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  1. I've struggled with my life, never fitted in hated school god rest my mum her head was turned. I'm 36 years young I've struggled with mental health due to the society I didn't give consent to, its a case of the dominator culture. but guys yous have no idea what some of these symbols may or not be. I say that with sincerity, ask mister icke himself under the influence of the psychedelic what symbols or signs did he see, as with Aldous Huxley (sorry my spelling is bad) on mescaline he quoted "these plants are not for the commoner they are for the rich and elite" . these plants are wisdom concentrated, under the influence me personally have had my life saved and I've no need to elaborate, but guys these symbols could very well be the answer to a lot more than yous think. by the powers that be redefining them into the occult non sense its a symbol for us to be turned against, for instance like 666 what if that's some number we need to be using or more aware of but by the devil being linked to what hope do we have. condemning things we know not of, as McKenna said we don't know enough to worry. honestly ask yourself we know what occult means by definition its hidden in plain sight, what is that that's hidden in plain sight. McKenna was an ethnobotanist and studied the divine within. I know people personally that these plants have saved their lives, but they always refer to the eyes, geometric patterns, ancient symbols, my opinion is we had the knowledge to understand these images and sequences, we obviously communicated before language as Terence said small mouth noises. but when I think about it and I read a lot on this stuff, it interests me to no end. within these plants lays the answers to mans greatest questions age old WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE. honestly when I think about those that have the power money and knowledge maybe they see what is to come, Terence quoted some alien researcher guy once don't quote me but went something like this.... when we see a ufo don't ask what is it, why is it here no assume that its supposed to be seen and assume that the purpose of its mission was completed what was the impact of it. questions give rise to answers and potentially more questions but in the order of order we need the right question fore front. so rewind a little symbols and what's entertaining, well the most entertaining bit for me is we find them entertaining and most find them disturbing and fear of them but why? if the ones at the top wanted to bury the knowledge let it be in the music videos and make it look like pied piper or whatever social programming we still hold onto, matters we know not yet of. that buries it in the depths of our pre conditioned social programmed mind, its a mind trap. as I referenced the aliens being seen and assume mission complete have a look at what's going now with this covid assume its a reaction of an action in that line of sight all this is fear on their part because more people are waking and psychedelics are that bridge, my motto is we need to go back to the future at some point we had it right to some extent, yet not all these finding and technologies are inherently bad more of being put to bad use, but created in the right light. this world demands equilibrium and until be innerstand such things we are a cursed species with no where to run. id say look past pre conceived ideas of the Crowley cult or what ever secret society wants to throw up symbols, REMEMBER OCCULT/HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT. one of the best reads I've ever read is by Dr rick Strassman THE SPIRIT MOLECULE. i mean even look at the front cover of said book and how the eyes play a part lol....!
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