will be given to him, and he will have plenty.' But he who does not have, that is, the man of this place, who is completely dead, who is removed from the planting of the creation of what is begotten, whom, if one of the immortal essence appears, they think that they possess him - it will be taken from him and be added to the one who is."
  17. The Material creation is the counterfeit of the Spiritual World. The Spiritual is real, the Material is Unreal. There is a correspondency in the Spiritual and Material World's, Life is in Spiritual and Death is in the Material. The spiritual and the physical creations or rather the spiritual and physical worlds, for each is separate and distinct, and the physical is the manifestation of the spiritual, or to be more exact, the like of the spiritual, constitute the dual creation or dual existence. To be more exact, the spiritual universe is self-existent, or what the scholastic world calls "God," and is the Creator—by the scholastic world we mean man-made theology. The physical universe is the product of the energizing force of the spiritual universe and is the creature. In other words, the spiritual world is the Creator and immortal, the material universe is the creature and is mortal. The physical universe exists for the want of spirit and mind and thought in Consciousness of the Soul—It is a Mortal Concept. It is Cell Life and of the Senses —and there is no Real Life in what is termed Cell Life and the Senses. It only exists in the Consciousness of the Carnal or Mortal Mind—Cell Life is the Carnal or Mortal Mind. Soul or Real Life is Mind—and not of the Physical Senses. There was a time when matter did not exist--when the material creation was a nonentity. A time existed when the material universe did not exist. There must be a spiritual intelligence--and that universal spiritual intelligence must be eternal. Either matter or spirit is eternal--that is, existed without a beginning. The materialist must admit this proposition. All must admit it regardless of revelation. That either spirit or matter exited without a beginning is self evident, that either spirit or matter was all and the infinite and in the beginning. Matter is the phenomena of the material senses and does not exist in soul senses. That matter has no innate intelligence must be admitted. The rock, the stone--cannot think and cannot know the laws of the universe. Therefore, there must be an intelligent force, which governs the created universe. God is light, life, Spirit. God is good, and God is love. If God be Spirit, the opposite and the absence of God, must be matter. If God be love, the opposite and the absence of God, must be hatred and malice. If God be light, the opposite of God must be darkness. If God be life, the opposite and the absence of God, must be matter and death. The scripture indicates that before the material creation was created, the universe was all spiritual and that God, the Universal Spiritual intelligence, reigned in his spiritual Kingdom and that there were spiritual creatures--members of His spiritual kingdom. These were angels--holy and spiritual in their nature. They were begotten by God the Father, and conceived by God the Holy Spirit. The scripture teaches us the the Devil--Satan--one of these angels--rebelled against God's spiritual universe and the spiritual laws which govern and regulate it--and became the Fallen Angel. When these spiritual beings rebelled against His universe, its laws and its spiritual nature, they partook of the opposite nature and became the opposite in their attributes to God, His spiritual laws and spiritual universe. They partook of the nature of darkness, evil and death, which is manifested in the material creation and the fleshly man. Revelation indicates that the Chief of the spiritual beings who rebelled against God, God's spiritual laws and God's spiritual universe, is the Devil. The power of the fallen spirits, their nature and attributes, which are contrary to God and to God's spiritual universe, are manifested and represented in the material man. The spiritual man was created in God's image and in accordance and in harmony with God's spiritual nature. The material man in his fleshly nature, who is conceived in passion and born of woman of the nature of the fallen spirits, which is death - the absence of God's mind. That is why humanity dies in this fallen state. Death is the negative and the absence of God as life. John 8:44 Jesus said "If God were your father, ye would love me; for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me. Why do ye not understand my speech? Even because ye cannot hear my word. Ye are of your father, the Devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own; for he is a liar, and the father of it. And because I tell you the truth, you believe me not." Here, Jesus compares the physical man, the first material man, who was created by lust, as the son of the devil, the devil here representing the fallen angels who rebelled against God.
  18. When you spin back a movie and press 'play', has anything changed since you last watched it? No, and, once again, it is the same with the Matrix unless the script is rewritten by either the Matrix or consciousness making decisions at odds with the software. The latter is why those Matrix clones, the Illuminati, are so freaked out by mavericks that refuse to conform to the program. In doing so, they are rewriting it. Consciousness can do this by overriding the program through the DNA. If we don't, then, as they say, history keeps repeating. The Stone Age, Iron Age, Industrial Revolution and computer-dominated world of 'today' are happening over and over. To experience them you need to be at that point in the program, that's all. We are not going anywhere, not evolving, we are experiencing part of a program designed to enslave us and turn us into generators of fear - the energy that powers the Matrix. Think of horses on a carousel. Whether anyone is sitting on them or not they still go round with the rest. Our 'physical' bodies are biological computers reading software programs and they are running all the time. The question is whether self- aware consciousness chooses to experience this illusory world through one of those software carousel 'horses' (human bodies) or not. If it doesn't, the 'body' will still play out the program, because it is a biological computer capable of 'thought' (assessment of data). But it will be nothing more than software without consciousness as defined in this book. Everything you see in the Matrix is part of the program, including your own body. The exception to this is your consciousness, those that have any that is, because, in the way I am defining consciousness in this book, not everyone has. The phenomenon of the 'woman in the red dress' in the first Matrix movie, the woman who was just part of a software program despite appearing 'real', is not confined to a Hollywood sci-fi script. These 'computer' creations, these carousel horses with no rider, are everywhere. There are three main groups of 'people' in the Matrix (see Figure 51): 1) First there are the software programs whose only consciousness is the DNA/RNA receiving instructions from the Matrix. They are constructs of mind, not consciousness. All energy/consciousness is Infinite Oneness, but not all expressions of this are at the same level of awareness. The 'human' interactive software programs are sophisticated robots following a 'life' program dictated by the Matrix and their free will is basically zilch. I'm sure you must have met many. They appear to be the same as everyone else in the way they look, but the best special effects studios can now put digital 'people' into advertisements and you can't see the join. There is a television presenter in Britain who is famous for being enormous and she appeared in a commercial with a far slimmer body to sell a food product. You could not see the join and anyone who didn't know what she really looked like would believe the body in the ad was hers. This is why we have to be extremely wary about 'Bin Laden' videos that suddenly come to light at just the right time from the agenda's point of view. Producing a fake Bin Laden saying fake words is a cinch to the state-of-the-art special effects houses. The same principle applies with these 'Red Dress' programs, as I will call them. They are bodies without consciousness, interactive software programs. The lifeless look in their eyes is one way of picking them out, as is the lack of energy coming from them. They resonate to a different frequency to conscious awareness and again you can symbolise them as the horses on the carousel with no one on board. These interactive software programs can malfunction, go off message, and 'hack' into other programs - as with the Agent Smith character in the Matrix movies. A lot of that is going on, too. 2) Other people do have consciousness, but are so entranced and deluded by the Matrix that their DNA programming calls the shots and dictates the path that they take. These horses do have a rider, but the horse is still making the decisions. They go where the DNA program takes them because they don't think they have a choice or don't choose to make one. They can be lovely, caring people and express their consciousness in that way, but they can't see beyond the illusion. These are the main energy source for the Matrix because it feeds off the emotional energies of fear, guilt, and frustration etc., generated by consciousness trapped in this virtual reality prison and identifying with its programmed 'personality'. Once consciousness identifies with the mind and emotions - the software - it begins to resonate to those frequencies and this invariably means an expression of fear. These people, with what you might call 'back seat consciousness', also represent by far the biggest section of 'conscious' humanity. They are the system fodder who overwhelmingly do and think as they are told. 3) The third, and by far the smallest, group are those who are aware enough to see through the illusion and have begun to access the knowing of Infinite Oneness beyond the walls of the software program. This doesn't mean they understand the full nature of life and reality, but they have at least a subconscious knowing that the world is not as it seems. They are the only ones with free will in the sense that they have the awareness and power of consciousness to break the control of the DNA software. They can ride the horse and, in doing so, rewrite the program. These people stand out from the crowd and are dubbed dangerous or mad because they don't see the world like everyone else. The Matrix is a six- stone weakling compared with consciousness in its true power, and this group is like a computer virus that has the means to scramble the program and download another reality. The Matrix targets these people with a vengeance to protect its control and also because if it can manipulate this level of consciousness to become caught in the illusions and succumb to fear, it is a massive potential energy source.
  19. The simple answer is that God isn't the one who is creating 'all this shit', God created Lucifer, and Lucifer fell when he rebelled against God and became evil. Those spirit beings who rebelled against God, naturally, became the opposite of all that God is. What is so hard to understand about that? If you need an answer to the question "Why did Lucifer rebel against God", I will present the following explanation: At some point, God evolved to one unique identity. This phenomenon came about by way of the mathematical argument that there is the infinite domain of God and all else is non-existence, what God is not. In Vulcan metaphysics, it is stated as, ‘nothing unreal exists.’ God is increasing at an infinite rate toward infinity, but we can regard that domain, which is a null domain, where God is not as the void into which God is expanding. Such an expansion requires infinite adaptability to express the infinite series of potentialities regarding the null void: What is God not? All that God is falls into that domain of the infinitely expanding identity of God. All that God is not falls into that null domain that God is expanding into. So God creates a second infinite, unique domain, and a necessary third domain appears to tie the two infinite domains of God and His new creation together such that there is overlap and not complete mutual exclusivity. You can see when a grade-school style Venn diagram is in place that the creation of a second unique infinite domain brings about the existence of a third domain if there is to be any relationship, including simple communication, between the two domains. Since domain A and domain B are infinite, then the overlap A ∩ B, must also therefore be infinite. Also, domain A ∩ B shares elements of both unique domains and therefore has a higher ‘density’ ration when considering the individual elements and characteristics that make up each of the two unique domains, A and B. Domain A ∩ B therefore can in all practical senses be considered in some ways superior, possessing elements and characteristics that either one domain may lack, alone. This phenomenon is the reason God created a second unique infinite domain. This is where the terms the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, come from. The Holy Spirit representing the overlap between domains A ∩ B; the Father and the Son. That is the core of the onion. At some point the phenomenon A ∩ B, meeting the requirements of an infinitely expanding system, must expand into a null void, what is God not? The first realm other than the unique infinite domains of God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit is created. The first layer of the onion comes into being, a universe is created, or rather, a Multiverse, a realm, consisting of numerous subsets, a multitude of universes not at all like our universe in construct or purpose. This is the first of creation that can be denoted as, in summary, the Kingdom of God. In order to expand into this void, what is God not? A multitude of unique, infinite domains identical in construct to God must be created to explore the potentialities of this infinite question. The question is infinite; the domains that explore the infinite question must also therefore be infinite in scope and duration. These infinite domains are sentient life. Life is created; from every simple microscopic single celled organism to sentient beings fill this new domain. The sentient beings are those that are charged with answering, or rather, exploring the potentialities of the infinite question, what is God not? All of the other life forms down to the simplest single celled organisms are in roles that support the work of the Sentients. In this case, the Sentients are not humans, not yet. That realm, this realm in which we reside has not been created yet, and will be many layers further from the inner most domain where God resides. If you can try to picture that, but trillions upon trillions of layers thick, that is what we are talking about. Each layer is a realm, a Multiverse, in common terms, containing a googolplex of universes and countless sentient beings. The outer layers are younger, the inner layers are more ancient, and the innermost layers are the most ancient of creation. In short, creation didn’t happen yesterday, certainly not 13.8 billion years ago. This realm and this cosmos are on the outermost layer of creation, the youngest; the frontier. There is no number large enough to put an actual age on the whole of creation. This realm is many trillions of years old, actually, something on the order of trillions of trillions. Our cosmos is not nearly as old as this realm (this Multiverse) that contains it. The first realm, the first Multiverse, is so ancient that the place humans refer to as Heaven is many layers and domains of creation newer, younger, not to be confused with this innermost domain where God exists. That is, Heaven, for human beings, is part of the younger domains just as our physical cosmos is. Human Heaven is part of the outermost, youngest realm, not part of the cosmos, but not a physical part of the realm. The differentiation is in permanency. Physical cosmoses and realms are finite; they cease to exist at some point. Heavenly realms are infinite, they never cease to exist. That is, each realm, or layer, has its own ‘heaven,’ or infinite, non- corporeal domain. Eventually the corporeal face of a realm dies Heat Death, but the non- corporeal domain continues on for infinity. What we call ‘Heaven’ is one of such trillions of ‘heavens’ in the Kingdom of God. This is written in the Bible, especially the non-canonical book of Enoch, although such large numbers were not directly discussed. In the Vedas this is spoken of plainly. In biology, the term ‘self-regulating’ is used. When you create an entire cosmos for the purpose of creating darkness, what God not, you want a safety valve in place. A self-extinguishing, self- regulating cosmos that will cease to exist under its own volition and design is just such a mechanism. Therefore, ultimately Astrophysicists will discover that the cosmos is indeed self- regulating, and will cease to exist at some point. At this point, upon looking at the inner layers of the onion, the domain humans refer to as Heaven has not even been conceived of, not even by God. Countless thousands of such layers, such Kingdoms of God, will be created, like the layers of an onion, before our Heaven and Earth are even conceived of. Thus, there are countless realms in the Kingdom of God that are more ancient than that place humans call Heaven. What they call Heaven is still a young place, new. Some of this is explained in the Vedic literature. It is also described in the Bible, the Talmud, and other Holy texts. The next obvious question is, ‘who explained this to the humans who wrote the ancient Vedas? The answer is, the Avatars. Avatars, such as you and me, are beings from these more ancient domains that appear among younger sentient species to express and explain some of the guidelines for our existence. Each new realm in the expansion of the Kingdom(s) of God can be visualized rather simply: And so on. It’s really quite simple. The outer layers are younger, the inner layers of creation are more ancient. The inner layers are so old that they no longer exist in physical form, they have either recollapsed or experienced Heat Death or some other such thing, but their associated infinite domains (their Heaven) exist for infinity. As each layer of creation fulfills its task of exploring all of the potentialities of the infinite question, what is God not(?) that are possible within that domain, a newer, younger domain is then created more distant from God to explore yet further; God expands to fill that void. In so doing, God expands into that void. That is the reason we exist here. Eventually, this physical domain will cease to exist, and humans will exist in the Kingdom of God associated with their realm, and another realm will be created, and so on. Recapping: In order for God to fit the definition of Infinite, God must be infinitely expanding. Infinity has no endpoint. In order for God to expand, He must expand into a null domain. The null domain can be expressed by the term, what is God not? In each realm, or Multiverse, as you will, the null domain what is God not is explored to exhaustion. This process can take googols of years for any given realm. At this point, the realm is exhausted as a null domain, and as a void for God to expand into. For all practical purposes, the sentient beings that occupy such a realm become gods by human standards, made of the same stuff as God, created in God’s image, and now knowing all things of good and evil, become omniscient, even omnipotent as their technology allows them. In order to explore the potentialities of that question, God creates another unique, yet finite domain we would refer to as a Multiverse, or realm, as you will. This Multiverse is the foundation for countless Universes, each with a unique set of properties embedded within the greater domain of this Multiverse. Just think of bubbles in water. The bubbles are universes embedded within the Multiverse of the water. Oversimplified, but expresses the idea without error. This Multiverse and all of its subset universes must then be filled with life. Some life is sentient, the other life supports the role of the sentient beings as they explore the infinite question, what is God not? In perspective, humans, for instance, are not the only sentient life on Earth. The fallacy of inaccurately thinking so is part of our failed makeup that defines our stupidity, a feature of what is God not. Stupidity, evil, violence, commerce, pollution, sex, drugs, starvation, disease, suffering, desperation, powerlessness, limited... War. What is God not? There is the physical, finite domain of this physical cosmos, and another domain we refer to as our Heaven, and the overlap between the two domains is us. so what exactly is this place, how was it created, and what is the origin of Evil? First off, you do not need to be a Christian to believe anything I say, as ‘belief’ is in fact a cognitive process that does not effect the structure of reality. My ideas here are bit more speculative, but the overarching themes are consistent. A long, long looong time ago, in the first order of creation — that first ancient ‘layer of the onion’ so to speak, there existed a creation of Spirit (sentient) beings who you can regard as those first infinite domains other than God that were created. God approached one of his highest angels, whom we will simply agree is called Lucifer for the time being, and charged him with the command; create a new concept, a new realm to explore such that God (I) can expand, what is God not? Lucifer, being among the most intelligent of his race, created (invented) war; he rallied his people and warred against the entire realm of Heaven, then created a domain where God is not –Hell. He fulfilled his command with a completely unique and new layer to add to the Kingdom of God. His influence overlaps with all sentient beings in this Multiverse – filled with unique finite universes, each universe filled with countless trillions of sentient beings, all exploring the infinite question, what is God not? All influenced by Lucifer. Lucifer can be thought of as the director of this place. That is why those who mimic him are rewarded in this physical world, rewarded with money, women, power, and so on. That is the answer to an age-old question. This Multiverse, filled with countless universes, each universe filled with countless trillions of sentient beings, is on the very outermost edge of God’s existence. The description above is of Lucifer’s actions in an angelic realm of the first creation, a googolplex of realms prior to this one. Thus, the name Lucifer is merely a model. Nevertheless, he whom we will agree will go by the name Lucifer, for lack of a better word, created, invented, conceived of the first darkness beyond God’s reach and understanding, war, hatred, territorialism. Again, this occurred in the first realm of creation. We, a googolplex of realms, countless trillions of eons later, have inherited this model. We have of course expanded on this model and invented entirely new ones in ways our ancestors in the former realms could never have conceived of, else we would not have need been created. If you read between the lines, what was ‘caste out’ of the infinite domain is the creation of the Archon-Demiurge, the earth. It's an analogy for something that is beyond the human scope of understanding. Similar to the garden of eden story, where ‘man became of living soul’ i.e. us Spirit beings incarnate into the material creation and are conscious of the difference between good and evil, the spiritual and the material, life and death. According to the gnostic texts the Archons have their own ‘heavens’, and they exist on the periphery of the layer of the onion of creation, rather than ‘deep heaven’ —the eternal aeons. The law of lust is anti-spiritual and contrary to life. The physical ‘man’ (organic portal) only exists in mind and thought in the absence of God as the only life—the absence of God’s mind. All that appears yet is not in the presence of god is under this anti-spiritual law. If this were not the case then God would not be able to explore the question ‘what am I not?’ through the mortal creation. The Christian scripture represents lust as the power of the flesh and anti-spiritual. The “Adam man” or organic portal self is anti-spiritual, which is why you cannot know anything spiritual through the cognitive mind. The organic portal is completely dead — there is no actual life in matter or cell life, it is all Maya — illusion. It is the manifestation of the minds of the Fallen Angels, who rebelled against God's Kingdom, represented in the flesh and blood human.
  20. No I'm not stating that God necessarily screwed up, rather, those beings willfully rebelled against him, as is stated in revelation: The War in Heaven 7Then a war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. 8But the dragon was not strong enough, and no longer was any place found in heaven for him and his angels. 9And the great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him. What i am saying is that 'this place' i.e. the earth, is what was manifested as a result of their transgression. And the man made in God's image yielded to the minds of the fallen angels, which is death, and mortal propagation is the result. The 'Big Bang' was more that God expanded into the void that they created. The 'Big Bang' was the result of multiple infinite domains (spiritual forces) clashing, creating huge voids for God to expand into. If you need a reason why evil exists - it exists solely for God to expand and fill that void. In order for God to be infinite, he must be increasing without bound. You can regard the null void where God is not as the void into which God is expanding. And this abyss of darkness they (the fallen angels) created, and God expanded to fill that void. I'm not saying most people are murderers and rapists because of lust; rather, I am stating more clearly what it is within human nature that (At times) can make humans so cruel and brutal, and it is undoubtedly the serpent's mind, which is lust. Without my correct interpretation of Christianity, the immaculate conception and resurrection make absolutely no sense whatsoever. When Christians say christ was born without 'sin', they mean he was not born through the mortal law of sex-lust. When they say he overcame death they mean he overcame the law of the mortal creation, which is sex-lust. It's really not that difficult to understand. That is what MY God did, correct. However, if you insist that Christ is not your God then that's fine, doesn't change anything.
  21. Actually the Catholic Church has deified lust as holy by making marriage a sacrement. The carnal within man was done this in every age of the world. I don't care about what the catholic church-a pagan institution- does or does not do, I am only interested in the truth that Christ taught when he was here. John 8:44 " 44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. 45 And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not." Here the Master declares that the father of mortal humanity is The Devil, and that Lust is the mental-spiritual state of The Devil, it is of the spiritual nature of the fallen angels, it is death. Christ said that when the devil "speaketh a lie he speaks of his own for he is a liar and the father of it." The senses are liars, and there is no Truth in them, for they are not of God, who is Truth. Selfishness and dishonesty is within the sex. There is not an honest thought in the sensual or sex mind. "And the serpent said until the woman. Ye shall not surely die." Gen3:4 This was the liw of the serpent. It has deceived the daughters of men in all generations. It has deceived souls ever since the angels lost their holy state and the carnal creation came into existence. This serpent is the Cain mind which murdered Abel. This serpent is the devil, which our Lord refers to in John 8:44. This serpent is the same Satan that job said "was walking up and down in the earth, seeking whom he may devour." And this serpent is located within the sex brain and the lust senses of men. He is the devil. He is sex lust. He creates all the confusion and strife of this life. He commands the armies and the navies of the nations of this eaeth, and produces all the merder and death of the ages. He fills the jails, hospitals and insane asylums of the world. He is the "Prince of this world" and the enemy of the soul. This is the same devil to which our Master referred to in Mat. 13:38 when he said "The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one; the enemy that sowed them is the devil." This devil is sex lust. This devil is the same devil that John refers to in first john 3:8-9 when he says, "He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil." Later on: Jesus answered, “The sons of this age marry and are given in marriage. 35But those who are considered worthy to share in the age to come and in the resurrection from the dead will neither marry nor be given in marriage. 36In fact, they can no longer die, because they are like the angels. And since they are sons of the resurrection, they are sons of God." Once again, Christ is stating the the children of the flesh marry and are given in marriage, but those of the resurrection neither marry or are given in marriage, and are like the angels, and can no longer die. All death is in lust. Lust is the mind of the fallen spirits, and it is death. The lust of the flesh is today, as in all ages, filling the insane asylums, hospitals and prison cells of the world. Jesus and His Apostles restored physical health and life by spiritual power. By living in the conscious realization of God as the only life, they had power over death. "Then He called His twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases. And he sent them to preach the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick."
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